How to See Who Viewed Your Highlights Using Instagram Highlight Viewer?[2023]

Updated on: June 1, 2023

Instagram is powerful in its own sense. It allows a “nobody” to rise and gain visibility online. If you are an Instagram influencer, you would want to know who views your content. Instagram allows you to post images, reels, videos, stories, highlights, etc. In this article, we will discuss the procedure to find who viewed your highlights using the Instagram Highlights Viewer.

How to see who viewed your highlights using Instagram highlight viewer

What are Instagram Highlights and why are they important?

When you create a story on Instagram, it stays up for 24 hours and is explicitly visible to your followers. Even more, your regular followers or viewers might get notifications whenever you post a story. In case the story is important, and you wish to keep it up for more than 24 hours, then you can convert it to a Highlight. As the name suggests, a Highlight is an important story.

An Instagram Highlight can be deleted only when the creator deleted it. Not automatically. So basically, it sticks in the stories section but forever. Also, it is prioritized over other stories you post.

How to see who viewed your Instagram Highlights?

Once the Highlight has been posted, you can check who views it. This is similar to checking the viewers of your WhatsApp status. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Open your Instagram Highlight.
  2. Click on Activity.

3. The number of viewers and the list of viewers will be visible.

The number of viewers and the list of viewers will be visible

How to remove Instagram Highlights?

Every dawn has to end at dusk. Similarly, every Instagram Highlight has to be removed one day. The procedure to remove an Instagram Highlight is as follows:

  1. Open the Instagram Highlight.
  2. Click on More.

Click on More at the bottom-right corner

3. Click on Remove from highlight.

Click on Remove from highlight

4. Click on Remove photo.

Select Remove photo


When can I check the view count and viewers on my highlights?

You can check the view count and viewers on your highlights for 48 hours. After that, both these figures disappear. However, most viewers will check the highlight within the first 48 hours. After that, the pace slows down unless the highlight is promoted. Even more, the purpose of highlights (unlike stories) is to keep a message afloat, unlike the case with stories.

Can I check who viewed my Instagram Highlight after deleting the Highlight?

No, you cannot check the details after deleting the highlight. If this figure is important to you, then you can consider taking a screenshot while the highlight is live. Other than this, you can also download the data to get the view count and number of viewers to save for the future.

can you see who views your Instagram highlights multiple times?

Who would click on your Instagram highlight multiple times? Perhaps an admirer or stalker. Unfortunately, you cannot check the number of times a person views your highlight. The best you can know is the list of people who have clicked on your highlight at least once. But here's some advice - if you post multiple highlights and stories, you can check who views them regularly to get an idea of admirers and stalkers.

Would an influencer know if I viewed his/her highlight without following him/her?

Yes, an influencer would know if you viewed his/her highlight even if you don't follow the account. Your profile would appear on the viewer list even if you block the account owner. The only correct way to hide your mark is to refrain from clicking on the highlight in the first place.

How to see who viewed your highlights using Instagram highlight viewer
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