20 Eye Catching Blogging Tips For Beginners

Updated on: June 20, 2018

Starting a blog may seem to be quite a difficult task. In this article we will provide you with some tips especially for starters in the field of blogging, which will help them and make their job easier.

1. Goal Definition

All blogs are set up with a particular goal. You need to be clear about that goal. Your blog will have greater chance of becoming successful if from the beginning you are aware of what you want to accomplish via your blog.

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2. Knowing Audience

You should be well aware of your targeted audience. Thus if your followers are mostly businessmen, it would be irrelevant to discuss about cooking recipes.

3. Consistency

Blog is nothing but a brand in itself. Hence it should be consistent in terms of blog postings. The best way out is come up with a posting schedule so that the time gaps in between different postings remain consistent. Such consistency brings in reader loyalty as a return gift.

4. Persistence

Blogging is not a very easy task and bloggers have to face rejections and criticisms aplenty. But the key lies in being persistent.

Blogging Goal ,Consistency ,Persistency

5. Be Welcoming

Blogs should be such that they will welcome readers to join in a two-way communication by way of questions and comments. Such queries should be answered back thus increasing the trust of your readers in you.

6. Being Visible

Working outside ones own blog via social networking and commenting on others blogs of like-minded people are equally important.

7. Risk Taking

Beginner bloggers are usually very afraid of taking help of blogging tools. But you should try new things with your blog. Implementing changes make take place in form of blog contest to adding new plug in. it's a really important factor for those who ask  how to start a blog

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8. Seeking Help

It is not possible for a single person to know everything. Thus bloggers must believe in knowledge sharing and should take help of professional experts. Hence you can easily reach out to your fellow bloggers, I am sure they will help you.

9. Limitless Learning

There is no end to learning. With new inventions and development coming up everyday, bloggers need to keep themselves updated I order to provide their followers with important and relevant information.

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10. Be Who You Are

Your blog should portray the real person you are, being fake might draw some momentary attention but followers will see through these false veils eventually. The articles you write should come from your heart and should express how exactly you feel about something. It should not be like that of newspaper reports.

11. Saying True

If you start your blog with a particular intention then you need to be faithful towards fulfilling the same.

12. Be Kind & Humble

Being kind and humble wont just make you a better human being but also a better blogger. If you are good with others, then they will be good to you

13. Promoting Love

Readers love reading light hearted articles. Hence refrain from letting out your anger and frustration via your blog.

Learn Blogging ,languages for blog

14. Beauty Of The Blog

Attractive layout also helps in increasing a blog quality. But it might involve a large amount of initial monetary financing.

15.  Research

Studying blogs of successful bloggers might also be of great help and provide with a large numbe rof clues and  advices.

16.  Nice Formatting

Nice formatting in trems of properly alligned text with appropriate heading and sub headings is a delight for the readers.

Photography blogging,research blogging,happy blogging

17.  Photography Skills

Some blogs making use of photographs to portray feelings need to come up with high quality photograph.

 18. Quality Content

The content you write in your blog should be something you would like reading yourself.

Being Different in blogging

19.  Easy Language & Being Different

Blogs should be written in an easy language which will be easier for people to follow.


20.  Attention

It's really important to have focus and attention to curate amazing text, video and audio content. So always work to get best out of the industry.

The only way your blog can stand out among thousands of such others is by being different from the others.

Blogging ways Antique pen & inkwell
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  1. Number 10 is the most important. You need to write as yourself. Even on the internet people can tell if someone is being fake or not.

  2. Hi Saurabh, Really Shared Worthful Tips bro. As i know Quality Content, Be Welcoming, Risk Taking are the main things to get success. Thanks for sharing such a nice tips bro 🙂

    1. Thanks! its really necessary to write somw quality and rare articles which are hot -cakes but didn't available througout the web 🙂 Immagination is greatest power to grab quality content !

    2. I think this is also for the other level blogger too. Because I find many bloggers are afraid to take risk and always live in fear of Google. These tips are helpful to all others too. Thanks saurabh you give me point of photography. I always put image to my content but it is not suitable and I learn this from this post.

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