Four Reasons Why Photo Blogs are Better than the Text Blogs

Updated on: May 18, 2013

Before I get down to the advantages that photo blogs have over the conventional ones (i.e. text blogs), let me clarify that this post is not meant to cast down the standard text based blogs. However, photo blogs do have certain edges over their counterparts in some aspects. For those who are not sure, a photo blog is a blog where photos and images take the center stage instead of the text.

Photography Blogs

Photography Blogs

On traditional blogs you will see text based posts and images are there to complement, whereas on photo blogs, images will get the spotlight and text is used to complement. Not to forget that photo blogs do have some short comings as well, and an ideal blog should be able to combine both elements (text and photos) to come up with the best product.

Let’s take a look at some advantages of photo blogs over the more conventional ones.

No need to exhaust in search of ideas:

ideas for photography blog

Coming up with interesting and unique titles to write on can be a quite a nuisance for bloggers, whereas in case of a photo blog, all you need to have is a thought-provoking or spellbinding photograph or image, and you can build your post around it. Remember you don’t need to write marathon posts, because a picture is worth a thousand words on itself. True that getting your hands on such pictures can take quite some time, but the search will surely be not as tiresome as sitting and stressing your mind to generate an idea for the next blog post. Remember that you don’t have to wait for taking a splendid picture yourself, you can simply go to flickr, iStockphotos, Thinkstock, or any other stock photos website and sift through the photos to find some (of course, you will have to make sure that you are not infringing the copyrights and crediting the actual artist when using these images).

Eye catching:

Eye catching photography blog

Images can take a blog to a different level altogether, at least as far as aesthetics are concerned. There’s no way a blog without images can look as good as one with good quality featured images. An image can catch the visitor’s attention in a jiffy, and in a much more effective manner as compared to loads and loads of text (which is actually quite off putting), that’s the reason photo blogs often have lower bounce rate as compared to traditional blogs (though it’s tougher to get unique visitors to photo blogs, but we are focusing solely on strong points in this post).

Can serve as a portfolio:

Portfolio for blogs

Just like your writings on a text blog can serve as a testament to your writing skills, or display the command you have over the topic, similarly a photo blog can also serve as a testament to your photography skills, and you can use this reputation to get some photography jobs, or even start a training program for wannabe photographers.

Stand out from the crowd:

Stand out in crowd blogging

There are just too many text blogs out there, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for a blog to stand out of the crowd. Readers have hundreds of options, and unless you’ve got extra ordinary writing skills, possess exceptional knowledge, or you are spending huge amounts on promoting your blog, it is quite difficult to make the readers bookmark and come back for more, which means you are largely dependent on traffic coming from Google. A photo blog can be your answer to these problems, as they are far more noticeable and you can easily build a more loyal fan following.

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Photography Blogs
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