Record a Skype Call in your Windows

Updated on: May 18, 2013

Skype is becoming omnipresent. Almost every internet user uses Skype. One reason for it is that Skype to Skype calls are free. Second reason is that Skype has a very good quality of sound and video. However, one question is within concerns of many. Is it possible to record Skype? Answer is yes. Record a Skype call in your windows is easy.

Many computer users use windows operating system today. One reason for using windows by most people is that windows is users’ friendly and is easy for lay person.  As we compared the computer users around the world, technically knowledgeable persons in computers are very few.  Most of other operating systems are designed for high level IT tasks. Contrarily, windows are devised for accountants, lawyers, engineers, writers and much more. Therefore, windows are used by each kind of professional today, except few IT kinds of people or technically savvy in IT kids.

Skype Free Call Recording Software Windows

When using Skype people like to record calls as well. This need of recording was present from days even before windows operating system became common. People used to record telephone calls for many purposes in 80s and 90s. One reason was to keep legally protected and safeguard legal rights. For example: many calling centers even today record calls. Same way, people who become harassed by collection agents like to record calls to pursue legal claim in Fair Debt Collection Act of America.  Since, people are calling and receiving calls mostly from Skype, they like to record calls on Skype as well. Especially, calling centers use Skype heavily and have to record their each call.

Recording a Skype call in your window is done by many open source software today.  There are many Skype call recorders today. Some are listed below

  • MP3 Skype Recorder: This recorder is good for voice recording only. You can even record conferences as well. You can record all kinds call in that include Peer 2 Peer, calls to Skype online numbers and Skype to regular phone calls.


  • Scribie: Scribie is easy and ready to use plugin for Skype. However, you need to have Window XP or higher. You record incoming Skype calls, Skypye going out call, Skype to Skype calls and Skype conferences. It seems, it is only good for voice recording.


  • uTipu: uTipu is screen recorder. Till now, we have only found Skype video recorders that require purchase after trial or can be used with conditions. However, uTipu is screen capture software and is completely free. It has very good quality. When you use Skype, you can capture the whole screen of your desktop. Make sure you hide important icons and files on your desktop. We think, you can size the video as well when you use it.


  • Skype Auto Recorder: It lets you silently record Skype conversations. It has unlimited length of recording. You can even filter calls by doing simple configuration. It records in MP 3 file. You can exclude calls that you don’t want to record.

Skype Auto Recorder


If you look around on Internet, we are sure you can find more. However, always strive for completely free software with open source code. You can search by “open source software.” It is better than searching with “free software.” Many times “free software” search returns trail ones. Record a Skype call in your windows must be free, regardless voice or video.  We wish you good luck.

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Skype Free Call Recording Software Windows
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  1. as for me, i'd recommend to record skype calls using this tool , it's simple and nice!) but thanx for info)

  2. I've been using skype auto recording for the last month and works great. I'm going to try utipu it sound simple and good. thank for the information!

  3. Reliable and flexible communication is the key to any business, and recording calls is a very important function, as it helps to save important conversations that may be needed much later. Hottelecom has a very wide range of services, which allows any business to operate smoothly and efficiently.

    1. It's important to keep track of records for further notes.Recording skype calls in your windows help many business owners to take precious notes afterward to work on things later

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