[2023] Top 18 AI Affiliate Programs with High Commission & Lifetime Recurring Pay

Updated on: March 31, 2023

It is widely rumored that AI will kill jobs. This reminds me of the days when computer technology was penetrating the markets and people were worried about losing their jobs. Interestingly, the opposite happened last time as new jobs were created and similar is expected with the AI revolution.


Best 18 AI Affiliate Programs[2023]

A lot of bloggers are worried that their businesses will be impacted if AI takes over. However, a lot of AI websites and products are offering to join their affiliate programs that can turn to be cash cows later. Most of these AI brands offer you a commission if you sell their products. To know more about this, please read through this article.

What are AI Affiliate programs?

AI affiliate programs are no different than regular affiliate programs, just that their focus is on AI products. As an example, a tool used to create an AI-written article counts as an AI product. Similarly, if you sell AI voiceovers, that counts as an example of an AI affiliate program.

Since AI is in vogue as of now, investing in AI affiliate programs can be helpful. Even more, AI affiliates pay much better than regular software affiliates. The reason is that since they are new in the market, they need to create a large client base as soon as possible. This can be done by finding affiliate partners interested in their niche.

In this article, we will discuss the best AI affiliate programs. We will also help you in understanding which program will be the best for you.

  1. High-paying AI content-writing affiliate programs
  2. High-paying AI Video creation affiliate programs
  3. High-paying AI Image generation affiliate programs
  4. AI tools that pay lifetime on recurring affiliate programs

Ai content tools Lifetime Affiliate Programs pays recurring basis

High-paying AI content-writing affiliate programs

Content writers used to charge a lot, but lately, they are being replaced with AI content-writing bots. If you are interested in knowing about the highest-paying content-writing bots, please read the list further.

Jasper AI

Jasper AI is one of the most popular AI content-writing tools available in the market. This makes it easier to market the product. To sell Jasper AI content writing tool, you can advocate the fact that it writes content 10 times faster. While it is relatively expensive compared to similar products, Jasper’s content is fairly accurate. Also, the process for creating AI content through the Jasper AI tool is easy.

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Commission: Jasper AI presents an amazing commission of 30% for life. This means that if a user buys the tool through your affiliate link and keeps renewing the product every month, you will be paid 30% of that amount every time he renews the subscription.


Copy AI is another great tool for writing AI content. Unlike many of its rivals, the tool offers options for writing specialized content. It doesn’t just research through pre-written articles on the internet but does its own research. As a result, you can use it for writing your emails projects, blogs, etc. I consider this the best tool for writing specialized content.

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Commission: Copy AI offers a commission of 45% for one year. This doesn’t mean you will get a commission for the whole year if the user buys the product. The commission will be paid if the user renews the subscription, and it will be up to the end of the year.


If you check the main page of Writesonic, it will seem to be a copy of Jasper AI. Actually, it is somewhat a replica of the Jasper AI tool. However, the tool is much cheaper if you consider the yearly plan. The price is one-third of that offered by Jasper. The tool does a job as well as Jasper but has a drawback that you don’t have any option for a monthly subscription. The only purchase can be an annual one.

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Commission: Just like Jasper AI, Writesonic offers a 30% lifetime commission. However, since the subscription price is cheaper, you will earn less from long-term customers. On the contrary, you will earn more from one-time clients since the shortest subscription is for a year.

Copysmith AI

If you are looking for an AI content writing tool specifically for creating blogs and product description websites, then Copysmith AI is the tool for you. One more reason to buy the tool is that it is cheap. However, the disadvantage of the tool is that you will not be able to create any content other than blogs using it. So, choose wisely!

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Commission: Copysmith AI also offers 30% commissions on recurring subscriptions though it is unclear whether this offer is for life or limited duration.

Word AI

Word AI has traditionally been the most popular AI writing tool. If you consider the pricing by word count, then the tool is dead cheap. However, the content created by Word AI is not as precise as that created by its rivals. Nonetheless, the reason for investing in the Word AI affiliate program is that it is a popular product and the sales can be much higher.

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Commission: While the commission with Word AI is merely 20%, you can still earn a lot through the program considering the volume of the sales. The commission is paid for a lifetime of sales.

ai video editing tools affiliate programs

High-paying AI Video creation affiliate programs

Lately, video creation is also possible through AI. However, the scope is limited. Perhaps, you can create educational videos in which an AI-created person reads the tutorial. The number of AI video creation companies is limited and so are the opportunities for selling affiliates through them. The best AI video creation affiliate programs are as follows:


Synthesia is an excellent software for creating presentation videos and tutorials. It can be a boon for people who look forward to targeting a Western audience despite creating videos from the East. Most of the characters in these videos are American or Latina faces. The software offers a monthly subscription plan. Synthesia is reasonably priced and can be very helpful for serious video creators.

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Commission: Synthesia offers a commission of 20% on recurring subscriptions for the first year only. This means that you will be paid 20% of whatever the company earns from users for the first year only. The best way to earn from the program is to target serious YouTubers who will buy the yearly plan.


Have you noticed the overdose of faceless videos on YouTube? A lot of animated images are accompanied by an AI voice. These videos are created by using a pre-created voiceover and adding animated images or soundless videos to them. Earlier, one would need to spend a lot of time creating such videos. The procedure is pretty streamlined now with software products like Pictory. Considering the fact that Pictory allows you very limited videos (30 to 60) in its monthly plans, one can conclude that it is expensive. But if you compare it with the amount spent on manually creating videos, the plan is way cheaper.

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Commission: Pictory offers one of the highest commissions in the list which stands at 50%. To sell this product effectively, you can try convincing customers that Pictory is useful in making cash cow YouTube channels.


If I had to recommend the best AI video creation software to anyone, I would name Fliki straight away. No second thoughts. The software is dead cheap if you compare it to its rivals. The software offers way more languages than its rivals and includes Eastern languages like Hindi too. Fliki can be used to create many types of videos including tutorials, blog content to videos, etc. The product has great testimonials and is a comprehensive package for online video creation.

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Commission: Fliki offers a 30% lifetime commission to its affiliate partners. This means you will earn a 30% commission every time a user sent through your affiliate link subscribes to the product.


FlexClip is the best AI video creation software for amateurs. The software is just like working on a dashboard. You must drag and drop to create videos. As a con, the options you get through the software are limited. However, as for creating faceless videos, FlexClip offers countless templates. All you need to do is to make superficial changes to them and your video is ready.

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Commission: FlexClip offers a commission of 35% plus. Basically, their commission is variable. It starts at 35% and then increases as you perform well with sales. Since FlexClip is cheaper and better than its rivals, you will find it easier to sell the product.


InVideo is an excellent tool for creating faceless videos. Interestingly, FlexClip offers everything that InVideo offers. However, InVideo is way more popular than its rival. Thus, for a person looking forward to earning a commission by selling the tool, InVideo should be the product of choice. Rather, most AI YouTubers earn money by promoting this tool.

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Commission: InVideo offers 25% commission on some programs and 50% commission on some other programs. You will eventually earn a lot through the sheer volume of sales for this product.

AI image tools affiliate programs

High-paying AI Image generation affiliate programs

Image selling has been a huge business for photographers and mediators. However, premium images were usually too expensive for smaller publishers. AI has solved this problem by allowing users to create and use AI images which are relatively cheaper. You can also make money by joining the affiliate programs offered by AI image generation companies.


Artsi is an AI image marketplace. Buyers and sellers trade premium AI-generated images. Rather, some images cost thousands of dollars. It also has a section for selling collections. The reason we suggest it for affiliate programs is that the cost of every single image is very high. This means you can earn a lot even for a few sales.

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Commission: Artsi offers variable commission. It starts at 15% and can go up to 75% for premium sales. If Artsi earns a lot, then imagine what can be earned from selling their art at 75% commission.

AI Art Shop

AI Art Shop is an excellent marketplace for buying and selling art. The art is good and relatively cheaper. The company scores excellent sales, meaning you can earn an excellent commission. AI Art Shop is growing popular with time. The company brings forward new collections every month and is hiring creative AI image creators.

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Commission: AI Art Shop offers a 15% commission on all sales. While it is less than what other companies offer, the figure helps a lot when you consider the volumes.

Jasper AI Art tool

Jasper AI is known for writing AI-generated content. However, if you scroll down, a section of Jasper AI is dedicated to creating AI-generated art and images. You can also sell this art on various platforms. Since Jasper AI is one of the most popular AI tools in the market, you will earn a lot of commission through it.

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Jasper AI is not a marketplace, thus you will earn through a subscription model.

AI Affiliate Programs

AI tools that pay lifetime on recurring affiliate programs

As you must have checked through the list, a lot of AI affiliate programs pay on the sales while many others pay on recurring basis. If you wish to earn by selling AI products on recurring basis, then please check the following list.


Originality AI is a tool focused on checking the originality of content. Earlier plagiarism checker tools could detect if the content was written by copy-pasting from some other website. Now, AI writing tools make it difficult to detect the same. Rather, content written using AI tools looks much more accurate than human-generated content. Originality AI helps in detecting whether the content is generated by humans or AI.

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Commission: Originality AI offers a recurring commission of 25% for life. If you seek recurring commissions on your affiliates, then feel free to consider this option.


Murf is considered one of the best tools for AI voiceovers. Since it is already very popular, investing in its affiliate program can be very beneficial. It has the highest database of AI voiceover artists in the market. This means that the sales will be high too.

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Commission: Murf offers a commission of 20% recurring for 2 years. This might seem less, but it is high because the sales are also high.


While Murf offers the highest sales, neither is the tool the cheapest nor does it offer the highest commission rate. This is where you can try pitching Play.ht to your customers. The tool has a fair number of AI voiceover artists which should be more than enough for your work. However, if you compare the price with Murf, then the cost is one-eighth.

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Commission: Play.ht offers a commission of 30%. If the subscription is recurring, then you will be paid accordingly. The commission is lifetime and the plans are annual.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO has been considered the best website audit tool by most authorities in the field. Lately, the company has started using AI technology to improve its product. This has automated the auditing process. Surfer SEO is priced much higher than its rivals and thus you can earn a lot through its affiliate programs.

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Commission: Surfer SEO offers a recurring commission of 25% and they specifically mention that they don’t just pay once. Their commission is lifetime and this is rare for the more popular products.


Customer care was always important. Lately, AI is helping customers. Have you noticed that recently, instead of human chat agents, you notice AI chatbots? Some of these AI chatbots are so good that you might actually not be able to figure if it a bot or a human. This is exactly what Acobot does. You can refer this product to website owners and businesses.

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Commission: The commission offered by Acobot is 50%. This is amongst the highest commissions in this list. So, while selling this product can be difficult, it is definitely worth a try.

What is the difference between traditional affiliate marketing programs & AI affiliate programs?

With time and technology, the face of businesses changes. Earlier, affiliate programs focused on software products that assisted users in creating content and solving problems. Since AI entered the market, such products have been rendered obsolete and redundant. Thus, creators will have to find new businesses by selling AI affiliates.

How do AI affiliate programs use machine learning & predictive analytics?

AI has changed the content market forever. Users wonder how they do it. AI helps bots think like humans. This happens when they accumulate data collected over decades. Then that data is connected (forming big data) and can be used to predict human behavior, content outlines, etc.

How do I choose the best AI affiliate program for my niche?

The best AI affiliate program needn’t be the one for tools that are the most popular. Everyone knows them. However, if you have a niche website or channel and can convince users to buy less expensive (and obviously less popular) tools, then it will be a jackpot for your niche. Other than this, hit-and-trial is the best method to check for the best affiliate program for your niche.

How do I effectively integrate AI affiliate links into my content?

You will have to be smart to effectively integrate AI affiliate links into your content to generate sales. Don’t just put the links anywhere. First, try pitching the reason for buying that category of tools. Then mention your experience while using the tool and explain convincingly why others should buy it too. Eventually, don’t hype the tool so much that users think it is a paid promotion.

What are the best practices for succeeding in AI affiliate programs?

AI affiliate programs require a lot of learning to eventually make money. This can be done by planning before initiating the work. Keep your plan on paper and then decide if it can be profitable or not. Once the planning is done, pick affiliate programs that pay well, and the tools that are good enough for users. If you promote the lesser tools, it will impact your own credibility. Finally, use hit and trial to decide on the best tool for your job.

Can I participate in multiple AI affiliate programs simultaneously?

Simple answer – mostly yes. Usually, it depends on the affiliate program to allow promoting competitors, but in most cases, they allow it. The reason is that companies are concerned about their own sales and not about their rivals. Brands are in competition, but sales are not. But yes, companies can try competing with the affiliate offers and percentages of the commissions.

What are the FTC guidelines for disclosure in AI affiliate marketing?

FTC has strict guidelines for affiliate disclosure. You cannot sell products to users by merely promoting them as genuine. Users should be informed that you are earning a share when they buy the product. The disclosure needs to be made in understandable language and needs to be in proximity to the affiliate link. The disclosure should be prominently visible and not written in micro-print. Basically, your intention to inform the audience about the affiliate disclosure should be clear.

How do I earn money from AI affiliate programs?

Unlike revenue through fixed ads, income through AI affiliate programs is directly promotional to the sale of AI products. Some AI affiliate programs pay commission for life, while others pay for a limited period. Income through affiliate programs is usually higher than that from direct advertisements.

In conclusion, I will suggest you to consider shifting to AI affiliate programs from traditional affiliate programs. The sales are easier since the market is new, and the returns can be visibly higher. AI is the future of technology. If you invest in new technology in its initial stages, eventually you will succeed in creating an authority before others can.

AI will eventually penetrate many markets but has already taken over the content market. AI-generated content needs much less time and effort in comparison to human-generated content.

We hope this was helpful. Please let us know in the comment section.

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