How to see deleted Instagram accounts using special tools?

Updated on: May 9, 2024

If you want to know how to see deleted Instagram accounts using special tools, this guide is for you. Sometimes, you might want to see data or a conversation that you had on Instagram before you deleted the account.

There is no straightforward way to see your deleted Instagram account, especially if it has been 30 days since you removed it. In this article, I will look at several tools you can use to see your account, and how you can reactivate it using your Instagram app.

How can I see someone else's deleted Instagram photos?

If a user deletes their photos on Instagram, they are completely off the app or website, and no one can see them. However, the owner can retrieve them before Instagram removes them completely from the app data.

So to see someone else’s deleted Instagram photos, you need to have their username and password, and then restore their recently deleted photos. It's impossible to restore photos that were deleted more than 30 days ago.

Another way to see someone else’s photo is by checking their other social media platforms like Facebook or X (Twitter), assuming they shared some of those photos on such platforms.

There are also third-party platforms that claim to get deleted photos from social media apps like Instagram. However, you need to be careful, as none of these have a 100% satisfaction rate. They also pose a security risk and cause data breaches.

It is also good to respect other people’s decisions. If they decide to delete their images from their social media, respect that and don't go against their privacy privileges.

How to see deleted Instagram accounts using special tools

Seeing a deleted Instagram account is not a straightforward process, especially if you don't have login credentials or the account was deleted more than 30 days ago. However, you can see deleted Instagram accounts using special tools and methods, like:

  2. Bing/Google Cache
  3. Instagram backup

Let us see these methods in detail:

1. is a good start to locate deleted IG accounts. It has a tool called Wayback Machine that traces URLs or words related to the site's home page. The tool is free and you can be lucky to see the account is archived on the platform.

See deleted instagram accounts

To see the deleted Instagram using, go to its official page and type or copy-paste the URL in the search box. Finally, you need to click the search icon.

If you get lucky, the deleted account might be available for you to see. If it is available, you can filter the results with different dates, changes, collections, and many more.

Remember, for you to get the correct account, you need to have the deleted account username details or the URL. If you don't have them, you will need to go through 10,000+ pages of archived accounts.

2. Bing Cache/Google Cache

This method will work if you haven't cleared the cache for Instagram for the period you want to see a deleted account.

To see deleted Instagram accounts using bing Cache, you need to insert the word cache before the URL in the address bar of your browser. After that, load the URL, and you will see all the cached Instagram URLs.

See deleted instagram account susing Google Cache

An example:

Go through the list, and you might see recently deleted Instagram accounts. Click the links, login, or view the account images as a quest.

3. Instagram backup

Instagram allows you to back up your account information, including chats, liked videos, posts, and much more. If the deleted account was backed up either online or on your device, you can access everything as of the time of the backup.

The process of backing up your Instagram account is easy. Go to the Instagram app on your device and click on the profile picture to access your profile.

Next, tap on the menu (three horizontal lines) on the top right, and then select Your activity. Finally, tap on Download your information, which will be saved as a .zip folder on your device.

Now, you need to access your backed-up Instagram account. Open the .zip folder, scroll down, and locate the index.html file.

Next, double-click on the file to access the deleted account. It will open a tab on your browser, where you can see everything the account had when backing it up.


I hope you can now see deleted Instagram accounts using special tools and methods in this article. Remember, you cannot access a permanently deleted account, but you can reach out to the Instagram Help Center and see if they can get it for you. Give it a try.

How to see deleted Instagram accounts using special tools?
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