18 Websites to Find Remote Jobs with USD Salary

Updated on: October 22, 2022

You can avail great career opportunities, competitive and attractive salary packages, and a fulfilling work-life balance through remote work. The ability to work from anywhere brings with it many advantages like cutting the commute time, working during your personal peak productive hours, and having more time for your family and hobbies. In this article, we will look at 18 websites you can use to find a good remote job in your area of interest and specialization.

Work from Home Trend in 2023-24

Earlier, remote work was considered only for freelancers and digital entrepreneurs. Before the coronavirus pandemic, only 6% of the employees opted for remote work as their primary choice. By the end of 2023, this number is expected to be a whopping 25%! This growth in the remote work trend is a clear marker for the changing work culture in our world. Even as the lockdown restrictions relaxed and ended in many places, people expressed that they preferred the flexibility and convenience of working from home. Some organizations can embrace the remote work culture easily, while others try to balance it out with a hybrid workplace setup. In any case, the idea that remote work can be a major choice in mainstream employment has taken stronghold. It is clear to most that remote work will remain a big part in the future of work.

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Remote Work Benefits For Employees & Employers

  1. Larger talent pool to choose from.
  2. Diversity in your team.
  3. Saving on physical space costs.
  4. You can have a 24-hour active team with team members from around the world.
  5. Working from places where the cost of living is cheaper.
  6. Rent or expenditure for physical office space is reduced or avoided.
  7. Commute times from home to work and back can be avoided.
  8. Focus is on productivity and quality output, not on face time or how many hours you sat in the office.
  9. Everyone can work during their peak capacity.
  10. Remote workers develop the ability to collaborate efficiently and asynchronously.
  11. Dependency on different infrastructures in different locations means no single point of failure.
  12. Remote teams can be more resilient and adapt more easily to the changing economic landscape.

The Top 18 Websites to Find Remote Jobs and Earn in Dollars

Here are the top 18 websites you should choose from while looking for remote work opportunities:

1. weworkremotely.com

we work remotely

  • "We Work Remotely" (WWR) allows companies with remote roles to list their jobs for a fee.
  • WWR has created a remote-only jobs board with great opportunities for job seekers.
  • Jobs can be full-time or contract.
  • Categories of work include Programming (Front-end, Back-end, Full-stack), Design, Devops and Sysadmin, Management and Finance, Product, Customer Support, Sales and Marketing, and Others for all remaining fields.
  • Job Seekers can use their Advanced Job Search feature to filter down to the jobs most suitable for you.
  • You can filter by Categories, Regions, Time Zones, Companies, and Job Types.
  • WWR also has a dynamic list of Top Trending Remote Jobs and Remote Job Search Terms, to let you get the pulse of what's in vogue and trending right now.
  • They also have a catalogue of Top 100 Remote Companies as well as a full listing of all companies that have posted jobs on WWR.
  • For companies and HR professionals, WWR offers job posting for $299. But if they are looking to grow faster and post more jobs, they can buy discounted bundles to save on costs.

2. justremote.co


  • "Just Remote" claims that only 30% of the remote jobs get posted due to high costs of advertising. They gather information directly from remote companies to surface the remaining 70% of remote work opportunities.
  • For this exclusive access to unlisted job postings, JustRemote charges job seekers a $6 fee for their first month to access their "Power Search" feature.
  • Power Search makes it easier for job seekers to narrow down the listings to their ideal job attributes.
  • Just Remote promotes jobs in categories like Business/Exec, Customer Service, Developer, Devops and Sysadmin, Design, Editing, Marketing, HR, Project Manager, Recruiter, Sales, SEO, Social Media and Writing.
  • They have partnered with Resume.io to help job seekers choose from ready-made professional resume templates.
  • Companies can list their jobs on JustRemote for $189 per listing for 30 days.
  • JustRemote also provides a complete list of all companies who have posted their remote jobs on their site.

3. crossover.com

crossover remote jobs

  • Crossover aims to match the top 1% of talent in the world with the best high-paying remote jobs.
  • To do the shortlisting and curation of the best talent, Crossover has designed a 5-step process:
  • 1) Job Applicant is given a 15-minute Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT) by Crossover. This measures their problem solving skills. Different roles require different minimum scores in this test. If your score is lower than desired, you can try again in 6 months.
  • 2) Remote roles require proficiency in the international language English to enable global collaboration. So Crossover measures your ability to understand and speak English after you pass the CCAT.
  • 3) A Real-world job assignment is then given to you as per the field of your interest. Your output work is evaluated objectively only on the basis of its quality. They do not know any of your personal attributes, allowing them to keep away any bias out of the evaluation process.
  • 4) Now comes the interview stage where the candidate and the hiring team can evaluate their mutual fit. This remains the main focus of the interview, as other objective requirements have already been evaluated.
  • 5) Once the candidate has passed all the stages, they get the job offer. Crossover actively recruits for multiple roles with the same description, so job placement is highly likely once you prove your talent. They claim that turnaround time from intial application to the final job offer can take as little as 3 days.
  • Crossover offers job roles across categories like Account Management, Channel Sales, Customer Success, Customer Support, Engineering Leadership, Engineering Management, Inside Sales, Product Design, Product Management, Professional Services, Quality Assurance, Sales Leadership, Services Leadership, Software Architecture, Software Engineering and Strategy.

4. turing.com

turing remote jobs

  • Turing focuses exclusively on offering remote software developer jobs for American companies.
  • They have designed their onboarding process to ensure they can assess and filter the best developers.
  • When you join Turing as a job applicant and pass their tests, you become part of their network of the best remote software developers. As a result, you are not just applying for one job, you are getting a foundation for a long-term career.
  • Turing has a three-test process: Seniority Assessment, Tech Stack Test, Live Coding Challenge. This enables them to measure and group you in the right skillsets, roles and career trajectory.
  • When your project is nearing completion, Turing will again begin on your behalf to find the best next roles and projects for you, so that you can spend most of your working time using your developer skills.
  • Job applicants can seek software developer roles in over 100 skills like React, Node, JavaScript, Python, Java, Ruby on Rails, Angular, Android, iOS, Laravel, ASP.NET, MySQL etc.
  • Having a big pool of talented developers lets Turing offer the best remote talent to US firms very quickly and cost-effectively.
  • While many jobs require English-speaking professionals, Turing also scouts for Spanish or Portuguese speaking talent for developer roles.

5. gun.io

gun.io remote jobs

  • Human-driven processes with personal attention given to matching top developers with the best jobs in technology companies is the USP of Gun.io.
  • Gun.io has senior developers on its team of Technical Talent Advocates.
  • When you sign up for their service, instead of AI or recruiters, a senior developer interacts with you. They assess your past work experience and pitch you the roles suitable for your career.
  • Gun.io charges the tech companies for helping them in finding and managing remote developer talent. Job applicants do not need to pay anything.
  • You can find full-time salaried roles as well as hourly paid freelancer/contractor roles, and you get to keep 100% of the rate you have chosen.
  • Throughout the process, you have the peace of mind that a real, caring and dedicated human is looking after the developer-tech company relationship and doing remote work management.
  • Developers get post-hire support like billing and payments from Gun.io, so that they can focus on their job.

6. remoteleaf.com


  • RemoteLeaf applies the strategy of casting your job search net far and wide to get the best offers for you.
  • RemoteLeaf searches through thousands of remote job listings in various categories across 60+ job boards.
  • And it emails you their best finds everyday, tailored as per your dream job role.
  • This saves you a lot of time in a normal job search process, and you get shortlisted job offers right inside your inbox.
  • For this excellent service that saves times and finds the best active job offers from a wide range of sources, RemoteLeaf charges you only $10/month.

7. remote.co

  • Remote.co hand curates remote job openings across multiple categories like Accounting, Customer Service, Data Entry, Design, Developer, Editing, Healthcare, HR, IT, Legal, Marketing, Project Manager, QA, Sales, Teaching, Virtual Assistant, Writing etc.
  • Other than providing best job offers, Remote.co is also a valuable resource for all stakeholders in the remote work economy.
  • It curates online courses suitable for the upskilling of job candidates.
  • It provides expert insights and advice for remote companies and remote workers.
  • Remote.co also offers exclusive remote job board listings for companies for $299 per posting.

8. dailyremote.com


  • Dailyremote offers a free daily newsletter dedicated to remote job openings and interviewing tips to over 40k+ people.
  • It lists remote job roles for Software Developers, Marketing, Data Entry, Sales, Finance & Accounting, Design, Product, Teaching, Virtual Assistant, HR & People, Legal, Support and Writing jobs.
  • You can find remote jobs targeted for worldwide/international or limited to regions like Europe, Asia, USA, or Canada.
  • Companies looking for remote talent can published job posting for $299.
  • DailyRemote also lists all Top Remote Companies with over 10k+ companies that have some remote role available.

9. pangian.com

pangian remote jobs

  • Pangian is a network of remote workers where they can find remote work opportunities.
  • The Pangian members share insights and advice to each other through the official discussion forum.
  • You can sign up and then search for remote jobs based on Keywords, Location and Categories.
  • Pangian has a blog and youtube channel with useful tips for both active and aspiring remote workers.
  • By gathering so many remote work and digital nomad enthusiasts, Pangian has become a valuable virtual estate for companies looking to post their remote job openings. It charges $249 per listing and also offers bulk bundle of $999 for 10 job listings per month.

10. flexjobs.com

flexjobs remote work

  • Flexjobs has been active in the remote work management space since 2007.
  • It has over 28k+ remote work listings in over 50+ categories. It includes Remote, Hybrid and Flexible jobs.
  • Flexjobs offers resume reviews and career coaching services for remote work aspirants.
  • It has also compiled in-depth expert resources and organized events and virtual job fairs for the benefit of its members.
  • Their expert team screens all remote job listings to showcase only the authentic companies and roles. This protects Flexjobs members from online scams and fake job ads.
  • Flexjobs also offers additional benefits through its partners by offering 10-50% discounts on educational and lifestyle services like WeWork, Audible, Sittercity, Turbotax, etc.
  • It has different subscription plans for job seekers, from 1 Week starter plan for $9.95 to money-saver annual plan for $59.95.

11. remotive.io

remotive jobs

  • Remotive has a convenient daily jobs postings newletter personalized for you.
  • It has an advanced search feature to filter and find remote job openings across various categories and regions.
  • Work categories on Remotive include Software Development, Customer Service, Design, Data, Sales, Finance, Legal, Devops/Sysadmin, Marketing, Product, Business, HR, QA, Writing and others.
  • Remotive has over 15k+ companies offering remote jobs.
  • There is also a private community that you can join to learn and network more on Remotive.
  • Remotive offers job listing to companies for $299.

12. remoteok.com


  • Remote OK boasts of having 2.1 million remote workers within its reach.
  • It offers job postings for a premium price of $599 for companies.
  • Its homepage has advanced searching, filtering and sorting features.
  • You can even filter by salary and added benefits/perks like Insurance, 401k matching, gym, profit sharing etc.
  • The top job categories on Remote OK appear to be developer and tech jobs.

13. workingnomads.co/jobs

working nomads remote jobs

  • The branding of "Working Nomads" is geared towards digital nomads who like to travel around the world. But it is suitable for any remote workers wishing to work from home or anywhere.
  • Remote work seekers can search for remote job openings using keywords.
  • Job openings are across categories like Development, Marketing, Management, System Administration, Design, Sales, Writing, Customer Success, Finance, Consulting, Human Resources, Education, Healthcare, Legal etc.
  • You can also sign up for Daily or Weekly job alerts that you will receive in your email inbox.
  • Job postings for companies on Working Nomads are affordable with $149 for a single job to $109 per job for 5 job bundle.

14. virtualvocations.com

virtual vocations

  • Virtual Vocations has research over 14k+ remote-friendly companies.
  • It lists remote jobs across categories like Account Management, Accounting, Admin, Business Ops, Case Management, Consulting, Creative, Customer Service, Data Entry, Editing, Education, Engineering, Financial etc.
  • Virtual Vocations lists over 17k+ jobs from companies in the US.
  • You can look for roles that are permanent, temporary or as independent contractors.
  • Job seekers can also sign up for email job alerts from Virtual Vocations.
  • Free users get limited access to the job listings, while paid subscribers get full access.
  • Premium membership includes other benefits like telecommuting handbook, interview guides, exclusive online courses and job plans.
  • Companies are given free job postings on Virtual Vocations with just one-time vetting fee of $39.99.

15. jobspresso.co

jobspresso remote work

  • Jobspresso boasts of having reach to over 100k+ remote workers.
  • It has over 1k active remote job openings.
  • Jobspresso covers job categories like Developer, Marketing, Customer Service, Designer & UX, DevOps, Sales, Product Management, Writing & Editing, etc.
  • Job seekers can post their resume for free on Jobspresso and also make a Jobspresso profile to be discovered by potential employers.
  • It also sends job email alerts at your preferred frequency of daily, weekly or biweekly.
  • You can find full time, part time, freelance and internship opportunities.

16. skipthedrive.com


  • Skip the Drive offers a simple search and browse listings of remote jobs.
  • Work categories included are Account Management, Accounting, Analyst, Bilingual, Business Development, Consulting, Customer Service, Editor, Entry Level, Finance, Healthcare, Human Resources, Information Technology, Marketing, .NET, PHP, Project Management, Software Development, etc.
  • Companies can post their remote job openings for $99 on Skip The Drive.
  • Skip the Drive also offers email job alerts as per job seekers' preferences.

17. hired.com

hired remote jobs

  • Hired has job roles across categories like Software Engineering, Management, DevOps, Design, Product Management, Data Analytics, QA, and Sales.
  • It is not exclusively for remote work roles, however you can filter out for remote work friendly, flexible, and fully remote openings.
  • Hired reverses the job search process, by letting job seekers express their skills, passions and dreams first. Then their profiles get promoted to companies, who reach out to you up front with job descriptions and salary.
  • Candidates can then compare these interview requests from companies, and say yes to the ones that meet their requirements.
  • For Employers, Hired offers various pricing plans. The Basic plan is $995/month + 10% of first-year base salary of the hired candidates. There are higher custom plans with annual payments and unlimited hires without any fees.

18. producthunt.com/jobs

producthunt remote jobs

  • To find remote-only jobs on Product Hunt, toggle ON the "Remote jobs only" filter.
  • You can further filter jobs based on categories like Engineering, Design, Marketing, Sales, Customer Support or Product.
  • It also has a location filter to put the city or country of your choice. For remote jobs, this will matter lesser.
  • Product Hunt is great for discovering new startups and products. You can find remote work roles in small and fast growing teams.


The trend of work from anywhere is only set to grow more as VR and metaverse develop. Remote workers offer the best value for money for employers, who are able to select from a wider talent pool and look for the best candidates for any given role. For the employees, remote work offers the flexibility and freedom of working from home or while travelling anywhere. Whether they are looking for contract based opportunities or internships, part time or full time salaried work, they can use the 18 remote job search websites we have curated in this article. Many websites also provide career coaching and personal guidance, and aim to match the top talent with the top jobs. Are you looking for remote work opportunities? Which of these remote job boards and job alerts services do you like the best?

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