4 Benefits of Using Dating Apps vs Dating Sites

Updated on: December 5, 2019

Dating apps and dating sites have so much in common. Whatever the subtle differences in functionality, the bottom line is they are designed to introduce singles to likeminded individuals for casual flings or more meaningful relationships. When it comes to a straight choice between going with an app or a website to assist you on your quest for a partner, here are four reasons why apps are your best bet.


Singletons are drawn to Internet dating because it’s such a convenient way of searching for potential partners. You can fine-tune your initial search according to a diverse range of criteria, from age-gap partnerships to one-night stands, same-sex get-togethers to people living in your neighborhood. This much is true for apps and websites. But the very nature of apps means they have to be as user-friendly as possible. Geared towards users who will be accessing the information via the limited scope of a tablet or smart phone screen, the interfaces will be compact and well-designed, aimed at providing visitors with a seamless experience as they navigate around the pages.

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But the number one advantage of apps over sites is their mobility. Because you are entering the matchmaking world through a hand-held device you can be hitting apps like Happn, Flirt.com or Tinder while enjoying a coffee or beer or while sitting on a bus or the tube. And because that interface has been put-together with that constrained display area in mind, the images and profiles need to be to-the-point. Anyone browsing for dates through an app will be able to take in far more romantic possibilities in a shorter period of time.

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One issue with dating sites is there can be a lot of unwanted correspondence and less convenient way of searching for potential partner. You heart might skip when you come across an in-box crammed with messages but when you actually open these the majority turn out to be spam. Apps allow a far more direct form of communication. In a lot of dating apps you can only strike up an online conversation if the attraction is mutual, i.e. you have liked a particular profile and they have returned the compliment. The benefits of this are immense, as you will find yourself connecting with someone you already have so much in common with.


Because dating sites are set-up to appeal to a large cross-section they tend to be more generic. But apps cater for the fact people are seeking dates for any number of reasons. You can even be as specific to state you wish to be paired up with only bearded individuals, with the app Bristlr promising to match hirsute males with women who prefer the unshaven look. It is particularly popular in North America, Britain and the Netherlands; of course, like all the most successful apps it is only a matter of time before its influence becomes more widespread. Happn will get you paired up with people who cross your path on a regular basis.


Apps have far more scope for add-on features. For instance, Spotify have partnered Happn and Tindr to allow users to send a song to the person you are trying to impress. The former also has the facility to leave minute-long voice messages, while the app Lively allows you to forward video/song montages.

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