How to Rearrange Whatsapp Images In Your Sequence in Android & iOS

April 24, 2019

WhatsApp Messenger is a freeware, cross-platform messaging and voice over IP set managed and owned by Facebook. This application enables to send off text messages, voice calls and as well as video calls. This kind of application can be downloaded for smartphones, Android. With the help of the internet, this app can send images, audio or any kind o video with a specific length. We got lots of comment regarding the issue of Sending Whatsapp Images In Your required sequence.

This is very similar to the messaging services that anyone in this world is allowed to use. On the contrary, using WhatsApp is cheaper than texting. WhatsApp is also available on the PC, it can be launch on the computer. The process is simple and easy, starts in looking for the website, then download it and your good to go.

This app reached its popularity because of different of its different features such as group chatting, voice messages and also the location sharing. Thus, WhatsApp owned almost 1 billion population of the world, and it is an implication that people prefer to use this app than other kinds of messenger apps. It has fast-growing users over the years and still counting to the present.

Steps to Send Images via Whatsapp iOS as per your Sequence Order

If you are an individual who loves taking pictures so much, then WhatsApp is a good choice to save images and share to the world. Saving photos in WhatsApp and arranging it to the desired sequence or order is easy and hassle-free.

Steps 1: Before you can send photos or videos, you need to ensure WhatsApp has its own access to your camera roll on your phone. You just need to open your settings menu then look for the privacy and choose it. Hit on the photos and you need to under mode “read and Write”, this is to assure that your WhatsApp is authorized to use by you.

Steps 2: Open WhatsApp chat where you want to send an image or video that you want. Hit or tap the selected image or video. Then after that, you can open it in full mode to choose more images.

Send Whatapp images in sequence iphone

Steps 3: You can start to arrange photos in WhatsApp in your iOS. You just need by simply choose or select photos and your desired sequence. Then, after that hold down your finger on the thumbnails. This means that you can start to move and drag around to make a different order. Thus, there are other ways to arrange photos.

Send Whatapp images in sequence iphone

Steps to Rearrange Images in Whatsapp Android

Most of the people have an Android phone today, which they prefer to use than iOS. for the reason that it is easy and simple to use.

Steps 1: Go to your settings and put your android smartphone in FLIGHT/Offline Mode, then Open the WhatsApp chat where you can choose your own images/ videos that you want to send.

Send Whatapp images in sequence 1

Steps 2: Once you go offline without any internet connection then hit send button which will send images to the desired contact but it will get fail as you are not connected to the internet. That's the trick which helps you to send images in your required sequence.

Send Whatapp images in sequence 2

Step 3: Now go ONLINE and get connect with your Wifi or data connection. Now you can see failed images in a chat conversation. Click on RETRY by choosing the sequence you want to send by tapping single image 1 by 1. This will help you to send images in your desired sequence in android.

iOS and Android have the same process but it seems that using android is more practical and bit tricky than iOS.

Update: Whatsapp Improved its functionality by adding sequence selection of images while selecting it. Here is a video how you can choose your whatsapp images sequence.


This is how you can easily rearrange your WhatsApp images while sending to your contact on android and iOS. If you have any issue or queries related to this please ask in the comment section.

Rearrange Whatsapp Images Sending sequence android
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