Why is MangaOwl down recently? What's the new MangaOwl URL?

Updated on: August 10, 2023

MangaOwl is a popular website among fans of Manga Comics. Mangas are comics and graphic novels originally from Japan or made anywhere in the world to resemble the art form style of original Manga cartoon strips and books. Lovers of manga head to MangaOwl to read Manga online for free as it hosts a vast treasure trove of manga comic book titles. Manga comic books are scanned and translated for the global audience and these digital English versions are known as Manga scanlations.

In this article, we will understand why MangaOwl has been down recently, look at some MangaOwl alternatives, and discuss the reasons behind its massive popularity.

Why has MangaOwl been down recently? Why was MangaOwl shut down?

Readers of manga comics love MangaOwl since it hosts so many comic titles, a user-friendly interface, and an ad-free experience. However, technically speaking, MangaOwl is an illegal website since it is distributing copyrighted content without the permission of its authors and publishers.

Because of this copyright violation and piracy, authorities issued take-down notices for blocking the MangaOwl website to ISPs, website hosting providers, and search engines. As a result, the MangaOwl website has been down recently, to the disappointment of its users. They have been sharing emotional and panicky messages on social networks and checking MangaOwl down detector updates, hoping to hear the news of MangaOwl being up again.

However, MangaOwl's official Discord has made the announcement that they have permanently halted the operations. This has confirmed that the official MangaOwl website is permanently down and will not make a comeback.

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What is MangaOwl Downdetector? How to access the old MangaOwl website?

There are many website status detector sites like Downdetector that users check to verify if any particular website is down for everyone or just them. If they find out that their favorite site is up and running, then they know there is an issue on the client side. Users can then clear their browser cache, check their internet connection, and try changing DNS settings or using a VPN. However, when authorities or owners block, delete or deactivate a website like MangaOwl on the server side, then it is down for all.

After a website like MangaOwl disappears from the Internet, it is still possible to view its past pages. Internet Archive or Wayback Machine is one service that crawls the internet and archives web pages. Users can save their favorite websites and pages manually using the Internet Archive. You can access the old website of MangaOwl by going to Archive.org, searching for MangaOwl.net, and then clicking on the dates and snapshots of webpages. You will not be able to see all the pages, since many are not saved by anyone. But there is still a lot of content that is accessible by this method.

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What are the MangaOwl alternatives? What is the new MangaOwl URL?

Following the taking down of the official MangaOwl website, users are searching for alternative websites to access their favorite manga comics. There are also many fake manga websites that are put up to catch the traffic looking for the missing website. These clone websites are designed to look like the original MangaOwl site. However, their Manga library is not as extensive, and they feature ads. Hence, MangaOwl fans and readers need to look for legit alternatives that work fine and host the scanlations of their favorite Manga books. They also look for ways to bookmark their favorite Manga comics and select/block the genres to get a personalized browsing experience.

The best 31 popular and free MangaOwl alternatives

  1. GenManga
  2. Bookwalker
  3. VIZ
  4. eManga
  5. Mangamo
  6. Comixology
  7. J-Novel Club
  8. Manga Planet Library
  9. Manga Club
  10. Manga Up
  11. Comic Walker
  12. Shonen Jump
  13. Crunchyroll
  14. Mangamango
  15. Manga Reader
  16. Manga Panda
  17. INKR Comic
  18. Manga Plus
  19. Gen Manga
  20. Tapas
  21. Webcomics
  22. Bato
  23. Mangakakalot
  24. Mangabuddy
  25. Manga Zip
  26. Readingmanga
  27. Manganato
  28. Mangadex
  29. Mangahere
  30. Kissmanga
  31. Mangapark

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Why was MangaOwl so popular? Why did users love using MangaOwl?

MangaOwl and MangaStream were two of the most popular Manga online free reading websites visited regularly by fans of manga and anime. The teams running operations of these sites maintained and updated regularly the manga comics library. Millions of users visited these sites from their personal devices like laptops, mobiles and tablets.

These were the chief reasons for the popularity of MangaOwl:

  • Huge Manga collection satisfying tastes and interests of all demographics
  • Categories and Tags to browse different genres
  • Bookmarking to make your own collections
  • Recommendation Engines to help you discover your next favorite manga
  • Very easy-to-use, intuitive, no-brainer interface
  • Universal cross-platform access, works well on all devices
  • User ratings to mark and assess the quality of mangas
  • Ad-free experience removing distractions and annoyances

Final Words

MangaOwl had many excellent features that catered to the diverse interests of Manga and Anime fans of all ages, genders, and locations. It had a huge and constantly updated collection of Manga comic book scanlations, was well-organized, and with many user-friendly features. However, the downside of this site was copyright violations and lack of licensing. This meant that the hardworking authors and publishers who invested in the Manga comics were not compensated for the views and uses of their work.

Note: We don't endorse to use website like Mangaowl if they are violating copyrights

This technically made MangaOwl an illegal and pirated website. It shortcircuited the value chain in the Manga ecosystem. The value created by the authors and publishers, and the value received by the readers and fans, were not connected directly. It was being hijacked by MangaOwl. If they had combined their excellent service with agreements and permission, it could create a sustainable and profitable supply chain for Manga comics. This could mean that the "free" pricing would change to "freemium" and "subscription" plans.

It is possible that older manga titles are available for fans for free. Whereas new and recent manga comics can be behind paywall and accessible with affordable subscriptions. This will ensure that the creators and investors of Manga are able to continue doing amazing work. And worldwide manga fans are able to enjoy their favorite manga titles and genres without the hassles and stress of their favorite manga reading website being taken down.

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