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Updated on: July 22, 2018

We always strive to get better grades in most of the tests or exams that we take. But sometimes, we fail to do so. This could be because we might be missing some key elements in our preparation method or that we didn't know about the several study tips that we can adopt that could help us make the most of our time and energy.
Having said that, if we browse the internet we will come across a lot of articles that offer to help students learn information faster, focus longer, and ultimately get a score that's higher than before. However, here we will be looking at some of the most useful tips that will help students improve their performance and result. Let’s begin.

Fixing a Schedule

Create your study schedule. You should make time and divide your 24 hours into different modules focussing more on the subjects or topics where you will need to pour out extra time. You should give yourself sufficient time for preparation on every aspect.

Prepare Subject Wise

There are a lot of subjects that we study and each one needs a different type of preparation. For instance, take science as a subject, basically, it is a subject that involves drawing a lot of diagrams and you need to give a lot of explanations. Therefore, you need to practice the diagrams properly and ensure that they are represented as neat and clear as possible, and properly labeled.

Same information in a Variety of Ways

It is proven that different activities work in different parts of the brain. So once you start engaging in learning something by applying different methods, more areas of the brain are activated. As this happens, it is more likely that you’ll understand clearly and retain the information. To learn a specific topic, you can read class notes, go through textbooks, watch videos online, develop a mind map, etc.

Make Note of Important Concepts

While studying, it is a good habit to make note of all the important concepts and formulae for quick reference and revision. By making a list, you will be able to keep track of all the important topics, and you can use it for revision easily.

Clear your Doubts

If you have any doubts or queries it should be cleared as soon as possible. You should approach your teacher and not hesitate to ask any doubts that occur.


It is good to focus on NCERT syllabus. Why? Well, it provides the most important and latest solved examples. You can work on solving all the questions and refer examples which will be very beneficial. You can check out the popular website BYJU’S for NCERT solutions for class 8 and more.

Previous Question or Sample Papers

Try to solve as many previous years question papers, it helps you get to know the marking scheme, format and more. This will help you prepare more efficiently. Meanwhile, self-testing is also very crucial if you want to improve your academic performance.

Connect your Topic with Information you Already Know

What it means is that if you are learning about electricity, you can link it to the flow of water. Further, you can see current is akin to the flow rate of water, voltage is related to water pressure, etc.


Study Breaks and Timely Rest

It is very important to take regular study breaks. Doing so improves focus and enhances overall productivity. On the other, you should also be getting enough sleep. Studies have shown that sleeping for 8 hours will help you become more focused, learn faster, and improve your memory.

These are just a few tips that you can start applying which will help you in the long run.

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