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Updated on: October 28, 2019

Let me give you an interesting task. OK? Grab a time machine and travel back a decade. Now observe and analyze the scene and importance of the internet and digital marketing then. Now come back to the present time and compare the scene then and now. The value and importance of Internet and digital marketing has developed faster than anything else today. Considered obsolete a decade ago, today digital marketing has become an asset globally.

Today marketers, affiliates, and startups have taken over the scene from every corner of the globe. Advertising and marketing have become the cornerstone of every successful and well-established business venture. Be it a new entrepreneur or veteran influencers, advertising and marketing are the link to their success stories.


Thriving with an aim of making it big and sustainable, marketing is where the money lies today, or rather marketing IS THE MONEY. Thus there is an undying need for networks, affiliates, advertisers and publishers alike to meet face to face and explore endless possibilities.


Yes, meeting face to face and upfront in person. And by this, I don’t mean meeting at a conference room, coffee bar, Cafeteria or through Skype. I mean meeting global influencers on a grand international scale, at a live event under one roof. All this is coming our way in the form of a major affiliate conference this autumn.

The grand Moscow Affiliate Conference 2017

As you can directly guess from its name, this event is going to be held in Moscow, Russia on September 28, 2017. The title sponsors for this event will be “stm” and “Leadbit”.

The address for this event is Moscow, 1st Zachatyevsky lane, bld. 4, Event-Hall “Info-Space”


An event so grand in scale, how can you possibly miss it, especially if you are a digital marketer or an affiliate. This conference will be a live buffet of the leading personalities in the world of blogging, digital marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO & SMO consultancy and a lot more. This is such a tempting showcase that I will be attending the tremendous event as well.

Let me take this moment to brief you about sponsors, highlights, features, attractions and more about this conference

The title sponsors

Leadbit group

For the second time in a year, Leadbit is the event’s premium sponsor. The previous affiliate conference was held on March 30 earlier this year. In case you are not familiar with this group, Leadbit is an international affiliate network of highly skilled and professional affiliate managers trained for websites and blogs set on different niches.


Official records show that websites, brands, and companies linked with Leadbit network services have experienced widespread success and boosted sales over the years. Leadbit affiliates are the names behind the success of advertising network groups like MediaVenus, the FBilling mobile-focused affiliate network, the MostBet betting company and much more.

Leadbit international webmasters allow you to work with any kind of traffic from over 50+ countries spanning across Europe, Asia and CIS.



Stm. group

Stm is touted as being the world’s largest and leading affiliate marketing forum. With over 180,000 posts, guides and case studies, Stm provides the perfect platform for those who want to take their affiliate marketing career to the next level. It is simply the Wikipedia for rising affiliates. The team will comprise of Stm Forum thought leaders and organizers of Affiliate World Conferences (Europe & Asia).

The Moscow Affiliate Conference, 2017

Being held in the capital city of Russia, this conference will house the top international affiliates and leading international affiliate networks from all over the globe for a good 24 hours. Owing to the fact that this is going to be an International event involving almost any country you may point on the map, the authorities and organizers are making sure that language is never a barrier. The facilities being organized are to satisfy the purpose and objective for people from all regions and languages.


The event organizers will be arranging a well set meet up and lounge area for all the speakers and sponsors part of the event. From panel discussions by international and reputed influencers and marketers to multilingual broadcasts with interpretation services, the event is to make sure that knowledge and experience are in the air for everyone in attendance.

The Moscow Affiliate Conference is a living extravaganza for global affiliate networks that are going to be a part of this conference. Here is an expansive list of the top affiliates that are guaranteed to show up.

And much more.

For further information and a detailed catalog, visit their official website

What you can expect?

The fact that this event is being hosted at an international level brings a host of benefits for newbies and startups from every corner of the globe.

Top and elite affiliates from around the globe will help you understand the trends and mechanism of the digital marketing world through their personal and professional experiences.

You may also get hands on information and case study of top affiliates in Russia and other developed IT countries. This will give you a better idea about the prevailing international markets and help you expand your expertise as and when needed.


To be successful, you need strategies and planning. You will be lucky enough to get first-hand information and strategies for upcoming affiliate products.

What about the entry cost?

What will you or anyone, as a normal human think would be the price of the entry passes for such a grand scale event? It should be probably something around a hundred or thousand dollars, right?

Read carefully when I say this or read twice if you may. The entry fee for the Moscow Affiliate Conference 2017 is ZERO. That’s right. $0!


The organizers are offering free entry for everyone, especially if you are an affiliate. This event boasts of a friendly atmosphere with numerous pleasant features, facilities, and benefits. Though it’s quite understood that you will need to manage your own travel and accommodation expenses, but the event organizers do have resources if you need help in getting a visa for coming into Russia.

The after-party

Another tempting attraction about this extravaganza is the MAC After-party. This is Moskva, as they call it! So you can’t really expect the event to be a pure suit-boot office conference right? The main event conference will slowly slide into an abundance of guests, unlimited alcohol, beautiful atmosphere and a show program with a Russian scope. After all, informal communication is the key to the success of any business!


What’s getting me excited?

Moscow Affiliate Conference for affiliates is analogous to WWE Summer-slam for wrestling fans or UEFA Europa league for soccer buffs. I have dreamt of attending this event ever since I chose blogging and Digital marketing as my full time profession. Conversing and clicking selfies with the leaders in affiliate and digital marketing and standing head to head with them is an experience of a lifetime for everyone in this profession.


This conference is truly a biome in its own, with thousands of species of newbies and veterans joining hands in taking the existence and value of affiliate marketing to a completely different level. I’m literally honored that I am going to be a part of such a grand event.

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