Testing an Idea for A Mobile App: Does Your App Solve a Problem?

Updated on: November 13, 2017

Building a mobile app is an opportunity for a continuous source of income via the original purchase of the app, in-app purchases, advertisements and more – such as white-labeling your app.The main challenge you face when developing and testing an idea for a mobile app is what app to make. It must be useful for people to want to purchase it, or to make in-app purchases.

Consumers are always looking to solve a problem and an app can do this in many ways. For example, there are apps that offer users directions and warn them of traffic, roadwork, or accidents. People are more likely to use an app if it helps them solve a problem, rather than if it just for pleasure.

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When developing your app, consider the purpose of it. Construct a list of several problems that people face on a day-to-day basis or at least weekly. If people face the problem often, and the app solves the problem, they will use the app often.

But, the worst thing that can happen is that your app is designed to solve a problem but it is so glitchy that just becomes another problem for the customer…

So, this is where the importance of testing your app comes in. Keep reading to find out just why.

Why do I need to test my app?

Although you might have a great design and idea for your app, technology is not without error - just like us as humans. Sometimes coding gets messed up, servers get interrupted, and technology just fails us overall.

This is why companies like Cardzgroup are always testing their products in an effort to improve the product itself and its security.

And, better for you to find out before your app is released then on the day of the big release.

Testing your app will allow you to fix the issues and improve the app before releasing it to your customers. It can also help you learn more about your app by understanding all the inner workings and where issues could potentially arise in the future.

Think of it like this - if you were on a dance team or a football team, would you ever show up to a game having never practiced together? No. So, why would you release an app having never tested it?

Now comes the real question - how do you test it?


How do I test my app?

This article lists a few steps to take when testing the idea of your new mobile app:

  1. Construct a plan. As mentioned above, come up with a problem. But, then take it a step further – come up with a plan to fix it. How can your app easily solve this problem for the consumer? Make it easy, handy and marketable.
  2. Test it with family and friends. You probably know several people who have the problem you are trying to solve. Ask those people to test the app for you and get their feedback.
  3. Check out other similar apps. Especially if you have the problem yourself, check out other apps that are comparable to yours and see which one if more productive in solving the problem.

Consumers are more attracted to things that solve a problem - so, don’t create the problem for them.

Test your app idea on a few people, tweak it, and always remember to ask yourself two questions:

  1. Does my app solve a problem?
  2. Would I want to use this app as is?

Do you have any other methods you have used to test your app? Share your tips with us in the comment section!

designer drawing mobile website development wireframe
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