Why WhatsApp not showing DP – Profile Picture of few Contacts

No doubt WhatsApp is one of the amazing mobile messengers till date, its huge user base, easy & diversified functionality making it stand out from the crowd. Now we can say WhatsApp is a close friend of everyone’s life. We all agree that WhatsApp making everyone’s life more attractive & enjoyable. But in this interaction, we have to maintain our privacy too which is another serious factor in an online world. WhatsApp already has few privacy control tools like blocking unwanted stuff etc. but it still lagging in few issue.

[Update 2016]: We did research & found its occurring due to the limitation on WhatsApp data storage processing. Please do watch following video to fix this issue.

[Update] : After lots of suggestions this hidden update was rollbacked by WhatsApp and now they introduced this privacy control feature in Application itself to control who will see your ‘Last seen, Status and Profile Pic’ If you still face profile pic Issue we suggest to download latest version of whatsapp for Android and Whatsapp for iOS  many people resolved it by updating to latest version !


Recently I was doing interaction in one of my WhatsApp group where we share some funny stuff, after browsing few data I navigated to the main screen of WhatsApp and I was amazed! most of my contacts DP disappear. I thought there is an issue with my mobile application, So I re-install it but still, I faced the same problem. I google a lot but didn’t get proper solution. I totally soaked-up as I was not getting why it has happened. I asked my fellow mates about this issue but nobody was facing such stuff. Then I correlated that it happened because I rooted my Andorid 😀

After few tweaking I realize that it was my myth and reality is WhatsApp roll-out security patch to enhance the privacy of contact DP and its result is here… Ahh.. finally I got something genuine !!!

WhatsApp Contact pic not visible

WhatsApp has increased security for DP/ProfilePics

Now you can’t see others DP/ProfilePic till that person also add/save your number/name. It may be seen in list because of system cache, but once you try to open it , it will disappear. So now if u don’t want someone to see your DP/profile pic in WhatsApp, then just delete that name/number from the contact list. That person can’t see your DP than after. This is applicable is in Groups also. Its good news for women who always have the major concern about their privacy than men. 🙂

Their is no official announcement about this fix but I personally checked it and its working as expected.

Spy Whatsapp of Friends

Will this update create misunderstanding in people?

Yes absolutely, I know after reading this your mindset defiantly going to think differently, now you can know if that person have your contact saved or not. This might create wrong indication between people. Which is totally in favor of human physiology. But I suggest don’t judge someone from such crap stuff. Your trust is more important in this. I have few close friends who don’t have my numbers save in their mobile but it doesn’t mean they have some different intention.

Keep away your virtual world from your actual world, as we know WhatsApp is game of Psychology.

Its better to ask your Friends to add you into their contact list if they are comfortable.

This security patch seems to be legitimate & I suggest you to reproduce following step to update your contact list on WhatsApp database.

REFRESH your WhatsApp contact list.

1. In WhatsApp Main screen click on TopMostRight side ‘+’ button which is near to search button.

refresh waharsApp contact list

2. Then you will see the list of contacts, simply hit OPTION key and click REFRESH option.That’s it everything is up-to-date from your end.

refresh waharsApp contact list

Now-onward only your contacts can see your DP. Many people welcome & denied this feature as its having two sides of coins. I think WhatsApp need to take the review of people before persisting it permanently.

110 thoughts on “Why WhatsApp not showing DP – Profile Picture of few Contacts

  1. venomousmacharm

    I am facing the same “no profile pic” problem and i deleted and reinstalled the application then too the issue is not resolved. The new security clause suxx big time. I do want to check the dps of my contacts irrespective of me being added in their contact list or not. And i am sure others also want it to be this way.

  2. wow very nice information ,it’s more help to me.please keep posting like this.

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  3. Awesome!! It’s just what I need!! Thanks!…………..

  4. Thank you! it worked

  5. FIXED: found the solution myself (for android)…nothing to do with the privacy policy glitch bullshit

    basically the ONLY PEOPLE who experienced this problem have all their contacts stored on their sim card and not on the phone’s internal memory. you just have to export them (or some) to the phones memory and then open up whatsapp and you would see everyones picture. after that you can go back & delete all the contacts on your phones memory and you sim card phone numbers would still be their as normal

    1. go to your phone contacts & select settings.
    2. select import/export.
    3. select import from sim card and then select the blue device icon.
    4. find the contact who’s pic you cant see & select done…the contact will copy, meaning you would have 2 of the same contacts in your list,
    one with sim card icon & another one with the blue device/phone icon.
    5. open whatsapp & you’ll see that the contact who didnt have a pic would now have their original pic up showning once again.
    6. if you want, go back into your contact list & delete the contact with the blue device/phone icon, leaving you with the sim card icon alone as originally. so you
    would have one of the contacts number in you phone instead of two.

    i rather have my contacts stored on my sim card rather than my phones internal memory, even though you can have both at the same time

    • Hi Killa thanks for this Update, it will defiantly help our readers.
      We can also enable these contacts from WhatsApp->Contacts->Tick(ShowAllContacts)

      But if your number is not at all in phone number then you never get DP of someone for sure 🙂

      • hello

        i heard about this. but i can see dp of some people just by saving their number in my mobile. . . .even though they dint save my number.

        • Seem to be good news for our readers. We just need more confirmation from few people.I tried it on my mobile but still facing this issue.
          I hope WhatsApp will do official announcement of same.

          I already raised this concern to their support team and after few research I guess Whatsapp roll-out this functionality as its an added feature in their competitor “TeleGram”

          I think WhatsApp don’t need to focus on these macro stuff, they are king of IM, with huge user base. I think because of this small stuff nobody will migrate to other IM services for sure.

  6. Useful trick for watsapp users. Thanks for sharing
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  7. Hi Saurabh,
    Really very very useful information Brother,i am facing same problem in my whatsapp,now i found correct solution,good work,keep it up…

  8. It has been fixed

    • Hey can you please share any official announcement about same, because their is no App update from WhatsApp and they never mentioned such stuff on their FAQ section too. Many people still facing same issue, let us know you find right fix for same. Thanks for your interaction.

      • This bug ( or maybe a test) has been fixed since yesterday midnight due to complains from people I guess. You just need to reinstall the app, OR delete and add-back contacts, OR simply copy the contacts from sim to device or from device to sim. All the pictures will show again.

  9. wow very nice information .

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  10. wow very nice information .
    and i think whats app will no longer be in use .
    midoel7azen recently posted..شركة تنظيف بالرياضMy Profile

    • I dont think people will stop using it rather new update of WhatsApp help people to handle their Privacy precisely. Its like facebook settings you do in your network

  11. Thanks for sharing this great article.
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    • Thanks Prasad its our pleasure… Now new WhatsApp Update help you to control all your privacy according to your needs.

      • Hi sir i have also facing same problem i did all the thing like saving contacts in device, deleted all my what app data, reinstall it then also i cant see my few contact profile picture & last seen so plzzz do some help

        • Please check whether the other person who’s DP r not getting displayed, saved your number in their contant list n have privacy settings which enable you to see their DP too

  12. well this is a brain teaser, how were we supposed to have guessed that ?
    so both, you and your friend must save each other’s numbers in your contacts in order for both of your display pictures to appear ?
    i thought it worked only from one side, if you save his number you can see his pic even without him having saved your number!
    but it’s good to know, i just wish Whatsapp would also do something about stopping all those spam messages and ads i get everyday, i wish if they would add a filter where you can chose who can send you msgs or not.
    Many thanks.
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  13. i loved the improved version of whats app as it allows me to hind my status and DP from the once whom i don’t want to show things
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  14. good information about whatsaap.Keep posting

  15. Hello sir, mere kuch cntcts ki dp and status ni shw ho re h…infact mai unki cntct list me b hu and privacy b my contacts….pls help me to overcome from this problem.

    • Hi charu,Look like those contacts kept their privacy setting as ‘not to show anyone’its not your problem they configure their setting in a such way that nobody will see their DP or Status or LastSeen.

      Another point if you OFF your LastSeen option then you will not able to view others last seen as per WhatsApps stds.

  16. But sir ,my frn save my number in there contact list and his privacy sttngs are slctd as my cntcts….but no dp is shwn to me…

  17. this prob have have nothing to do with the new privacy setting
    4 or 5 of my contacts dp last seen and status are not showing , and i hav asked them i am there in thier contacts list
    the thing is they have set thier privacy setting to my contacts and on changing thet to “everyone” they are visible to me on my watsapp
    i want to know is their some problem with my phone or their’s????

  18. I want to see d dp n last seen f my friend irrespective of my no saved in my friends contact list.. Plz help me

  19. Hi… I have added my frnd num in my contact list.. I am able to see his last seen status but not his Dp ..does it mean he has not uploaded his pic..or he as not saved my num in his intact list..ps help

  20. Am facing this same issue, can you tell me what to do ?>

  21. I cant see the dp of a contact saved in my phone, whereas if I save the same contact on other phone than I can see the dp. If the above theory is correct about the opposite person deleting my contact than the other number from which I saw the dp is nowhere related to the concerned contact or saved in that person’s phone. Help me with the answer for this?

    • Hi,
      Now whatsapp update come up with feature called ‘Privacy’, in this their are 3 options are available for Profile Photo Seen to 1. Everyone 2.My Contacts 3.Nobody. These options itself signifies that if other party did setting that not to show DP to everyone who dont have ur contact i.e 2nd option then we cant do anything for same. Look like ur 2nd no might be in his/her contact list
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  22. Actually i dont know all of a sudden how all my WhatsApp contacts are deleted. But all the contacts are there in my phone.may I know how to get back all those contacts on WhatsApp??

    • Hi Preeti,
      If you have all those contacts in phone contact list then just open your whatsapp,Click on +Chaticon sign at TOP Right of app, then at top click on … dot then click refresh ! You will get all those on your whatsapp.

      Let me know if you face any issue

  23. Hi, i am having a confusion. I am a iphone user. I saved someones num in my iphone but i have no idea even he saved mine or not. But in favorites when i opened his contact, his contact started appearing in chats too. My question is, is he also saved my num in his contact list too?
    Kindly help me with the answer

    • Hi Anaya,

      Thanks for asking this question, as per your discussion I conclude that, his contact is saved on your phone and its appearing in your WhatsApp chat. which is expected behavior by whatsapp. We unable to conclude whether that person saved your number or not. If that person set his privacy of Lastseen,Status and Display Picture to-> “Show Only Phone Contacts” then you might get whetherhe has your number or not. Try to check whether you’r able to see his DP,Status & LastSeen. It may give you 70% confirmation not 100% as Whatsapp have very customization settings.

      Another thing you can do, save that persons number in another phone which has whatsapp [After saving no. refresh contact list] and cross check his DP,Status and LastSeen & check whether its appearing over their or not. If you find difference in yours phone and other phone. You will get your full proof answer (100%).This might help.

      Let me know if you need more help.
      Good day
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  24. Hye.. My frnz dp last seen nd status are not showing.. They have saved my no… I hv reinstalled.. I have refreshed… There privacy settings are visible to everyone.. What to dl.. Ll, help

    • Hi Garima,
      Make sure you both using latest version of WHATSAPP not some 3rd party app like WhatsApp PLUS.
      According to your statement did u asked your freind to refresh his/her contact list of whatsapp?(REFRESH Option can be find in WhatsApp app only)) and if not then ask him/her to do same and also cross check whether he/she really have PUBLIC privacy settings i.e all things are visible to either contacts or all people.

      Let me know if you will not get solution.

      Great day !
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  25. I have windows phone and my friend have saved my number.. still i cant see her dp last seen and status wen its shared with my contacts only. i am using updated version of whatsapp and she too. please help. and this issue is with my 2 3 contacts.

  26. I am also facing this problem
    Muhammad Ahsan Baig recently posted..How to Write Seo Friendly Blog Post?My Profile

  27. A person dp is public and can be seen by everyone but since yesterday it is not visible only in my phone.Though I can see it in the list and even his last seen.What could be the reason is it technical or something else.bloked cannot be the case bcoz as I said i can see his last seen

    • Hi aditi, their are 2 possibilities
      1. That person change its DP privacy to ‘Only My Contacts’ and he/she might not have your number in his/her address book.
      2. He/she kept DP visible to no one.

      You need to ask that person whether he/she is having ur number in phonebook or not, if yes ask him/her to refresh the contact list from whatsapp. This will help. I also suggest you update your whatsapp from this link if ur on android http://www.whatsapp.com/android/

      Let me know if you have any issue.

      • No actually he is not at ol in the habit of saving numbers.So I KNOW THAT HE HAS NOT SAVED my number.But when I told my friend to save his number(who is totally a stranger to him) she was able to see the DP.it means the setting is still public

  28. Hi ,

    Some of my friend’s dp pic are not showing up in the whats app
    Browsed and did all the checking. But everyting is in vain 🙁
    1. My contact exists with my friends ,and every one else except me are able to see the dp. My friend doesn’t have and dp privacy settings being set
    2. I have saved the contancts under phone memory
    3.uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version.

    Please provide your inputs

    • Hi Farhana what I suggest you open file explorer find ->WhatsApp->ProfilePicstures inside that folder u will find profile picture of people u actually checked as their mobilenumber as file name. So for which contact you are not able to see picture make duplicate of any existing pic and rename it with mobile number of person whos dp is not visible to your end.Then go to whatsapp chk u will see the edited pic.Now do one thing just refresh your contacts list in whatsapp if that picture go away their will get confirmation that privacy issue is their at that persons end if it will not then you need to take backup of all chat then you have to clean whatsapp entirely.

      Which handset you are using? Android or iOS ?
      Let me know if your issue not resolved

      • Hi Saurabh

        I did the steps mentioned by you,but still it din’t help
        Replaced the existing Profile Pic with the mobile number of the person whose dp pic was not visible.
        When I opened the what app it din’t show the edited dp,but when refreshed the contact list it showed the edited pic.
        So went and did a clear data ,clear cache,reinstalled whatsapp too. But still the issue persist
        I have an android handset and the android version is kitkat

  29. i too have the same problem. i have windows phone, in my whatsapp some of my contacts dp is not displayed. i updated the whatsapp, reinstalled. but still i have the same problem. i checked with the persons whose dp is not displayed. they didint do any privacy actions on my contacts. pls rectify and do the needful

    • HI, what i suggest you please login to your whatsappweb version.
      if you are able to see pic of that person over their then,delete whatsapp data from mobile and reinstall it.see this

      Let me know if it work

  30. iam also having the problem of not showing dp of my friends either it showing the dp which i was saved in my contact pic…i dont know how to resolve this pblm… plz help to solve this pblm as iam facing somany days by reinstalling the new whatsapp version…

  31. I have saved my friends to my contact list and even they hav done that. I was able to see their dps a few days back but now I’m unable to view them. I hav the latest version of the app. Now how can I resolve this issue without losing my text messages. How can back them up before even I delete and redownload it. Very frustrating. It’s nt working properly after the latest update.

    • Hi Arun I understand your problem as you are going to Uninstall it, you can take backup of all your existing data.First take latest msg data OpenWhatsapp->settings->chatsetting->Backup do it,then take all files backup to do that simply go to file explore->WhatsApp folder COPY entire folder to either on SD card or PC via usb. Then Uninstall your whatsspp, delete your WHATSAPP folder FROM LOCAL STORAGE i.e from where u take copy. Dont delete backup.

      Then do fresh installation, don’t open whatsapp,go to ur backup folder then copy all inside folders and go to newly installed whatsapp folder and paste it, you will need to replace it as same name folders already present. So replace it. Then open whatsapp and now it will ask u to restore backup during installation. You will get all ur data back. Enjoy!

      Let me know if u face any issue.
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  32. If, the person has not added me in their contact list then if I msg them.. Will they be able to see my pro pic and status and all?

    • yes they can see all your details if you do not set any privacy in your setting but if you already configured your privacy to not to show your DP,Status and Last Seen to non contact numbers then that person will not see anything about you

  33. I couldn/’t see someone dp, coz they changed their privacy settings, so they didn/’t save my number…Plzz help me how to see their dp!

    • Hi Karthik, first u have to verify if that person really changed their profile settings, If yes then check what is their setting ? Or simply ask them to save ur contact and apply Shown Only Contact setting for DP of whatsapp.

  34. My problem is not solved yet

    • Hi Prakash can you please elaborate what issue ur getting? Also tell us size of ur current whatsapp storage, OS ur using(Android/iOS/Win). Privacy setting of contact which is not showing DP. Will surely try to troubleshoot it for u.
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      • I reactivated my whatsapp account just to see my frnd’s dp who has my contact saved in his phone….but i cant see it after reactivation…i dont wish to text him to inform about this…it happens with many other contacts of mine who has changed to “My contacts” too…it displays the dp when atleast we have one msg between us..can you tell me why is this happening?? I want to see it without texting them…

  35. Hi ..i tried everything on the video..still not working.even downloaded clean master..but not wrking still..im using a galaxy note 5. Please help me

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  38. Hi, I am not able to see any profile picture of any of my contacts. There are total 1600 contacts on my whatsapp. I am using iPhone 6 64 GB, I have tried uninstalling the application lot of time, deleted and synced contacts many times, but still I am not able to see the profile pictures. Please help !

    • Ohh thats really sad Prateek,Please use any iphone file explorer and delete entire whatsapp data(Folder) when u do uninstallation. Later reboot your iphone then reinstall it. I guess this will solve your problem. Let me know if you need any more support from my side

  39. Hey I am not getting to update my WhatsApp profile picture and every time I go into help and try clicking the camera icons it still not working. Please help me

    • Can you please explain it in detail, Is ur DP is not getting uploaded to ur profile or its getting uploaded and ur contacts unable to see it? Also mention your mobile OS. We will help you in this

  40. my contacts DP is not opening, it is there but when i try to open it , it remains unclear/blurr, any idea what i can do? pls help.

  41. i have using bluestacks and working whatsapp in my computer i cleaned all i leaved only whatsapp but it is not showing the profile picture

  42. I’m facing issue with whatsapp that i can’t see dp status last seen of few of my contacts.they have saved my no in their contact list.other contacts from their phone are able to see it all. Only I’m facing this issue. Can anyone help me out?

  43. I have same question for you still i did not see few contacts dp in my whatsapp account.
    As possilble help me soon

  44. Dps of couple of contacts disappearing at 11pm. My number is saved in theirs phonebook and their number is saved in mine. Dp suddenly disappeared. This is a recurring problem. The contacts have set their last seen to nobody. But why does that affect the dp and about info.

    • Hey Shashank,

      please do check whether your database size on phone exceeded or not.
      I suggest deleting some old DB files from WhatsApp mobile phone

  45. Hi,
    M not able to see one of my friend’s dp n last seen and he saved my no. N privacy is also my contacts we did refresh also and in my phone also privacy is my contacts den too m not able to see his dp n last seen.. Plz let me know wht should I do

  46. great collection thank you

  47. Very helpful content keep it up

  48. Awesome issues here. I am very glad to look
    your post. Thanks so much and I’m having a look ahead to touch you.

    Will you please drop me a e-mail?
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