How to Schedule Email in Gmail App & Send Password Protected Email

Updated on: April 7, 2020

Using Google mail brings various advantages in business or for personal purposes only. People prefer to use this kind of mail to send bulk messages & business conversations. Gmail is the most fascinating app everyone uses nowadays for emails. This helps every individual to organize their things and allow people to access emails. The technology behind Gmail is more secure and maintain users privacy hence people use it frequently. Nowadays scheduling email using Gmail app and sending confidential email is real need of consumers and hence Google implemented it recently.

What are the Advantages of Business Using Gmail

1. Huge storage space

The first is that you are able to make a large deal of storage space, much more than you may be able to see if you were using a client program for your emails. 25GB per email is the best solution to Google for business providing to all business owners. This includes all other storages.

2. Online anywhere access

One that comes immediately to mind is the truth that it can be accessed anywhere where there is internet available. On a server-based email client program, you may discover that it becomes hard to access email. Some people find that when they enter an online version of their messages they need the ability to work with them as quickly as if they had accessed them from their normal computer.

3. Cheaper and less manpower to maintain

Gmail is low cost, zero preservation, and data storage “in the cloud,” which means your email, documents, and events are always accessible anywhere you can grow online with a web browser.  'Google Apps’ dashboard is a powerful tool to manage your business activities.

You don’t have to bother about data backup, hitting email account storage area (Gmail’s gives 7GB of storage per user now), or futzing with VPNs, firewalls, or precise software. At any time you can decide to switch to a different provider and take your area name with you, which means you don’t have to increase your email address if you choose Apps isn’t working for you.

1. Easy search and organization.

There are also plenty of different pieces that enable you to create your emails. One new feature enables you to add Hotmail and Yahoo accounts to your Gmail account so that you are capable to handle all of your emails from one account.

2. Security of data.

Your business Gmail account is lined up on the Google program which provides it a guarantee of assistance and uptime. You enter your data over a settled SSL-encrypted connection so no one can obtain your info.

Latest Features of Gmail

Gmail has also lately combined other features once individual to extensions like Boomerang, including the strength to snooze conversations or set up electronic follow-up reminders, though Boomerang still has valuable additions like the capacity to interrupt your inbox or include message tracking.

How To Schedule An Email in Gmail and Send Confidential email

You can schedule email messages with the mobile app of Gmail in several simple steps. The fundamental idea is that you first make all the emails that you would like to be released later in Gmail, let these unsent messages wait inside the drafts folder and then define the specific delivery date and time for these messages in a mobile app.

1. First, you’ll require to set for the feature to roll out to your device, which may need some time. If you’re working with Gmail app, double check for any unfinished waiting to be established.

Gmail confidential mode and scheduling email

2. Once the feature is ready, select your message as usual. When you’re available to schedule, click the option in Gmail app composer  “Schedule Send”. A pop-up down list will rise with preset scheduling choices, such as “tomorrow morning,” though you can also set a particular date and times as well.

3. On mobile devices, you can start the process by tapping the three stacked dots “more” icon next to the send sign, then tap “schedule send.” A distinct menu will appear that enables you to decide when you’d like to send the message.

4. Lastly, you can always have the freedom to choose what will be the possible time if you want to change the current schedule. This can be done by doing the same step stated above and opening the desired message to reschedule.

How to Send Confidential Email using Gmail App

1. Open the Gmail app, create an email, attach the message body and define the recipients in the To, Cc or Bcc fields. After you are done composing an email, do not run the send button but let these messages stay as plans instead.

Password protected email Gmail

2. Go to the top right side of Gmail composer click on 3 dots and you will see an option "Confidential Mode". There are 2 kinds of required passcodes:  a. Standard | b. SMS Passcode

Gmail Confidential Mode types

3. 'Standard' only focus on normal message delivery with the expiry of the message and 'SMS passcode' focus on SMS authentication code sent on recipients mobile to open that confidential email sent by the sender

4. Select message expiry as per your requirements.

5. After you send this, the recipient will receive that email and if you choose SMS passcode you need to include a mobile number of the recipient to receive a code to open your sent email.

Confidential Mode Gmail received SMS


Using Gmail to whatever purposes you have can help you in different ways. This helps you to be organized by scheduling emails from the top priority and not so message. This brings a successful business and at the same time great revenue for Google mail.

Schedule gmail email send confidential email
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