Do You See A Future For Your Blog?

Updated on: May 18, 2013

Starting a blog is easy. Maintaining it is a little bit harder. But seeing it successfully into the future? That’s the hardest job a blogger has. With a few good ideas you can start a quality blog. Create a few blog posts, utilize your basic social media knowledge and watch it fizzle out. How do you avoid this? Create a blog plan outlining the future of your blog. This helps focus your vision and leads to a healthier blog presence.

Future of Blogging


Write the plan first. Outline what you want to do. Make sure it all makes sense, then start. Measure twice, cut once.” –

Blog Education

When you start a blog, you may have a basic knowledge of how to run it, work it and maintain it. However, blogging knowledge often comes as trial and error – you discover what you don’t know and figure it out as you go. However, including this in your blog plan can help streamline this process.

Blog for education


  • What you know: What do you already know? What tools are you currently utilizing?
  • What you want to learn: Keyword usage, traffic generation, click through rates, etc. Laying out a plan allows you to set aside time to learn about these tools before an issue comes up.


Website traffic

Quality content is very important for a successful blog. Yet, without the traffic and viewers it means nothing. It’s important that you plan how you intend to generate your traffic. You can place this aspect of your plan into a timeline, and work from the bottom up.

  • Key words – Use the Google AdWords tool find your best keywords and be sure to place them in your content. List your top keywords and update the list as time goes on.
  • Social networks – This is the best place to begin generating traffic. Spell out the platforms you plan to use, you hope to use, you currently use.
  • Guest Posting – This can come with time. Start by researching blogs in your niche with a high PR and a lot of commenting. Refer back to this as you have more time to dedicate to blog marketing.
  • Directories – Directories are a great way to generate traffic. Find directories that specialize in your niche, and plan out when you’ll be submitting your blog.


blog monetization

At the end of the day, it would be ideal to make some money off the blog you’ve nurtured from birth to adulthood. It’s imperative that you research monetization tools to find the ones that will work best for you. When planning your blog’s future, lay out which monetization opportunities would be best and how you plan to use them. Consider:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Product promotion
  • AdSense
  • Paid services

Creating a blog plan will help you become successful and stay focused during the process. When you lay out what you hope to do and how you want to do it, you have something to aim for. Just as an outline leads to a great post, a blog plan will pave the way for better focus and greater success.

Bio: Jessica Sanders is an avid small business writer touching on topics from social media to telemarketing services. She writes for an online resource that gives advice on topics including payroll processing for lead generation resource, Resource Nation.

Future of Blogging
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  1. A blog is as successful as you make it. There are many examples of very successful blogs but this of course doesn't imply each and every blog is destined to succeed. But if you are serious about your blog and do your job properly, this really increases your chances for success.

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