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Updated on: September 21, 2018

If you ask me which is my current favorite device then I can say its Amazon Echo. Alexa is our best entertainer and infotainer at my home. From my mom to sister everyone using it for a heterogeneous purpose.Like playing Songs to booking UBER ride. I feel this bi-directional audio technology really creating an impact on our daily lifestyle in a positive way. In 90's radio was popular but it was replaced with video because of its unidirectional nature. Voice is really getting mature using AI assistant like Amazon echo & Google home. I love the way Amazon created its Amazon echo skills [especially flash briefing skills ]marketplace for a developer to build some amazing voice-based applications.

This is encouraging people to try and taste something new in this emerging platform. I read lots of news, interviews, and podcast on my Amazon Echo. Today I'll tell you how you can easily build your own Amazon Echo skill for your existing podcast or blog using RSS feeds.

Steps to build your own Amazon Echo Skills using RSS feed or JSON feed.

1. Go to Amazon Developer, signup for developer account if you don't have.

2. Navigate to Alexa Skills Kit from upper menu.

Amazon Alexa Skill3. Start a SkillAlexa Skills Kit - Build for Voice with Amazon- 24. Click on Create Skill

Alexa Skills Kit Developer Console-3 5.  Give a name to your skill here I gave" SamTalks by Saurabh Mukhekar" then select "Flash Briefing" option & click on create skill button at the top.

Alexa Skills Kit Developer Console-4

6. Once you do this, your Amazon Echo Flash Briefing skill development process begins, in that you have to enter "Custom Error Message" which will get play when your RSS Feed or Audio Podcast is not available. Amazon Echo automatically translates your text error message into audio. You can test it using play button.

Alexa Skills Kit Developer Console-5

7. Next step, you have to click on "Add New Feed" link to enter details of the RSS feed of your audio podcast or blog. You can get your RSS FEED by creating it on different platforms. In this case, I included my audio podcast RSS from my channel.

Morning Routine • A podcast on Anchor-6

Adding RSS/ JSON Feed

If you want Amazon Echo to read your latest blog posts in flash briefing then you can include your blog's RSS Feed or JSON feed in the respective field. Amazon will convert your text into audio while playing on the Echo. You also need to include Feed icon for your skill in JPG format.

Make sure you select a proper 'content type' of your feed & 'content update frequency' this really matters when amazon pull your data when your skill gets triggered.

Alexa Skills Kit Developer Console-6

8. Now simply click on Save and your newly created skill will be shown in a list.

Alexa Skills Kit Developer Console-6

9. Once you save this then you have to fill your skill details in 'Distribution' tab like Public Name of skill, short description, skill icons, categories, keywords, privacy policy URL, ToS URL etc. Please do it properly as per your skill information. Before you do you can TEST your skill using test simulator.


10.  Now you have to fill 'Privacy Compliance' of your skill.


11. Now you have to choose the availability of your skill in a different region like specific countries, only for some business or public. Whether it's in BETA testing etc.


Validation & Certification of Skill

12. If you completed each and every step properly then Amazon will do validation and functional test from their end to check for errors. If there are no errors then you are good to apply for certification for your Amazon echo skills.

Alexa Skills Kit Developer Console-1213. Once you submit for review of certification, Amazon will do a preliminary check & review your skill, if they find any issues then they will contact you else you will grant certification of listing your skill in their Skill's platform and it will be available for everyone globally as per your preferences.

Alexa Skills Kit Developer Console-13

14. You will receive an email of submission from amazon developer team.

Your skill _SamTalks by Saurabh Mukhekar_ has been submitted for certification. - Amazon Alexa

15. It will take 48-72 hours for verification from Amazon if your skill gets approve & ready to go live you will receive another separate email.

Your Alexa skill SamTalks by Saurabh Mukhekar is now live!Amazon Alexa- GmailMostly RSS/Json flash briefing skill does not face any issues for certification if your feed is working properly. In my case, it took 48 hours to get it approved and listed in the Amazon skill store.

Amazon Skill approved SamtalksThis is how you can easily create your own Alexa skill for your podcast from SoundCloud, Spotify or from your blog news feed. Voice technology is future and Amazon echo and Google Home are the best examples of its start. Analytics of your skillset is the best part what Amazon is providing to all skillset creators to distinguish its performance over the hour, week, month & yearly basis.

Alexa Skills Kit Developer Consoleif you have any queries or questions regarding this development of your own skill, please let me know in the comment section. I'll surely help you to build your own powerful voice-enabled Amazon Echo Skill in few minutes. All the best for your new skillset development.

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  1. Does your post entitled "Create Amazon Echo Flash Briefing Skills for WordPress" still work ?

    I would like to be able to simply create a skill so that my retirement community members can have the web site daily menu read to them by their Alexa speaker.

    So far, using the "blog" model, my RSS feed at is not working, saying that it is malformed.

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