How to find WORLD COIN ORB location in your city?

Updated on: September 26, 2023

Worldcoin is a relatively new digital token and has been trending since its inception. There are so many concepts and operations of this crypto that users have yet to comprehend. One of the big questions out there is how to find a World Coin Orb location in your city or near you, and this is what this article is all about.

World coin Orb centers keep on emerging and multiplying by the day, and there might be a location near you that was not there yesterday. So, how do you get such a center? For example, US Orb centers are adding up and users can get verified in this location. Before we look at how to get this location, it would be good to give you some basics about Worldcoin.

What is Worldcoin?

A world coin is an open-source system that is trying to let everybody have a share of the global economy through World ID, Worldcoin Token, and World App. The aim of the world coin is to distribute the digital coin to every person in the world equally.

According to Worldcoin, a non-profit organization developing the digital token, the system will be decentralized and the world community will be in charge of its supervision. The Worldcoin is made possible by:

  • World App: This is a custodial app that facilitates purchases, payment, and transfer of the Wordcoin Token, and other digital and traditional currencies.
  • World ID: According to Wordcoin, the ID is a privacy-sensitive digital identity that provides every Worldcoin community user with personhood. The organization claims that this unique identity will resolve many issues surrounding the identity-based problem facing many institutions in the world.
  • Worldcoin Token: This is a freely distributed digital token to all registered persons for being a unique individuals. The organization says that the token will be distributed globally for future and utility governance.

The World ID claims that it will bring in the human face online where AI has taken over, and might be ‘online humans’ that don't exist. Basically, that's how Worldcoin works.

What is Worldcoin Orb and how does it work?

An Orb is a unique biometric verification device that uses imaging technology to verify that you are a real person and that you haven't previously signed up for a World ID. Worldcoin says that it is necessary to verify identity while preserving personal data and giving everyone a unique personhood.

An Orb works in a unique way and checks that an individual is real and has never received a World ID. It captures the individual's iris pattern which is unique and no individual shares the same pattern with another globally. This identity cannot be faked by any technology and can be used to recognize a person without even using their name or other identification forms.

How do I find WORLD COIN ORB location in my city?

The Orbs are strategically located and more mushrooming. There are two ways to find World Coin Orb locations in your city or near me. They include:

  1. Manually find Orb online
  2. Automatically find Orb using the World app.

Let us see the steps for each.

1] Manually find Orb online

How to find WORLD COIN ORB location in your city

You can manually find the World Coin Orb located near you by going to the official Worldcoin Find Orb page and verifying your World ID. All you need to select your country and you will see a list of World Orb Centers available in your country. After, you can see which location is near you. The list keeps updating so you need to keep checking.

2] Automatically find Orb using the World app

How to find WORLD COIN ORB location in your city

To automatically find the World Coin Orb in your city or near you, download the World app, finish the verification process and you will see the Find Orb close to me option, or follow the steps below:

  • Tap on the Settings option on your app and select Find an Orb.
  • Next, enable your device location to enable the feature on the app.
  • While on the Find an Orb page, you will see all Worldcoin Orb centers displayed on your screen automatically.
  • Select your preferred location and view other details.

Once you get the correct Orb center near you, you can see details like opening and closing, exact addresses, and even schedule appointments at select centers.

We hope you can now find World Coin Orb locations in your city or near you. The centers keep updating and always do a search before you head to a center.

Is Worldcoin legit and safe?

The Worldcoin organization, the World coin app developer, claims that the Worldcoin is legit, secure, and necessary. However, some individuals and administrations are skeptical about the data and privacy. Some countries like Kenya, the United States, etc., have held the Worldcoin registration or set some limitations for privacy and data uncertainty reasons.

Which country is Worldcoin available?

The World Coin is available in different countries like the UK, Singapore, Japan, the United States, Spain, Germany, Chile, France, Mexico, etc. However, some countries have raised concerns about data privacy and they are examining Worldcoin before it further launches in their regions. Worldcoin claims that World Coin will be available to all countries in the future and everyone is welcome to register in the world of crypto. Do let us know your feedback

How to find WORLD COIN ORB location in your city
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