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Updated on: January 12, 2019

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Social networking sites like Facebook,Twitter,Google+ etc. helping us to connect the people from rest of the world. Web 2.0 capturing the world very rapidly. Now a days communication is very powerful media which leads to lots of information sharing and information gathering.We take a help of social networking sites to find some cool stuff and find some common interest people around the world, but fake accounts or wrong information break down your search term "Common Interest". Social networking never give you any  surety  of  content shared by the people.So question is how to find some 'Common Interest' people ? Is their is any way to achieve it ?

ConnectMYDNA GeneRing Service

ConnectMyDNA™ is perfect answer to our questions.ConnectMyDNA display some of your genetic characteristics information & show you how relatable you are to your friends and even people around the world without any social networking.This process nullify the fake  authority and give provision to provide  legitimate  information w.r.t  your DNA.Their unique services provide you with your very own DNA signature compacted into a personalised Gene Ring. This scientifically designed tool will allow you to visually compare your DNA profile with individuals near and far. We can say  "Ancestry is about the past, ConnectMyDNA is about your connections, today".

Gene Ring Connect MyDNA

Gene Ring

Gene Ring is revolutionary cutting edge technology  in DNA that merges modern art with emerging science. Gene ring is nothing but eye-catching symbolic representation of your unique genetic makeup.It has ability to compare your DNA with your friends,family & social group from rest of the world .This is actual genetic analysis process which emphasises to collect DNA data of different people and use it to find matching  pairs.Gene ring collect your data and represent it in form of 13-different rings which carries your genetic data.Gen ring calculate your data in form of numbers,each of the 13 rings are green markers which identify the 2 allele values you inherit from your parents (1 from father 1 from mother).The color and position of each marker on a ring represents the numeric values of your DNA profile.


Benefits of Gene Ring:

1. Quick and easily way to  compare your genetic similarities of your  friends and family.

2. Its having massive world-wide database of DNA profiles.

3. Database is organised by geographic regions.

4. Ability to see your report using customisable online portal.


ConnectMyDNA Country InterestWhy you should use ConnectMyDNA:

I personally like this concept because of filtration of  interest using ConnectMyDNA,where social networking lags  🙁 . Many of you face a situation while chatting online, we failed to extend our conversation because of strangers & our interest. We failed to build a strong conversation as we need different outcome from others.Only 10-15% people build successful communication using online activity.But this service really change the way of communication & online event participation ! If you are finding some person having interest in "Stone Art" then its not an easy task to find it using social networks.Where ConnectMyDNA make it simple !

ConnectMyDNA order Process

You can see how DNA test is done from above info-graphic

1. Place your order

2. You will receive your testing kit

3. perform you test  & send it back to testing lab

4. Report is generated & online profile is created.

5. You are ready to discover your interest !

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Trust of ConnectMyDNA report generation:

1. DNA checking done from world’s leading DNA testing labs.

2. Your information is confidential: To test your DNA you don't need to provide your personal info. like your name,age etc. All of your order is process through serial number & Gene ring info is't  share anywhere !

3. ConnectMyDNA is not an Ancestry test, rather its a test to bring common interest people into one place.

4. ConnectMyDNA allow you  to discover something new about yourself, like will find that some country people have similar kind of interest like you !


ConnectMyDNA service enable to re-imagine your online as well as offline social presence.It's worth trying service.You must try this service using discount code: IZEA290512 this discount code gives you a reduced price down to $29.00.

Really ConnectMyDNA  help us to discover more about yourself  from the inside out.You might be inclined to explore the population groups in terms of areas you find interesting.We are happy to know your feedback about this service.Your questions and queries are appreciable.

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