How to View Someone Else's WhatsApp Status Secretly Without Letting them Know?

Updated on: March 8, 2022

Just like Instagram and Facebook stories, WhatsApp has a similar feature that allows users to upload images and short videos to their status however there is a little difference. When you view stories on Instagram and Facebook, you cant view them secretly, but with WhatsApp, you can view status updates from your contacts without their knowledge. So if you are looking for a way to view someone else's WhatsApp status secretly without letting them know here are three quick ways you can do that, both on your Android and iPhone device.

view someone else's WhatsApp status secretly

Turn Off WhatsApp Read Receipts to view WhatsApp status secretly

  1. When you see a person whose WhatsApp status you want to view posted new status go Setting->Account >Privacy - Turn Off - Read recipients ON.
  2. Now close your WhatsApp completely from app settings - Force Stop then come back to your WhatsApp.
  3. Now you can view the status of that person without knowing them you viewed it.
  4. To restore your settings do enable "Read recipients On" from privacy settings, FORCED stopped Whatsapp then reopen.
  5. Now if you see their already viewed status again then they will get notified. Don't do that and keep silent.

view someone else's WhatsApp status secretly-1

This method works on both iPhone and Android devices

View WhatsApp status secretly In Offline mode.

  1. Launch your browser and log on to WhatsApp Web in incognito mode.
  2. Click on the Status tab to see a list of your contacts that have shared status updates recently.
  3. Next, disconnect your computer from the internet, and click on the status of the particular contact you intend on viewing.
  4. When you are done viewing the WhatsApp status in incognito mode, you can close the browser windows, but if you chose to open WhatsApp web without incognito mode go ahead and clear your browser data.
  5. Finally, you can reconnect your computer back to the internet.

WhatsApp pre-downloads media from statuses even if you haven’t opened them but mind you this method might only work for viewing text status updates.  Since you are offline, Whatsapp won't be able to download complete media updates.

View someone else's WhatsApp status secretly from File Manager 

On newly developed Android devices WhatsApp automatically downloads status images and videos for much quicker access. The media files are usually saved in a hidden folder in your phone, and this simple feature gives you the opportunity to view status updates from your contacts and they will not know you viewed their newly updated status.

  1. Launch the File Manager on your Android device.
  2. Afterward, navigate through the following folders Internal Storage > WhatsApp > Media.
  3. Finally, open the folder named Statuses. In this folder, you will find all status updates from your contacts, and you can view WhatsApp status secretly without them knowing you viewed it.

Note: If you can't find the folder, scroll to file manager settings and toggle "Show hidden files". On the other hand, if you own a device running Android 11OS you will find the downloaded WhatsApp status in Internal Storage > Android > Media > com.WhatsApp > WhatsApp > Media.

Wrapping Up on How to view WhatsApp status secretly

These are the three methods you can use to view to view someones else's WhatsApp status secretly without your contacts ever finding out. I hope these steps resolve your issue, feel free to leave your comments below.


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