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Updated on: May 28, 2024

What is the personality of a person? It gets challenging when we need to answer this question. A person’s personality is the way he/she will react in a situation. The personality tests are recommended to know yourself well.

To excel in a job profile, many factors play their part. These factors are the ideology followed by the person, their morals, their personality, the motivation or passion, their temperament, and their morals.

Personality tests are useful when it comes to checking the levels of these factors in a human being. A large number of people do personality tests. The reason can be anything, be it for the hiring company, to know the best field, or to get to know yourself better.

We think that we know ourselves, come on who can know us better than we. But take a moment and ask yourself, do you know yourself completely? I do not. The personality tests are designed to know the primary personality of a person.

What does a personality test measure?

Personality tests help you know how well you will get comfortable in an organization and how successful you will be at a particular job profile. These tests measure your motivational level, your inspiration, interpersonal skills, and give you the role best suited for your personality.

Every job profile expects a personality from a person like a manager should be good with dealing with people, should have leadership qualities, etc. same goes for other profiles. People with the best-suited personalities get selected during the interview. Many times we go for an interview, we answer all the questions correctly but still not able to crack it. We generally consider interviews as biased. But the truth is that your personality does not match the one that is suited best for the job.

It is good to try personality tests for better knowledge of your personality. There are various personality checker online, but the one on 16personalities is great. The questions are relatable, and the result provided is detailed.

Try the test yourself as it will help you know yourself better.

What are the 16 personalities Test?

Here, we are talking about a personality test designed by 16personalities to know us better.

They have provided a brief explanation of different personalities of a person to make us understand our personality so that we can accept our real personality and not the fake one.

The questions are great and can easily be understood

The questionnaire they prepared is relatable, and each and every one of us can show up the courage to answer them. There are a lot of questions on the list which may be irritating for some people, but in my opinion, it was a detail-oriented test. This makes the test more accurate.

The options are on the level basis and are going to be different if the strictness of the answer changes like if you like parties very much, then the answer would be different then if you like parties in a moderate level. This gives the person taking the test more accurate options.


The results are very accurate.

They have provided the details about the personality that matches the best for you. If you read things carefully, you will find very clear and correct answers.

The results match your personality and let you know the positive as well as a negative part of your personality. The only thing they ask for is the correct answers to the questions they provided you during the test.


The test is quick and can get complete in just 12-15 minutes.

They also give you the option to get the results as an email just in a minute. This is an excellent feature as the reason behind taking a test might be for the official purpose, and it could be that the person needs the report.

The test result also contains the strengths as well as the weaknesses of the personality. Many of us are not aware of our strengths and weaknesses, and we realize it whenever we need to fill up a form asking for the same. This test will help you to understand your strengths and weaknesses.

The test results are very detailed and have parts describing the person who took the test, and the following is the list of the parts in the report-

  • Introductory part
  • Weaknesses and strengths of a person
  • Romantic relationship status
  • Friendship status
  • Parenthood
  • Path in career
  • Workplace habits
  • Then they provide the conclusion

The test is excellent and provides elaborated results explaining all the parts in the report very well.


Features of 16personalities

In the option article and surveys, 16personalities have provided many features to explore and enhance your personality. They have given various options like

  • professional development
  • personal growth
  • Beginner course about personalities
  • Core theory
  • Romance- how personality affects your romantic life
  • Everyday- effect of your personality in everyday life
  • Deep dives
  • Research and insights
  • Personalities in fiction and life

The website has data about different countries and provides reports of extravert countries and introverted countries. This means what personality people are there in that country in the maximum number. The website lets you connect with your friends, and you can upgrade your personality together, giving each other a helping hand. The sharing of results is very simple for future reference. They also keep track of historical data.

Taking these tests is not a waste of time; instead, they help you get to know yourself in a much better way.

16Personalities Online Test Free
  • Quality of Questions - 98%
  • Diversification of Questions - 98%
  • User Interface - 98%
  • Sharing Options - 98%
  • Output Quality - 100%


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