Watch Star Wars Movie In Command Prompt as an Animation !!!

Updated on: May 7, 2019

Star Wars , one of the good and popular movie of Hollywood, most of the peoples watch this movie in cinema hall, TV or Online Streaming. All of these are tools to watch multimedia content, but did u know where I watched this movie, I watched it on COMMAND PROMPT of my Windows, ya I am not joking its true that you can watch Star war on command prompt.

This is possible because of a project called Asciimation-an ASCII animation of the full Star Wars Episode IV movie. Thanks to Simon Jansen a Creator of Asciimation.Actually, it uses Telnet for working remotely.

If you want to watch it in a command prompt and want to take this rare experience, run the following command (from a command prompt. Start –> Run –> Enter cmd and hit enter) or simply click here (After Clicking allow the application to launch internal command).


If You wish to watch it on browser Go Here , the advantage of watching it on the browser is you have all Start, Pause, Stop, fast forward and reverse option.

Here I sharing some Snaps:

  • On Command Prompt:

  • On Browser:

Note: If you want to get better experience to install IPv6 on your machine by giving "IPv6 install" cmd,

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