Top 25 Hot Anime NFT PFP Collections & Projects

Updated on: January 24, 2023

In this article, we are bringing to you the best Anime NFT PFP collections and projects you must not miss! PFP stands for profile pictures. These Anime NFT collectibles consist of a fixed number of generative pictures that you can own and use officially as your profile pictures (PFP) on social networks in both Web2 and Web3 cyberspace.

You can also trade these NFTs in the open marketplaces to earn profits. Since Anime is a hot genre of art for games, movies, tv shows and ofcourse comics, they are bound to have a big worth for memes and viral sharing on the Internet.

This is why we are looking at the hottest and trending collections of non fungible tokens or NFTs in the Anime genre. Thanks to the decentralized blockchain and Web3, these Anime NFTs collectibles represent cross-platform IP (intellectual property) which can be owned and taken with you in different metaverses and apps.

The Ultimate List of Anime NFTs PFP Collections

We are arranging these awesome 25 Anime NFT projects and collections in alphabetical order. Keep reading for more details and pictures!

0N1 Force

0N1 Force NFT pfp collection

0N1 is the stylized variation of the term "Oni", who are the fictional people residing in the "Oniverse". It will be a big franchise, with Web3 games, movies and social networks rising out of this "Oniverse" cross-platform IP.

The 0N1 Frames is the first NFT collection from 0N1 Force. It consists of 7,777 0n1 PFPs which are unique, generative side-profile characters. They are made using 100 hand-drawn features.

Akuma Origins

Akuma Origins

The characters of Akuma Origins universe are called the Yokai. There are 5555 of them. The creator of the story and artwork for this project is Mateo Almonte. Akuma NFTs use the gas-efficient 721A-token.

The Yokai live in a distant universe, they are a brave species with great battle skills. They are loyal to their military leaders and they protect their fellow people, whom they consider their brothers and sisters.

Anime Metaverse: Soulmates

Anime Metaverse Soulmates NFT pfp collection

The Anime Metaverse is a world in the Web3 resembling the Earth or "Alpha Solus" world. In this metaverse, there live 5000 Soulmates on virtual islands. Their goal is to generate positive emotions and tap the power of Starburst to create the precious life energy $ANIMA.

The 5000 Soulmates of the Anime Metaverse all have unique personalities, physical traits, hobbies, preferences and life goals. They can play in arcades, roam in malls, study in universities, sing karaoke and so on. The Anime Metaverse aims to be a decentralized anime content production platform in web3. They want their fans to have an active voice, ownership and involvement in the development of this metaverse.



The Animetas are a generative collection of 10101 unique avatars. Their looks have been designed by the artist "Pixel" Gustavo Viselner. The AI researcher "cyberh49.eth" has used the design elements of Pixel Gustavo to generate the Animetas algorithmically.

The Animetaverse style is inspired by the 80's and 90's pop culture. The Animetas are virtual entities of humans and other species living on the Ethereum blockchain. This NFT collection has a 1:1 female to male ratio, has trans and all ages representation, and contains many more surprises.


Animoon NFT pfp collection

Animoon is a Play to Earn (P2E) game that is coming soon. The Animoon NFTs are 9,999 unique characters based on this game. They look like anime pet creatures like Pokemon. The Animoons belong to various fictional species of creatures having magical powers.

Aswang Tribe

Aswang Tribe

The Aswang Tribe is a collection of 3,333 anime style NFTs. Their storyline and character development is inspired by Filipino mythology. The Aswang Tribe NFTs utility-infused tokens. You can use them as profile picture art as well as for staking and breeding in the metaverse.

The staking of Aswang Tribe NFTs is called as "!praying". Once you stake your NFT, you get $DUGO utility tokens every 24 hours. The number of $DUGO tokens created depend on the character of your NFT. Once you have enough $DUGO tokens, you can "summon" or breed your Aswang character to generate a new Manananggal NFT.


Azuki NFT pfp collection

The Azuki anime NFT collectibles has 10,000 exclusive avatars for the future of the metaverse. The vision for Azuki is to create a community that thrives in both physical and digital realms. Azuki also has a sidekick pets collection called Beanz. The core team of Azuki is from Los Angeles, CA. They want to merge the real world and the storyline world in the web3, while flourishing new forms of art, community building and enterprise.

Capsule House

Capsule House

Capsule House is an art and music NFT collection. Their vision is to create a world class destination for anime-inspired multimedia storytelling. It is a collection of 10,000 unique gachapon NFTs. Gachapon is a form of collectible toys in Japan, and the Capsule House NFTs are its digital version.

There are 4 species in the Capsuleverse: Yokai, Demihumans, Humans and Posthumans. The Yokai reside in the spiritual realm, while the Demihumans live in the wild nature. Humans live in the mechanized civilization, and Posthumans are under incubation in capsules that the mysterious "Architect" has created.


CloneX NFT pfp collection

The RTFKT Studios present the CloneX NFT collectibles, made with the designer Takashi Murakami. The CloneX are high-end avatars to lay the foundation of a huge metaverse ecosystem. There will be 20,000 total unique CloneX avatars eventually. 11,133 are part of the pre-sale, 8,367 in public sale, and 500 are reserved for the Team & Community.

When you buy a CloneX NFT avatar, you can go to the official CloneX portal. Once you validate your signature, you get to download your exclusive 3D file of your CloneX character. This 3D model is available for all popular software & formats like Blender, Maya, 3ds Max, Unreal, Unity, FBX, GLTF, C4D.

Crypto Alien Babes

Crypto Alien Babes

There are 1,111 Crypto Alien Babes anime NFTs. The reason for their limited number is to let these NFTs create price appreciation and passive income for their owners. When you own a CAB NFT, you can verify and get access to the secret channels in their Discord community. You also get access to members-only swag shops and locked areas.

The project has a Star Command DAO in place which earns all the net profits of anime sales. The creator artists get 20% of secondary sale royalties for every NFT ownership transfer. As an owner of the CAB NFTs, you also get a share of the profits from this project.

DigiDaigaku Genesis

DigiDaigaku Genesis NFT pfp collection

The DigiDaigaku by Limit Break is an anime NFT collection of 2022 unique characters, to celebrate their year of founding. World famous game designers Gabriel Leydon and Halbert Nakagawa founded the company Limit Break. The details of the characters and the world they inhabit are under wraps currently. It is possible that they will be part of a P2E game.

Haki NFT

Haki NFT

Haki has 5000 unique character anime NFTs. The inspiration behind these avatars is the spirit and vigor of Japanese manga and anime characters. Holders of the Hakis will get exclusive access to a robust community. There will also be more perks like merchandize, streetwear, and the Haki metaverse world.

The HAKIs comes in three rarities: Common, Gold, and Diamond. There are 417 traits in total from 10 categories. The project makers are planning a HAKI Dao, Manga, and Metaverse, among many other things.

Hikari NFT

Hikari NFT pfp collection

The Hikari NFT collection consists of 5,555 unique souls from 4 clans. For this project, the creators have made a unique Gen-U generative art web experience. They use the personality profile testing framework DISC to understand your personality traits.

This involves your decision tree as you navigate the Gen-U storyline which is like a choose-your-adventure game. In this way, they test your ethics, values, and morals and use your in-game choices to create the unique "Soul" character for you.



The Karafuru creatures look straight of a candy shop. They use 1 million colors, 12 bases to get 5,555 generative colorful and magical creature characters. As you can tell from the below poster image of Karafuru, these magical creature love eating food and will be very active wherever they go. These Karafuru NFTs are the starting point for the metaverse, community and future projects.

karafuru banner

Killer GF

Killer GF NFT pfp collection

Killer GF is a series of anime NFTs in which the cute and artistic girlfriend "avatars" are also dangerous assassins. A former Riot Games artist Zeronis designed 240 features meticulously. And then using generative or algorithmic methods, 7,777 unique Killer GF avatars came into existence.

The Killer GF character is named Cerise, who is a woman of many faces. She can transform herself into any appearance by wielding the Mirror of Narcissus. She has been able to use this power very well, but something weird happened when she used it a 7,777th time. It split the dimensions and now all 7,777 forms of Cerise find themselves in the same universe. A battle of survival begins between them.

Kiwami Genesis


Kiwami is a consortium of artists, builders and rule-breakers. They are based in Japan, and are using the Kiwami Genesis NFT collection to grow their community. Their slogan is "Chase the Tsunami". There are 10,000 Kiwami avatars in this anime NFT collection. The inspiration for the aesthetics of these characters comes from cyberkinetic, urban pop art as well as traditional Japanese elements.

Lives of Asuna

Lives of Asuna NFT pfp collection

The legend goes that a girl named Asuna has lived 10,000 lives. In every life, she has a unique story, profession, hobbies and traits. The artist ZumiDraws is the creator of this anime NFT project. The 10,000 Lives of Asuna avatars are made by combining traits taken from sci-fi, fantasy and real-life anime.

In addition to the 10,000 NFTs, there will be 5 super-rare and completely unique NFTs later on. And there will be songs and music albums made by Asuna. The development of this project will see participation of the community of NFT owners.

Muri NFT

Muri NFT pfp collection

Muri has a deep story in the Night City, with characters like Lizzie, Mika and Zee. This is a project by the artist called Haus. The MURI NFT is a 10,000 edition collection to mark the first phase of this project. They plan to release a Muri token for enabling the economics in this metaverse ecosystem. The Muri Anime and Manga are planned as well.

Otaku Origins

Otaku Origins NFT pfp collection

The Otaku Origins is a web3 multimedia franchise. The complete metaverse will consist of lots of content and features like comics, gaming, metaverse experiences, and collaborative offerings. This NFT project is made on the Solana NFT ecosystem. There are 5,000 unique collectibles in the Otaku Origins anime NFT project.

PXN: Ghost Division

PXN Ghost Division NFT pfp collection

There are 100 Regiments in total, led by a Phantom. Each Regiment has 100 Ghosts in it. This comprises the 10,000 characters of the PXN: Ghost Division anime NFT series. This project will have a native token $PXN given as reward for participation. Your NFT serves as the login token and avatar for participating in the community. The PXN project also has a Web3 marketplace to buy and sell web2 items with web3 coins. You can collect wearables, accessories, weapons, armour etc. for your avatars.

Ragnarok Meta

Ragnarok Meta NFT pfp collection

Ragnarok Meta is a metaRPG with 7,777 Ronins available as your digital avatars. This anime NFT project gives the NFT owners exclusive access pass to the RPG (role playing game). You can use your Ragnarok Meta NFT as a profile picture (PFP). It becomes your in-game character, with which you will slay monsters and loot objects. There are also the possibilities of owning virtual estate, trading accessories and more in the virtual world.

Renga NFT

Renga NFT pfp collection

The Renga Universe is a handcrafted collection of 10,000 characters. The artist "DirtyRobot" has developed this anime NFT series. Each character has their own identity, traits and back story. All of it remains for you to discover as you navigate the Renga multiverse. And there is also a mystery of the Renga Black-Box, which will keep the community in suspense.

Shinsei Galverse

Shinsei Galverse NFT pfp collection

Shinsei Galverse is an anime NFT collection of 8,888 Gals. They are made from the 8,888 shards of the "Goddess" who burst out in a supernova. This event put the Gals on different planets, where they found their homes. While they are separated by vast distances, when the Gals close their eyes, they connect at the "brink of the Universe". They are on a journey completing the missions given to them by their Goddess. And one day, they turn into brilliant stars and power the Universe in their own way.

Shonen Junk

Shonen Junk NFT pfp collection

Shonen Junk is known as the web3 community for weebs. The anime NFT collection consists of 9,001 Shonen Junk avatars or Junkies. You can own these NFTs and be a part of the evolution of anime and manga. These generative NFTs are made with 200+ shonen-inspired traits.


Valhalla NFT pfp collection

Valhalla is an upcoming Web3 game by the team Stacked. It is based in a dystopian world that reminds you of Matrix and Blade Runner. There are 9,000 items in this anime NFT collection. You will get to travel in many dimensions, alternate realities, and even come face-to-face with dragons, in the Valhalla game and metaverse.


Anime NFTs are all rage on NFT marketplaces, Twitter, Discord and online discussions. With unique profile picture characters, with background stories, access passes to metaverses, staking and earning utility tokens, and more, these anime NFTs unlock a new world for you. You can take them cross-platform to different social networks and metaverses. And they are a great form of digital assets to invest in and earn profits by trading. Since all these anime NFTs are characters from anime or games, they can also possess accessories, weapons and more digital assets. All these collectible projects are the starting point for something bigger, bringing together a thriving community around their projects, and setting up grand visions. Let us know in the comments which of these virtual worlds, storylines, and metaverses are you most interested in?

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