How to Become Leader in AI & Data Solutions with IBM Digital Developer Conference

Updated on: November 21, 2020

In a world where the Internet of things (IoT) has taken everything digital, the IT industry is expanding. There is so much happening around the globe, that it is almost impossible to keep track of everything.

However, if you are a Digital Developer, it is important for you to keep up-to-date with the latest happenings. Otherwise, there's a huge risk that you might miss the new possibilities that the Internet is creating at an extraordinary rate.

Considering the huge potential and the need for skill development in the field of smart data and AI solutions on hybrid cloud, IBM has come up with an advanced interactive Digital Developer Conference. This conference is being held on November 24, 2020 at 10 am according to the Indian Standard Time.

If you are a Digital Developer with a curiosity and thirst to learn new things, this is a great opportunity for you. IBM offers you a chance to learn how to build secure and smart data and AI solutions on hybrid cloud.

Also, all the speakers at the conference are elite in their respective fields and have amazing insights to offer. With this conference, you will be able to expand your knowledge and expertise on IBM and open source technologies to develop AI-centric platforms. The speakers and professionals will help you understand the essentials that you require to make AI a profitable investment.

While this conference is going to be filled with highly useful insights, the conference is well planned to help you gain a new outlook. The conference is divided into four different dedicated tracks and an additional live watch party. Let's walk through these four dedicated tracks.

●    AI in Production

In this part, the speakers will share the challenges they have faced while developing their business and how they overcome these challenges through tooling and architectural solutions. This session will include topics related to cloud-based AI development environments, latest IBM research, and developing personalized messaging at mass with AI.

●    5 Hands-on-Labs

5 Hands-on-Labs will focus more on the next level ML, AI and data science. This session will cover all the common design formats and patterns that developers use today to overcome the challenges of tomorrow. Other topics of the session include bias detection and mitigation, AI fairness, building AutoAI pipeline for cyber threat detection and deep reinforcement learning in finance.

●    Data and AI Essentials Course

As the name suggests, this session is a condensed feature-rich version of IBM's popular end-to-end AI training course. It teaches all the steps required to climb the AI Ladder. The session will teach you about organizing, collecting and cleansing data while infusing and building AI models.

●    Data Competitions and Open Source

You can learn from the best data scientists, how to win data competitions, channel accuracy, and remain up-to-date with the future advancements of open source, and ML and AI platforms.

●    Watch Party Livestream

IBM Developer Advocates Spencer Krum, Matt Hamilton, JJ Ashgar will also host an interactive watch party during the conference. In this watch party, session speakers, experts and developers will come by to answer your queries, share their experiences and do live coding.

Call for Code Spot Challenge on Wildfires

In this conference, you can also be a part of a team of data scientists and a team of coders to develop and design models that will help to estimate potential wildfires that can happen in Australia. Australia has recently seen some of the worst wildfires in its history, and the government is on the red alert for next year's wildfire season.

Australian Wildfires

In this challenge, the coders will design models that can use the past data available on wildfires to create accurate predictability software for future occurrences. IBM will also share its data that they have collected at Weather Operations Center Geospatial Analytics Center since 2005 to contribute to this project. In order to keep the competition interesting, there are multiple prizes for the winner of the competition.

Keynote Speakers

Several leading developers and experts in machine learning, artificial intelligence and data science are coming together to share their hard-earned experience and skills with the audience. Some of these speakers are:

Aaron Baughman

Distinguished Engineer

Bill Higgins

Distinguished Engineer

Dale Davis

VP and IBM Distinguished Engineer

David Bartram-shaw

Director of Data Science & Engineering, Wunderman-Thompson

David Carew

Software Developer

Don Scott

CTO - Mayflower Autonomous Ship & MarineAI

Francesca Rossi

IBM Fellow and AI Ethics Global Leader

Fernando Perez

Associate Professor, Statistics, UC Berkeley, co-founded Project Jupyter, NumFOCUS, BIDS, and

Greg Bramble

Research Software Engineer

Digital Badges

Digital Badges have gained popularity recently. It is an online recognized form of achievement that you can use to showcase your knowledge, hard work and success. In this conference, you can earn a Digital Badge by registering for it. Also, to make the deal sweeter, IBM is offering you a chance to be a part of the Digital Developer Conference for free.

What will be your key takeaway?

The IBM Digital Developer Conference focuses on forming and enlightening the community of architects, data engineers, data scientists, machine learning practitioners and developers in any organization. It is an amazing free opportunity for any AI enthusiast to learn from the experts and understand the challenges you might face while working in the fields of AI, data science and machine learning.

This conference can help you to learn about machine learning and data science from established and trusted industry experts. You can see live examples of other businesses that became successful by infusing AI into their business. This conference can help you to learn about the latest IBM research and the open-source community and get educated about deep learning neural networks and industry standards. You can learn best practices to participate in an open-source collaboration or data competition.

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