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Updated on: October 5, 2017

Home automation is something which, by now, encompasses a huge range of products and ideas, from simple chair lifts to a more complicated motion system security set-up. There is so much involved under this one umbrella that getting confused is something which happens a lot – keeping everything straight in your own mind as to what you want and need out of automation is the first step towards learning what automation you want.
When it comes to home automation, the twenty-first century has brought with it a lot of advances in terms of how we ourselves can use these automated devices. More and more devices are now coming with apps which the homeowner can use to control the device remotely, making the range of their use much bigger than it was before.


Using smartphones to give you access to your home automation is something which should be one of the first things to contemplate, given that it can change how you approach home automation in the first place.
The amount of actuators online are something which should also be taken into consideration, as they have changed the way in which we approach home automation. Actuators mean that more home automation is available to more people, so it is something which definitely comes in handy. The key to what home automation is wanted or needed in your household is deciding what it is that you want out of it:

• Automate lights in your home, either when they detect movement, at a certain time, or when another condition is met
• Have the air conditioner coming on at certain times during the day, with it switching off when nobody is at home
• Have your blinds set to open at a certain time in the morning, and close at a certain time at night. You can also have blinds set to close if the weather is particularly hot
• If you have pets, set up an automatic food dispenser which gives them pre-programmed amounts of food at specific times of the day
• Use voice commands on various appliances, including garage doors, coffee machines, lights, fish tanks, and other things
• Set your coffee machine to make delicious coffee for a certain time each morning
Home automation is something which has hundreds of uses, and it all depends on what you want from it.

The inclusion of apps in the normal run of home automation is something which makes the use of home automation even easier, because now people can include whether or not they can control their home automation remotely as part of their new set-up. The number of different apps out there means that there is an app for everyone, no matter what they want out of it.

This further helps people to decide what they need out of their home automation, as one more question to be added to the list of ‘what do I needwantafford’ is now ‘will it allow me to control my house remotely?’ and this question can change everything. Security systems have been changed hugely by home automation – now having an app means that they can be handled remotely, and give notifications to the homeowners whenever certain conditions are met.

Security as a whole is something which benefits hugely from apps, and this is something which everybody who is considering home automation should take into consideration.
While security has benefited from home automation in that it can now interact with other devices such as the TV and computer (therefore allowing anybody inside the house to see who is at the door, for example, if they have linked the doorbell with the TV), and put the security cameras on linear actuators. The linear actuators in particular are important because they have revolutionised the way in which cameras can work. Linear actuators mean that cameras can move more easily than they could before, and cover much more ground.
Apps are specifically useful for security because they expand what can be done with the security systems which are present in a house. Having an app means that homeowners will be connected with their security system wherever they are, allowing them to remain aware of what is happening in their homes. Homeowners can set up specific notifications on their apps to bring their attention to something which is happening – if the motion sensors are tripped, or if the cameras pick up movement, for example. The app also allows for a deeper level of control to happen, in that people can use the app to interact with their security systems directly – using the system to directly control a camera, for example, or possibly switching the alarm system on or off from a remote location. The app should also allow for patterns and recognition to be set up – the homeowner could possibly use it to set up a sequence where the alarm would automatically set itself twenty minutes after everyone has left in the morning.

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  1. The app also allows for a deeper level of control to happen, in that people can use the app to interact with their security systems directly – using the system to directly control a camera, for example, or possibly switching the alarm system on or off from a remote location.

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