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Updated on: January 7, 2023

Oneto11 is a both a software company from India and their new flagship blockchain gaming project. In 2020, they launched their mobile gaming app for Android and iPhone in India. Their roadmap for 2022 onwards is to create an NFT marketplace for in-game assets and launch their 1to11 cryptotoken. Their vision is to establish an entire vibrant ecosystem for blockchain games. Oneto11 growth strategy is user engagement and loyalty to turn their active users into community builders and evangelists. They are offering lifetime referral commissions and many other ways to earn through the Oneto11 blockchain gaming ecosystem. In this article, we look at the Oneto11 company and their flagship blockchain gaming project in depth.

The Oneto11 Whitepaper

The Oneto11 Whitepaper is a 39 pager in-depth elaboration of the Oneto11 Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem project. It features sections as follows:

  • Blockchain Gaming
  • About OneTo11
  • Target Market Size
  • OneTo11 Ecosystem
  • Metaverse and Minigames
  • 1To11 Token
  • Governance
  • 1To11 Token Staking
  • OneTo11 Marketing Model
  • Tokenomics
  • Timeline
  • Team

Oneto11 Mobile Apps & Games

oneto11 blockchain games

OneTo11 started their gaming project by releasing their social networking based Fantasy Gaming mobile application. It did not have a blockchain component, but was the first milestone with the goal to acquire enthusiastic gamers from India as their user base. Oneto11 launched their Fantasy Sports App in Q4 2020, Casual Games App in Q1 2021 and their Gamified Learning App in Q4 2021. By this time, they succeeded in acquiring 1.8 Million users in the OneTo11 Ecosystem, who completed 16 million transactions.

Their mobile gaming titles include the following:

  • Ludo
  • Rummy
  • Fruit Slice
  • Knife Hit
  • Color Switch
  • Cricket Fantasy
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Quiz Application

How to Earn Money in the Oneto11 Play-to-Earn Gaming Ecosystem?

The P2E Economy consists of various means by which players and users can earn money by investing their time and proving their skills. This includes gameplay, NFT creation, staking, and trading.

1. Earn by Playing:

There are internal contests in every game, making it a competitive playground for the players. By applying their gaming skills and playing well, player can win contests and earn direct monetary rewards. These rewards are made by redistributing the entry fees that all players pay to participate in the gaming contests. Oneto11 keeps only the transaction fees for itself.

2. Earn by Referring:

Oneto11 offers users lifetime referral commissions when other people join and play on Oneto11 using your referral link. So you don't have to be a gamer or play any games to get rich on Oneto11. You can simply be a community builder who promotes and attracts new users for Oneto11. And your contribution will be rewarded through the referral earnings. There are up to 11 levels of referrals for the affiliate commission earnings.

3. Earn by Staking:

Investors can buy the 1to11 native token, and then stake it to earn an attractive APY interest. By holding 1to11 tokens, you also earn the right to participate & vote in the governance of this project. Staking requires locking in a certain minimum amount of tokens, and the more you stake, the higher the long-term earnings for you.

4. Earn by Trading:

Users can trade the in-game NFTs on the integrated Oneto11 marketplace. You will win monetary returns by participating in NFT auctions or P2P trading of NFTs. Similarly, you can also trade the 1To11 token in the open crypto market, to make profits.

The Oneto11 NFTs Marketplace

oneto11 blockchain games nft marketplace

With its Fantasy Sports and Casual Games mobile apps in India, Oneto11 gained a strong foothold in the Indian market. Now, through its blockchain ecosystem, it seeks to expand its user base and influence around the world. As a result, it is coming up with two blockchain games CricketX and EvolutionX having in-game tokens CricX and EvoX. These two games are metaverse RPGs (role playing games within a metaverse with NFTs). The native token of Oneto11, with the ticker symbol 1To11, will be the governance token for the entire ecosystem.

On the other hand, the in-game tokens CricX and EvoX serve as utility tokens for buying items and participating in the in-game events. The in-game virtual weapons, accessories, armors, and such other belongings of the digital avatars of players can be bought and sold as NFTs. Alongside these in-game items, OneTo11 will also open its NFT marketplace for all NFT creators to showcase and trade their artworks. This NFT marketplace will be multi-currency compatible with low transaction costs, and be tightly integrated into the OneTo11 ecosytem.

Oneto11 Play-to-Earn Games Ecosystem

oneto11 blockchain games ecosystem nft marketplace

As we have seen above, OneTo11 has started as a Web2 mobile gaming app with direct Indian Rupee based monetary rewards. And now, it is expanding into the blockchain and Web3 space, by creating metaverse RPGs that include NFTs. This entire gaming ecosystem will eventually be integrated into the OneTo11 NFT marketplace. Thus, users, players, and investors from all walks of life and all parts of the world will be seamlessly participating in the blockchain and crypto space without being experts in these new technologies.

The 1to11 Crypto Token Launch, Sale & Tokenomics

oneto11 blockchain games

The token sales for 1to11 token has been happening in stages in 2021 and 2022. The Oneto11 token is a Polygon-based token and has a limited max supply of 1 billion. Approximately 15 % of the supply was released in seed sale, private sale and public sale. The rest is allocated for community, marketing, team, liquidity pool, advisors, development, and a strategic pool. Oneto11 team regularly goes airdrops to promote its project on Twitter, Telegram etc.

The following is the breakdown of the 1to11 token allocation:

  • 25.7 % for Community
  • 15% for Marketing
  • 9% for Team
  • 9.8% for Liquidity Pool
  • 7% for Advisors
  • 12% for Development
  • 6% for Strategic Pool
  • 4% for Seed Sale
  • 9% for Private Sale
  • 2.5% for Public Sale

As per Crunchbase and Oneto11 whitepaper, the seed round of the project has raised $2.51 Million. There are over 10 investors including Wolf of the Wall Street-fame Jordan Belfort, Carl Runefelt, Jason Stone, Magnus Capital, Tykhe Block Ventures, and Maximus Capital.

Oneto11 Go-to-Market Strategy & Roadmap

This is the Go-to-Market Strategy of the Oneto11 team:

Strong Community

Through communication channels like Telegram and Discord, they build an active community that receives personalised communication.


Product innovation and investment in tech to build world class games has helped Oneto11 to reach million users purely by word-of-mouth.

Social Media

Content based marketing on Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter taps into a large audience base to put into their sales & marketing funnel.

SEO & Email Marketing

They have laser focus on organic outreach through SEO and newsletters by providing value to users through these channels with a vast userbase.

Influencer Partnerships

They partner with the top most global and local influencers to provide exposure and bring clout to the Oneto11 project.

Final Words

With the blockchain, metaverse, virtual reality and NFTs, social interactions and gaming is evolving to an exciting new level! The Oneto11 Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem project is a formidable and promising step from an Indian team that has a global footprint. Oneto11 began by acquiring mobile game users from India with its play-to-earn contests within its games and referral commission schemes.

Now, with its native crypto token 1to11 providing utility and governance for the entire ecosystem and respective in-game tokens within its metaverse RPG games, Oneto11 is adding a global, decentralized blockchain component to its games. All of these components then nicely integrate with its NFT marketplace, thus diversifying its offerings to users with diverse interests.

From gamers & players, community builders and social media evangelists, to artists, traders, influencers, and investors, Oneto11 has strategized to bring in audience, users, and customers from all walks of life. This will serve to grow and expand the Oneto11 Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem covering Web2 and Web3 space in India and all over the world.

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