How to Earn Money by Learning about Crypto?

Updated on: November 4, 2022

To promote crytocurrencies and crypto trading, many crypto exchanges and trading platforms have started learn and earn programs. They create mini-courses on interesting crypto projects or concepts. Usually, the course is sponsored by that crypto project itself, in partnership with the crypto exchange. Besides crypto exchanges, other related sites in the crypto, DeFi, and blockchain space also host similar learn-to-earn programs. Sometimes, the rewards are given in dollars and sometimes in the form of native crypto tokens.

You simply need to take the mini-course, test your knowledge by passing a quiz, and then you earn some rewards for successfully taking this crypto learning activity. The typical rewards from these learning challenges are modest, i.e. between $1-20, but you get them for completely free. And you get to learn about some innovative blockchain or Web3 project, which is rewarding in itself. In this article, we will look at some of the most popular crypto learn and earn programs.

How Do Crypto Learn & Earn Programs Work?

This is how most crypto learn and earn programs typically work:

  • You must sign up for a free account on the platform.
  • Make sure to read up the rules or terms & conditions to clarify if your country is included. If it is not, completing the learning activities will not yield any monetary rewards for you.
  • Also clarify from their rules whether you will receive your learning rewards in fiat currency like US Dollars, or in cryptocurrency tokens.
  • Once you've done the background check and are aware of what to expect, proceed to browse the available learn-to-earn offers.
  • Select any available and active learn-to-earn course.
  • It will have multiple steps, each with a video and text explanation. Pay attention and try to understand as much as possible. If something isn't clear to you, rewatch or re-read that lesson.
  • There can be one or multiple quizzes or challenge steps in a crypto learn-to-earn course. Here, your learning and comprehension is tested. This step is crucial to verify that learners have put in attention, time, and efforts.
  • Depending on the rules of the program, when you get a passing or perfect score on these quizzes/tests, you win monetary rewards in USD or crypto tokens.
  • Note that there can be some courses or offers from the past that are still visible on these platforms. You can use them to boost your knowledge and learn something interesting about a crypto project, but they will not yield any cash rewards.

Top 8 Popular Crypto Learn-to-Earn Programs

The following crypto learn and earn programs are genuine and run by reputed platforms. The active duration for their various crypto courses can be limited. This results in different offers being active depending on when you are checking these websites. You will find many past courses on these sites that are still available for learning, but their rewards period is over. You can sign up for their newsletters to get updates from these platforms whenever a new learn-to-earn course is launched.

1. Coinbase Learning Rewards (formerly Coinbase Earn)

Coinbase is a popular and reputed crypto trading platform. You can safely maintain a portfolio of crypto investments here. You can use Coinbase to buy, sell and transfer money in the form of crypto tokens and stablecoins. Coinbase Earn was the previous name given to their crypto learn and earn program. However, now they have rebranded this to Coinbase Learning Rewards. This has been the cause of some confusion among netizens, as "Coinbase Earn" is the title they've given to their staking and defi yield programs.

In the Coinbase Learning Rewards program, there are educational tutorials about different cryptocurrencies. Currently, the active tutorials on Coinbase are for these cryptocurrencies:

  1. The Graph (GRT)
  2. Chain (XCN)
  3. NEAR Protocol
  4. AMP
  5. 00 Token

When you watch the tutorial for a given cryptocurrency, and succeed in the respective quizzes, Coinbase rewards you with $3-4 worth of that crypto token. These learning rewards are deposited to the respective crypto wallet in your Coinbase account. You are required to have verified your ID on Coinbase before you can earn rewards from these programs.

2. Phemex Learn & Earn

Phemex is another cryptotrading platform with a popular crypto learn-to-earn program. Previously, they had sponsored courses from different crypto projects, and in the future you can expect to see more such courses. Currently they have three mini-courses that teach about general topics and crypto trading on their own platform.

  1. Fiat Currency vs Cryptocurrency
  2. How to Buy or Transfer Crypto on Phemex?
  3. How to Spot Trade on Phemex?

They have a limit of 1000 winners per day on any given course. And users need to have completed their KYC on the Phemex platform to be eligible for learning rewards. Phemex rewards users for succeeding in these mini-courses by giving them trading bonuses instead of directly transferring fiat or crypto to their wallets.

3. Binance Academy Learn & Earn

Binance is the world's largest cryptoexchange. They have an educational portal called Binance Academy. It has a rich repository of valuable knowledge about the theory and technology behind crypto, as well as various popular crypto projects. As part of their Academy, Binance has been running a learn-to-earn program. Users get to understand about blockchain and crypto, and for completing quizzes successfully they earn free crypto.

In the past, they have run courses on many popular cryptocurrencies, such as:

  1. Tezos (XTZ)
  2. BitTorrent (BTTC)
  3. PAX Gold (PAXG)
  4. THORChain (RUNE)
  5. Lido (LDO)
  6. Qtum (QTUM)
  7. Ankr (ANKR)
  8. Harmony (ONE)
  9. Threshold Network (T)
  10. WOO Network (WOO)
  11. ... and many more!

At the time of this writing, there is only one active learn & earn course on the Binance platform. It is about Dogecoin and users have a chance to earn a staking reward in the form of dogecoins. Their reward amount will automatically be staked for 150 days. Since Binance is a popular platform, you will find more new ongoing courses here in the future.

4. CoinMarketCap Earn

crypto learn-to-earn 4 coinmarketcap earn

CoinMarketCap is the most popular website that people use to stay updated with latest prices of cryptocurrencies. You can see the trends of price movements for all popular cryptos, and other related statistics like ranking, market cap, trading volumes, lifetime highs and lows, etc. Users can keep a tally of their crypto portfolio by manually entering the different tokens they have purchased. There are many tools and datasets on CoinMarketCap, and a vibrant community, to keep crypto enthusiasts updated with happenings in the crypto and blockchain space.

As part of their promotional campaigns, CoinMarketCap has been running a Learn & Earn campaign. Their Earn courses from the past include cryptocurrencies like:

  1. BNB Chain
  2. Tron (TRX)
  3. Solar (SXP)
  4. Oasis Network (ROSE)
  5. NEAR Protocol
  6. Only1 (LIKE)
  7. Perpetual Protocol (PERP)
  8. Mars Ecosystem (XMS)
  9. Aurox (URUS)
  10. Sandbox (SAND)
  11. ... and many more!

You need a Binance account, and CoinMarketCap uses your Binance ID to deposit your crypto rewards. Whatever active course you successfully complete on CoinMarketCap, you earn rewards in that crypto token. Currently, none of their Learn-to-earn course campaigns are active for earning rewards. However you can still use them to learn about various crypto tokens and projects. And make sure to subscribe to their newsletter so you get notified when they again have an active Learn & Earn course.

crypto learn and earn

5. BitDegree LearnDrops

BitDegree has a Learnoverse portal which is an Open Crypto Learning Metaverse. They state that they have over 1 million users and 1000+ courses about various topics related to crypto, blockchain, data science, web development, etc. Many related courses around a topic are consolidated into learning paths, to make it convenient for learners to pursue a specialization.

For promoting their learning platform as well as other crypto & NFT projects, they have a LearnDrops campaign. It is a crypto learn & earn program similar to others we've seen. Currently, they have 4 active courses with the following titles:

  1. The Mysterium Network (decentralized VPN service)
  2. The Engines of Fury (play-to-earn blockchain game)
  3. The Crust Network (web3 file sharing service)
  4. The Web3 Identity by Unstoppable Domains (NFT domain)

6. CakeDeFi Learn & Earn

CakeDeFi is a decentralized finance platform where you can invest your crypto holdings and earn more money on it. They have various DeFi programs like Lending, Staking, Yield Farming etc. that help you earn interest on your crypto. CakeDeFi Freezer is another peculiar program where you first lend or stake some amount of crypto. Then you freeze or lock up your shares of this crypto for a prespecified amount of time from 1 month to 10 years. With this investment and commitment, you can earn long-term returns or daily cashflow.

To promote their DeFi platform, CakeDeFi has a Learn and Earn program for attracting new users. Anyone who is new to the platform, i.e. who have not completed their KYC on CakeDeFi before 27 Sept, 2022, is eligible for this program. Currently, they have 3 active courses in their Learn-to-Earn campaign:

  1. DeFiChain (DFI)
  2. Bitcoin (BTC-DFI)
  3. Ethereum (ETH-DFI)

7. Earnathon Learn & Earn

Earnathon is designed exclusively as a crypto learn-to-earn platform, unlike other platforms in this list. They have a native token called ENA, which is as yet an unlisted crypto since its token sale is pending. Earnathon's vision is to incentivize the interest in crypto and blockchain space by rewarding people for their learning activities. They dream of bringing 1 billion people into crypto by 2050, and each of them holding at least $10 worth of crypto. Earnathon can be a great partner for new crypto, DeFi, NFT, blockchain and web3 projects to promote themselves and acquire new users. Earnathon rewards its successful learners with ENA tokens.

Earnathon's courses whose money rewards period has ended now were:

  1. Evolution of Money
  2. Understanding Memecoins
  3. Xend Finance
  4. Puppy Planet
  5. Understanding the X.Plus Ecosystem
  6. Introduction to NFTs

You can still learn from these courses. As for the currently active courses on Earnathon where you can earn rewards in the form of ENA tokens are:

  1. Introduction to GameFi
  2. Cryptocurrency Wallets

8. CoinGecko Learn & Earn

CoinGecko is an alternative platform to CoinMarketCap for viewing the stats about various Cryptocurrencies, and discovering new crypto projects. CoinGecko's Learn & Earn program is conceptualized to teach users about the hottest things in the cryptoverse, including NFTs, DeFi, Blockchain, GameFi and Metaverse platforms. Rewards are given in the native crypto tokens of their respective partners. Their learn-to-earn program is temporarily paused. You should stay subscribed to CoinGecko's newsletter so they will inform you whenever their Learn & Earn campaigns go live again!

These are the current courses listed on CoinGecko Learn & Earn which you can use for upgrading your crypto knowledge:

  1. What is KyberSwap
  2. Best Crypto Security Practices


Cryptocurrency Learn & Earn programs are generally booming and active during crypto bull-runs. They tend to dry up and go inactive during the bear market. However, real innovative Crypto and Web3 projects emerge in tough times, while the ones based in hypes and memes die out. Such is the nature of the survival of the fittest in the game of evolution in the cryptoverse.

Most Crypto Learn-to-Earn programs are usually not as lucrative as the play-to-earn GameFi platforms. So they do not receive much attention in the social media chatter. However, there can be tens or even hundreds of such courses with learning rewards on various platforms. You can easily earn from all of them by completing some simple quizzes. So, the Crypto Learn & Earn programs hold an opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to earn some free crypto while getting to learn about interesting and innovative projects and concepts!

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