5 Tips for Launching Startup Company,New Business

Updated on: January 3, 2019


So, you want to launch a startup. Well, who doesn’t? The past 15, or so, years – barring that one pesky .com crash – have been very good to startups. In fact these business success stories have become legendary for their rags to riches scale.

The poster child of startup success, Facebook, is a golden example of the attraction factor. To take a fledgling idea and turn it into one of the most successful businesses in modern history without using any of your own money – well, that’s the dream, isn’t it?

But Facebook, Groupon, Pandora and a slew of other winners didn’t happen by chance. There are a few key components to a successful startup, no matter the industry. Thankfully, there are as many success stories as there are failure tales, so lessons are plentiful, if you look for them.

starting -new-business

starting new business

To help ensure your brilliant idea has a fruitful market run, we’ve compiled some of the best startup advice available:

A big idea is great, but without an action plan it doesn't amount to much. A brilliant idea is only as good as the startups ability to make it happen. Of course, the idea is important, but it doesn’t stand alone – at least not at a venture capital firm’s office where you’ll be making your pitch for funding.

Get a lawyer: Especially if there are co-founders, ever business move of the startup should be legally binding for the protection of everyone involved. Once you get to the funding mechanism, and begin dealing with investors, and contractual agreements, solid legal representation will be imperative.

Once the idea has been developed into a working model, you’ll want to score some support from an “angel.” In other words, you’ll need to connect with a venture capitalist who shares your passion for your idea and who is willing to part with their money. It’s best to first mine existing contacts – lawyers, successful business people and bankers – that may be able to introduce you to a potential investor. If that doesn’t pan out, some VC firms will accept initial email proposals.

After the VC has setup the all-important funding mechanism, you’ll need to hire a quality team that can make the dream a reality. Mark Zuckerberg recommends hiring only young people with technical expertise. While we may not go that far in our advice, he’s right that your startup will need dedicated, near-obsessive employees who will live and breathe the business.

With the idea developed, lawyer retained, investor(s) secured and the launch team hired and in place, you’ll now have to concentrate on maintaining motivation to get the product or service to market. Don’t neglect the small stuff because it’ll come back to bite you at the worst time. Empowering your employees to make decisions will keep the innovation flowing.

A Key tips to Increase Success rate of Startups : By Saurabh


Focus on Business Niche

1. Focus on your business niche:  its a really important to invest your capital in core part of your business.It will help you to bring perfect product in the market.Your business niche must be clear and perfect,try to develop prototype of your concept,find out the mission critical  areas and focus on them according to business process development.



2. Start Startup with new Real-time needs,which is not already available in market:  Your startup niche play a kingmaker role in your business.So choose the unique things that  public may want and give the assurity to build better product.Don't try to rebuild the product that is already available in market e.g Building the social Networking site like Facebook may leads to lose in your business.


Skillful Team Building

3. Skillful Team building and Employee Satisfaction:  Your startup must be an accurate product that can be handle/use by any common person,to archive its readability  Skillful team building is very necessary ,that may intimate good result in market.Co-ordination in team is on high level,so try to separate your business work in sub-parts w.r.t teams,So that its will be more perfect and identical

Product Marketing business sales

Product Marketing business sales

4. Global Marketing  of Product: If you develop a good product with your startup,its working like  charm and really helping the society,but what if  its unknown from rest the world? its a wastage of your capital as well as efforts.So i think after core part , startups can focus on Global Marketing of Product

Customer Relationship in Business

Customer Relationship in Business

5.Customer Relationship: Customers are god for every business entrepreneurs,so serve them as they want !!! They are the  road-map of your business through which your driving globally 🙂 Always try to interact with customers for improvement and changes in existing products.It will put you business in more high levels

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  1. Thanks for the great list. I would like to share my opinion here. Do what you love like Mark Zuckerberg did.

    1. Thanks Steve, I really like your approach to bless me. blessing have big power which make you more stronger in your dreams.
      Currently Im pursuing what I love and what I want. Thanks for your valuable comment.

  2. I'm glad that you pointed out the importance of hiring a lawyer as soon as possible when starting a business. Like you said, legal representation is essential once you start talking money and contracts so that nobody gets cheated. Even if you don't plan to start talking money right away, finding a lawyer as soon as possible can make the process easier once you do start. Thanks for the article!

    1. absolutely, its better to know the game before becoming player of same. This build an audacity, which help you to keep moving in right direction

  3. Hi Saurabh !!

    Its good to read you content..I really appreciate it.The startup culture is full of people who want to, and try to, but just can’t get their business off the ground. Why is this the case? Much of the reason has to do with the fact that many entrepreneurs don’t know how to take their business from point A to B. Point A is that brilliant idea in the mind of the entrepreneur. B is that subsequent, hoped-for state where the business is secure, established and making money.

    Keep posting such article.
    Have a nice day

    1. Hey Tyler really appreciate your feedback, i totally agree that many startups cant get business off the ground. Main reason might be they are not providing value to their end users or they just want to Raise another round of fund from investor. Business is all about people no B2B, no B2C its pure H2H (Human2Human). Making people life more simpler should be their main reason behind while starting. Learn->Execute->make mistakes-reLearn .

  4. The contribution that business intelligence makes to the overall success of an enterprise cannot be overstated in today's digital economy.

  5. You make nice suggestions about empowering employees, getting your launch team together, and retaining legal counsel. Also, focusing on developing the right product is key, just as you've shared.

  6. Yes. It is Too much Helpful for starting up new Business. keypoints are must needed for Business. You must have to start up a new business which new for market and Customers too. so you do not have a look out for Competitors and no market Challenges.

  7. Saurabh, nice share. Actually I'm delighted to explore these 5 tips. I'll launch my new business from 2017, so hopefully these 5 tips will be effective for my business growth.

  8. Well, it was an informative post and you have explained well.

    Make sure to hire a lawyer who is familiar with what you are performing and on the issues that you're currently and will be confronting. It's would be excellent if the lawyer is referred to you by a friend who can guarantee on their capability to manage issues that are likely comparable to yours.

    Keep sharing.

  9. As consumers, we now consume orders of magnitude more information compared to previous generations. The rise of the search engine and the smartphone made the world's information accessible to anyone on a 24/7 basis. New business intelligence technologies are positioned to bring similar changes to the business world.

  10. Wow, great post! Definitely some great tips and advice. It's certainly a great idea to hire a lawyer in the beginning stages as well as to keep one close just in case there are any issue that come up in the future. Thanks for sharing!

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