How to Send Gifts Without Knowing Address?

Updated on: December 10, 2022

Is it possible to gift someone if you don't know their address?

Yes, indeed it is possible to send gifts to people without knowing their home address. In this article, we will discuss 7 different ways for sending gifts to people without knowing their actual address. There are methods that work worldwide for the delivery of physical gifts; some methods apply only within the US, and others are online or e-gift alternatives. In most cases, you only need to know their email ID or phone number.

Why would you want to send gifts to people without knowing their home address?

  • Nowadays, through in-person meetups or online communities, we make new friends and colleagues. we send Diwali gift cards online or Christmas gift cards online or offline.
  • Remote offices and work-from-home (WFH) culture has become a common occurrence in the post-pandemic world of work.
  • As you appreciate these new connections and friendships, you might want to make a gesture to express your gratitude and happiness for having them in your life.
  • Online dating apps are also responsible for sparking new relationships for a lot of people that might turn into something special. It might be too soon to ask for their address, but you might feel it is the right time to express your love with a gift.
  • Or you might be the administrator of a group of like-minded people. And you might want to send the same item as a welcome gift to every member, like a book, poster, or a kit of tools.
  • But you might know only the email addresses or phone numbers of these people. And you might have only met them in public places so far, or even only online.
  • Sometimes, it might be too soon or unnecessary to give out your residential address. Maybe there could be a reason for trust or some privacy concern as well.
  • Or maybe you are frequently moving around, and so don't have a fixed address.
  • Online influencers and celebrities cannot give out their mailing address to the public, but their fans want to send them physical gifts.
  • Normally, there was no way you could send a physical gift to these people because it required you to give their delivery address. So it might seem common sense to you that if you want to gift them, they have to give you their address first.
  • But now, it is no longer necessary as there are services and solutions for gifting without address! Let us explore these new possibilities, and their alternatives as well.

Various Solutions for Gifting People Without Knowing Their Address

1. Gibtr: The Best Way to Send Real Gifts Without Knowing Addresses (Works Worldwide)

2. YouGiver: Gift Links for Influencers and Celebrities (Works in 100+ countries)

3. Amazon Prime: Send Gifts Without Address (Works in the US Only)

4. Goody: Select from a Curated Collection of Gifts (Works in the US only)

5. Amazon Wishlist: List Your Favorite Gift Wishes while Keeping Your Address a Secret (Works Worldwide)

6. Gift Cards / e-Gift Cards / Online Subscriptions (Online Gifting Alternatives)

7. "General Delivery" Mail with just the Person's Name and Area (Collect at the Post Office)

How To Send Gifts to People Without Their Address?


1. Gibtr: The Best Way to Send Real Gifts Without Knowing Addresses (Works Worldwide)

gibtr poster

  1. Go to any shopping website that does online delivery. Find a good product to gift someone. Copy the link to that product page.
  2. Open the Gibtr website. Click on the "Gift Now" button. You will see a simple form for entering the info necessary for sending the gift.
  3. Paste the product page link from step 1 in the "Product Link" text box.
  4. Enter your personalized message for the receiver. You can choose to reveal the gift or keep it a secret.
  5. Enter the recipient's email address. Gibtr has made the email id field compulsory, so you need this. You can also enter the recipient's phone number, but it is optional.
  6. Enter your own name, email address, and phone number (optional).
  7. If you have any instructions for Gibtr, you can provide them. Then click the Send button.
  8. You must enter your Credit/Debit card info or PayPal info. You will not be charged right now.
  9. The receiver of the gift will get an email from Gibtr, with your personalized message, and info about the gift (if you revealed it). If they want to accept the gift, Gibtr will request them to provide their delivery address. The recipient can also request Gibtr to change the gift item to something else. In that case, Gibtr will contact you and convey this, and you can choose a different gift.
  10. Gibtr keeps the receiver's address confidential. They purchase the gift on your behalf and send it to the receiver. At this point, your Credit/Debit card or PayPal will be charged for the gift and shipping as per the product website. Gibtr doesn't charge any service fees. And if the recipient rejects the gift, you don't spend any money.
  11. When the gift is delivered to the recipient, you will get notified via email about this.

2. YouGiver: Gift Links for Influencers and Celebrities (Works in 100+ countries)

  1. YouGiver offers two options: People who wish to receive gifts can create unique links which they can add to their social media. They can also send these "Receive Gifts" links to anyone via any messaging app. Their delivery address is safely stored with YouGiver only, and never revealed to anyone else.
  2. YouGiver is thus useful for social media influencers and celebrities, to help them easily receive real gifts from their fans without revealing any personal data like address or phone number.
  3. And like Gibtr, senders can also create "Accept Gift" links or messages, which can be sent to any recipient. The recipient can accept this gift offer, and provide their address to YouGiver, so they can fulfill the delivery of gifts.
  4. The limitation is, that, unlike Gibtr, YouGiver only allows a selection of gifts from its catalog. And although it ships to 100 countries and 5000 cities, not all regions are covered.
  5. You can avail of this gifting without address service via YouGiver website or their mobile apps. They also have options for corporate clients, sellers, bloggers, and media houses to integrate their service.
  6. Sending with YouGiver is simple: You select gifts from their catalog, enter your message, the recipient's email/phone number, and your own contact details. Or you can simply generate a gift link, and message it to the recipient through any social media or messaging platform. If they accept your gift offer, they will give their address privately to YouGiver, and receive the gifts. Only if they accept will you be charged.
  7. Receiving with YouGiver is straightforward as well: You must sign up and log in to YouGiver via their website or mobile apps. Add your mailing address which will be stored confidentially with YouGiver. And then generate a "Receive Gifts" link which you can give anyone or post on your social media profiles. Using this link, anyone can send any gift from the YouGiver catalog to you.

3. Amazon Prime: Send Gifts Without Address (Works in the US Only)

  1. You can send real gifts by email or text if you have an Amazon Prime membership. This feature is available in the US only.
  2. Browse Amazon and add the items you want to gift to the cart.
  3. In the cart, select the option "Add a gift receipt for easy returns". Proceed to checkout.
  4. On the "Select a shipping address" screen, choose the top option called "Let the recipient provide their address" and hit "Continue".
  5. Enter the recipient's email address or phone number. Add a gift message and your name. Tap "Continue".
  6. Review your order info, and check the gift you selected is correct, the total price, and your payment method. If everything looks correct, tap on "Place the Order". You will not be charged right now.
  7. The recipient will receive an email or SMS from Amazon about this Gift. They can view and accept the gift. If they do, they must provide their delivery address to Amazon. This address will be kept confidential by Amazon. Once they give their address to Amazon and hit the "Accept Gift" button, Amazon will get ready to pack and ship the gift. You will be charged by Amazon as per the gift price. Shipping is free for Prime customers. Amazon will update you about the shipping and delivery of the gift when it happens.
  8. Or the recipient can choose to swap it with an Amazon Gift Card of the same price as that gift. They can use this Gift Card amount to buy anything for themselves from Amazon later on.

4. Goody: Select from a Curated Collection of Gifts (Works in the US only)

  1. Open the Goody website. Click on the "Send a Gift" button on the top right.
  2. Browse through their curated collection of gift options. You can select one or more items.
  3. Or you can pick a range of prices (e.g. $25 to $50). The receiver will be able to choose anything for themselves from the Goody store within that budget range.
  4. Next, pick a picture card, the recipient's name, and your message for them.
  5. To send the gift request, you have two options. Enter the person's email ID or phone number, and Goody will send them a message about your Gift. Or, you can get a gift link to send the person wherever you can contact them, on any social media site or messaging app.
  6. You must provide your email ID to get the receipts and your phone number to log in to Goody next time.
  7. Once the person accepts the gift, Goody will get their address from them, and deliver the gift. If the person rejects the gift, you will not be charged. While accepting, the recipient can also swap the gift if you chose any other item that is equal or less in price. You will be charged for the gift and the shipping charges.

5. Amazon Wishlist: List Your Favorite Gift Wishes while Keeping Your Address a Secret (Works Worldwide)

amazon wishlist poster

  1. In this method, the receiver needs to make an Amazon Wishlist. They will keep their address secret. They must add any products on Amazon that they would like to receive.
  2. For the receiver to make a Wishlist, they must sign up and log in to Amazon. Go to Account & List's> Your Wish List > Create a List > Provide a name for this wishlist > Click the "Create List" button.
  3. Click on the three dots (overflow menu) > Manage List > Add or Update your Delivery Address > Make other settings as per your liking > Click the "Save Changes" button.
  4. To add products to your wishlist, browse Amazon for the gifts you would like to receive. On any product page, click on "Add to List" and select your wishlist name from the dropdown (You can have multiple wishlists on Amazon).
  5. The receiver should share the link to their wishlist on their social media accounts, or with anyone from who they want to receive gifts.
  6. The senders of gifts can select any item from this wishlist, add their own choice of gifts to the cart as well, and then let Amazon deliver these products to the recipient's secret address.
  7. Note that while your exact mailing address is kept secret, senders of gifts will see your Name, City and State.

6. Send Visa Gift Card Online / e-Gift Cards / Online Subscriptions (Online Gifting Alternatives)

gift card poster

If you don't find a good gift or are running short of gift ideas, you can always go for gift cards, e-gift cards, or gift vouchers. Gift cards are prepaid physical cards with a certain amount of money. Of course, you cannot send these out to people if you can't meet them in person or know their address. So, there are e-Gift Cards that can be sent via email address or phone number, and which can be used for online shopping. Vanilla Gift Cards are a great option for getting e-Gift Cards for people in the US. Amazon has its e-Gift Cards store as well which works worldwide. You can look for e-gift cards from many other popular stores.

Another gifting option when you know only the person's email address is online subscriptions. You can gift subscriptions to online streaming services, paid mobile apps, online learning platforms, and courses, magazines, newspapers, etc.

7. "General Delivery" Mail with just the Person's Name and Area (Collect at the Post Office)

There is an old-school method of sending mail to the nearby post office of the recipient. You must simply write "General Delivery" or "Poste Restante" on the envelope or package. You must clearly write the name of the recipient with the correct spelling. And you must put the area name, city name, state, and country (in the case of international post). This way, the gift package will reach the local post office of the recipient, where they can go, show their ID to prove their name, and collect the package. Thus, without knowing their exact mailing address, you can send gifts, greeting cards, and letters to people using the "General Delivery" mailing method.

It is also useful when people are traveling and do not have a fixed address, like tourists. So, let's say they expect to be in a particular town during a particular period, but don't know what their address will be. Then, you can still mail the package to a particular post office as "General Delivery", from where they can collect it by showing their ID.

No Limits to Gifting

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and learned new methods of sending gifts to people without knowing their mailing address. By using services like Gibtr, Goody, Amazon Prime, or YouGiver, you will be able to select amazing gifts and inform about them your recipient via their email address or phone number. And if they would like to receive the gifts, they can accept this offer, provide their mailing address confidentially to the gifting service, and get the real gifts delivered to them. If they want to change the gift product with some other of their choice, they can also let you know via the gifting service. You only pay when they choose to accept your gift.

Other alternatives for sending and receiving gifts while keeping address secret are Amazon Wishlist, e-Gift Cards, and buying Subscriptions as Gifts. Finally, there is also the "General Delivery" or "Poste Restante" method of sending gifts via physical mail to the local area post office of a recipient. In this option, the recipient needs to visit the post office, show their ID to prove their name, and then collect the gift package. Do you know of any other solution to send real gifts to people without knowing their mailing address? Which of the options listed above do you like the best? Let us know your thoughts about these gifting ideas in the comments below!

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