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Updated on: February 11, 2020


Day by day the social networking services  increasing rapidly ,many big giants taking part into this  "Horse Race" which is started by Facebook. After Facebook ,Google+ & Diaspora now its a time for Microsoft Social Networking service for students called So the is as much similar as few existing  social networking sites ,I can say its a replica of  some fragments of many other social networking sites as mentioned  in my early line.I didn't find any new & unique feature into,as its an experimental release  we hope they may come with some good features very soon 🙂 Currently is only available for invited peoples as they are testing its functionality and performance.FuseLabs of Microsoft research  doing the development of If you really want another social networking site for your socialization then you can go with it 🙂

Microsoft socl invitations

Microsoft socl invitations

Some key features of So.Cl

1. It enable to share anything ,browse your feed,posting of status & videos.Panoramio is the photo sharing service offered by

Panoramio in socl

2. Making friends on is just like "FOLLOWING"  on twitter 😛 Welcome page Welcome page

3. Real time Video Parties: It's another cool feature that we already  explore in Google + as hangout 🙂 Its behave like same like hangouts with some modified functionality. (Video Party) (Video Party)

4. Enhance search:  Searching feature enable you to get BING search result without logouting to,it uses Bing public API's

So.Cl Search

So.Cl Search

5. Privacy & Notification:  In we can manage our privacy and notification settings ,but they are not much clear like Facebook and Google+ 🙂 notification settings notification settings


What I Did't like about :

1. Currently they are providing signup for invited peoples who is already having Facebook account 🙂

2. Page loading speed  is  slow as compare to others 😛

3. UI is not  good and placement of many sections is not user friendly.

4. Their are Live bugs in  Microsoft, officially said by one of the MS employee on my friends chetan's FB thread  😛

MS socl bugs their announced  by MS Employee

'MS socl having bugs' accepted by MS Employee

5. No compatible application  for any handheld devices.No such good facility for students !!!

[note] This  review is w.r.t current experimental release, we hope  it may overcome in future stable release [/note]


Get Invitation of :

1.To get an invitation for,like us on Facebook &follow us on Twitter.

2.Subscribe for our Newsletter's

3. Do comment why you need another social networking site .Its compulsory

4.Put your email address alson with comment ,we will send you an invite.


Conclusion:  According to me its too much for us to digest lots of social networking services. It  may collapse your time management and social experience.So ball is in your court you have to decide how to play it 🙂  Don't take  any addiction  of  social  world.Try to use it for your business instead of time-spearing.

[note]invitations are very limited so it will given like FCFS (First Come First Serve) basis,as I mentioned earlier its having BUGS , many time invitation may not reach to you.So kindly comment about it if u fail to get an invitaion [/note]

Microsoft socl invitations
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