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Updated on: March 19, 2019

If your inbox is a mess, you can’t modify easily the most important message between regular message. In making your inbox more manageable you need to first determine your goals why you need to organize your inbox. To have a goal in organizing messages can help you to clean even more your inbox and make a difference from before. Because of the reason that organizing emails and wanting a better system to find messages easily.

There are several Apps today that will definitely help you organize your inbox with the business purpose or personal. But there are only some that considered as effective today. One of these is the Microsoft app. This can help people in managing their inbox in many ways and there are various features of Microsoft app.

Features of Microsoft SMS Organiser App

1. Organized Approach

A lot of people love to have an app that would definitely help to be more organized when reading and receiving their messages. It is because they are able to utilize their time by easily finding messages. No one wants to scan all messages just to find one important message, its a matter of wasting time and effort. An organized approach, one of the most important features of the Microsoft app. It acts to control the flow of your messages in any device that you have. Helps you to find and read messages in an easy way and hassle-free. This app also enables you to send free SMS across the community.

Microsoft SMS Organiser Main Screen

In fact, this feature is supported by the three category tabs which are the personal, transactional and promotional. These three tabs will determine messages that an individual can receive. It will separate automatically by detecting messages and you will receive it base on where it qualifies. There are two more, but it is not considered as important as the three category tabs as mentioned above. These are Blocked and Archive, wherein an individual can choose whether they will put a particular message into an archive or blocked it for a certain period of time. The organized approach of the Microsoft app helps people especially those individual who receive a  bulk of messages.

Event Reminder SMS Organiser

2. Due Date Reminder

it is not good to forget important things particularly paying your own bills as it can affect your everyday life. Another feature of this Microsoft app is to remind your Due date and helps you remember things. Paying bills on time is very important to avoid any kind of conflict. It is very useful for people who have this hobby of forgetting things. You will be able to receive messages that will serve as a reminder to you that you need to pay your bills. This feature can be considered as an advantage, as it will be very helpful to those individuals who own huge business and have no time to remember other things.

3. Send free SMS

it is a hassle-free of time knowing the fact that you need a load just to contact other people. Thus, this Microsoft app has an extraordinary feature allowing people to send up to 30 free SMS. There are countries like India that there are almost 100 free SMS today. To have a free SMS is the best as you can use it when an emergency happens.

Microsoft SMS Organiser Blocked List

4. Block SMS & Backup Your SMS

Even from bulk SMS senders. You can experience freedom using this Microsoft App. you can use it to block messages you don’t want to read and receive again. A key factor for those individuals who always receive messages from anonymous people. Before this App, you can only block messages from personal numbers and then the app updated for the users to fully enjoy the perks of using the app. Noted that SMS hides the blocked SMS from main tabs. You can also backup all your SMS to Google Drive using their backup and restore option. This is a really helpful feature for everyone.

5. Set rules to automatically delete SMS

it is a great advantage of using this Microsoft app. You can always have the freedom to choose and set automatically delete transactional SMS or any SMS of your choice, after a certain period of time. You can always select messages don't want to read, receive and the app can detect this set of rules setting rules to delete SMS is easy and fast you just need to find its navigator and you good to start.

Microsoft SMS Organiser Starred Message

6. Starred SMS & Bank Transactions List with Security

Another freedom you can make through Microsoft app is you can star particular messages to view them later. You can reserve messages, it is very for the people who have a huge schedule to attend. It is really useful in reading important things such as a reminder to pay your bills, your status in a bank transaction, or even some good quotes serve as your motivation. By using a star on a message, you can always highlight important message to not so important message to your inbox. It can help you to organize.

Reasons to Clean Your Inbox

i. Increase Message Delivery.

Microsoft app can help to give space to bulk messages that you can and you will receive. Message delivery deserves that attention so that you can always be aware especially important messages. There will be no conflict especially if you are waiting for a response to an important matter.

ii. Separation of an important message to unimportant one.

A lot of people give this reason for cleaning their inbox. With the help of the Microsoft app, it can help individuals who find difficult to do it.

Tips  for keeping Your Inbox Clean

  • Put a star or move to personal category tab those messages that are important as a symbol of separation it to the unimportant message.

  • Highlight or set priority to certain addresses. In cases like a rule could be created to highlight any user in your address book.

  • Filter out common spam words that get into your inbox

  • In programs that support rules, mark messages that are not important to keep your inbox clean and prevent you from getting overwhelmed when you first open your message.

  • After reading SMS, always take action on that SMS. Do not save it for later or move it into a folder to deal with later. If you are unable to take action on the SMS, delegate it to someone else, or postpone it for later that day delete it. Every SMS does not need a response and there is no reason to save SMS that is going to be deleted later.

  • You can set an automatic deletion of the message that you can receive. It will give you more time and can utilize the space of your inbox. Creating your frequent replies that you can copy and paste.

  • Make it simple. This will help a lot of people in organizing their inbox. It will become more complicated if you choose a lot of folders to use and store messages. Keep it simple you don’t need to have dozen of a folder, and just use the rule to filters messages.


Microsoft knows the needs of people and response, this app was created and established with various great features. Microsoft highlighted that messages are no longer used as an instant messaging platform. We have different apps that are using today which are able to use transactional notifications app standouts of its competitor as it is useful also for personal. The only app that can be helpful to every transaction, to organize things we have and give us on settings rules and receiving and sending messages.

Microsoft SMS Organiser app
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