Affiliate Marketing : Powerful way to Make Passive Money Online

Updated on: October 28, 2019

There are several things the Digital Revolution has bought us! Affiliate Marketing is indeed one of the prominent concepts, especially when it comes to digital products and service. Even before all these, there were referrals, purchases and their commissions. People used to recommend product to their friends and get paid from the manufacturer or service provider. However, the new-gen Affiliate Marketing — with easier management and organization — made things better. Here, we shall have a look on how Affiliate Marketing has changed the way of Online Businesses, an introduction to this marketing and some effective tips to do that.

An Affiliate Marketing In Nutshell 

In simple words, Affiliate Marketing is the best way to attract organic customers into a product or service. However, unlike the traditional marketing efforts, the company does not have a major role here. Instead, Affiliate Marketing makes use of affiliates, who may be common people or experienced professionals. These affiliates try to market the particular products or services and to make people purchase it.

Suppose you are running an online business of Digital Event Solutions. As per the concept of affiliate marketing, you would have a number of affiliates. These affiliates will use different methods — such as advertising, content marketing, landing pages etc — to promote your service. And, there will be a unique referral code for each of your affiliates. Whenever there is a purchase referred by the affiliate, you have to pay a certain amount of commission to the affiliate.


This is how affiliate marketing works, for the company’s point of view. For affiliate marketers, however, this is an effective way to earn a living. The best part about affiliate marketing is the longevity of the results. If you put efforts to promote a product and rank high, it can be profitable for a very long time. It’s like silent income — you do not have to work all time. Even when you are not working, there will be commissions flowing to the account.

So, this is why affiliate marketing has become the new trend of marketing — for both the companies and marketers. While the companies get more and more customers from different affiliates, marketers have a new earning source to depend.

How to Do Affiliate Marketing

This is the best answer about Affiliate Marketing. There are no prerequisites when you want to do affiliate marketing. All you need is the skill of persuasion, some passion and a minimal capital. Affiliate marketing can be done through different channels. Suppose you have an active Social Media profile — say, a Facebook page or Twitter Handle —, in which case you can use it for marketing. However, in most cases, marketers make use of websites and blogs for attracting customers.

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The website-based method is also simple. You need to create an authentic website about the prospective product or the industry. Then, it’s about publishing relevant content to the product so that people start visiting. For converting the visitor into a customer, different methods like Reviews, Opinions, Testimonials, Offers, Coupons etc are used. With the right CTA, you make conversions and get paid. Although it seems simple, the game is so competitive and you need to put on a lot of effort.

Regardless the way you choose; it’s about how dedicated you are into the Marketing efforts.

Affiliate Marketing & Online Businesses

As we said, online businesses are now relying on Affiliate Marketing, like never before. For businesses, this is an awesome way to attract more customers. When compared to the traditional marketing efforts, this is quite effective and targeted. You are not attracting random customers. On the other hand, affiliates try to focus on people who are in need of products and services. So, chances are high that the customers will stay with you for a long time.


Another impressive aspect of affiliate marketing is the cost-effective behaviour. When compared to putting a banner or hoarding, this simplifies things. Not just that, affiliate marketing helps you create a positive digital identity. Altogether, it is a cool way to attract more customers, build brand image and sustain in market.

So, if you have an online business, you have enough reasons to go for Affiliate Marketing. And, there are different services that can help you set up a good affiliate marketing system. You can use affiliate platforms, software and a dedicated team.

Affiliate World Asia 2016 — the Ultimate Conference

Affiliate World Asia 2016 is one of the finest conferences, to be conducted in the industry of Affiliate Marketing. This time at Bangkok, Thailand, the event will be participated by thousands of super-affiliates, industry experts and speakers. This event has a notable previous attendees’ list, including the big players like Neil Patel and Charles NGO. In shorter words, it is an offline meeting point for the aspiring online marketers around. In this event, affiliates share their experiences, meet new people and learn the un-learnt.


The speakers of Affiliate World Asia 2016 Conference are not just experts but people who are admired. So, when you want to become a super affiliate and have an awesome inventory of ideas, these speeches and talks will be of endless possibility — ever. So, once again, it’s a must-attend event for every single super-affiliate in the world.

Summing Up

So, what do you think about affiliate marketing and its possibilities? Don’t you think it’s good enough to give you a platform for networking and earning? If yes, share your thoughts on that. By the way, are you attending Affiliate World Asia 2016 Conference? We are excited to hear from you.

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