How to fix Instagram "Network Request Failed, Please Try Again later"error

September 7, 2021

Instagram is one of the most popular social messaging platforms within all kinds of age groups. It's getting revamped with lots of new features like Instagram reels and IGTV etc. which are focusing on video content creation. If you observe as new features are getting added, Instagram APP is getting bloated with so many things. Due to such issues, it may get conflict with device-specific apps. This leads to so many unexpected errors while using Instagram.

Last week while browsing my Instagram I faced a 'Network Request Failed, Please Try Again later' error. So I tried to cross-check with my friends if Instagram is down or not especially the messenger module. Everyone said they don't have any issues. So I thought it may be because of my IP address then I used VPN but still it didn't resolve.

Instagram and most social sites on the internet may block traffic from specific IP ranges if they found some malicious/unethical activities from one of the IP range to preserve users data security. So if you face any issue which is only specific to your device then try to use a VPN service.

Later I decided to troubleshoot at the device level and I found a workable solution to fix "Network Request Failed, Please Try Again Later".

How to solve Instagram "Network Request Failed, Please Try Again later" error in Android

1. If your Instagram app is running on your android, you have to stop it forcefully from app settings.

Instagram-Network Request Failed, Please Try Again later error fix-1

2. When you stopped your app, click on storage usage->clear cache option. Once you complete this restart your app and check if it's working or not. If still, you are facing the same issue then you have to repeat 1st step and clear the cache along with Clear data.

Instagram-Network Request Failed, Please Try Again later error fix-23. Clearing your data leads to re-login to your Instagram account. So if you have any draft stories or posts on Instagram please download them before doing this. Re-login to your account and your issue will get resolved.

Why did this  "Network Request Failed, Please Try Again later" Instagram error occurred

After fixing this issue I dig into the root cause of this and found that it's due to inter-process network communication of the android app which leads to data loss while doing a handshake with Facebook's core messenger module. Which is also used by Instagram.

If you are using Facebook App, Instagram App (multiple accounts) on a single android device then it may occur due to this inter-process communication issue. Clearing the cache and app data of those apps only helps to get rid of this issue.

If you are still having this issue please let us know in the comment section, we will help you to sort this issue.

fix Instagram Network Request Failed, Please Try Again later error
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    1. Can you please let us know which smartphone you are using? Did you tried to clear your junk files from Google's FILES app. after cleaning your junk files try to do all methods mentioned above, This will fix your network request failed ” error in Instagram account.

  1. I am facing the same issue with only one Contact. I can send message to other but not able to send it to a particular contact. What will be the cause of this?

    1. Hi, Rakesh try to clear the cache of your phone and forcefully stop the Instagram app. If that doesn't work try to log out and re-login after doing all steps. It will solve your Instagram'ss "network request failed " error.

  2. I am still having the issue....I have tried everything and i don't know what to do....its only with new friends though. old friends are fine. but when I try to start a new conversation, the message appears

    1. Hi if it's a recurring issue I suggest using VPN and if you are logged in to multiple accounts then you must log out and re-login. Also, try to use a "Parallel Space app" to create a clone of the Instagram app and try to log in using your Instagram account.
      This will solve your issue

  3. I did all the above steps and still I can't send messages to some of my contacts and I receive that message network request failed I use Samsung s10 plus

    1. HI, I suggest you unfollow those connections, repeat all the above methods then re-follow that contact and try to message. Note: if you are not sure they will accept your follow request again don't do this. Let us know if it fixes this Network request error in your instagram app

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