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Updated on: January 12, 2019


We are living in the age of Technology & Internet ,which  already capture almost every part of the word. This is possible because of growing WEB applications and WEB development.Now a days netizan's  are focusing on their privacy and data security in  entire cloud. So the secure data backup terms  came into existence , if we are working with any important data on our pc/laptop  and  want to backup it, then most probably what we do? we simply attach  the respective files or folders  to our corresponding Email or send it to FTP ,right ?  or probably take a backup on another HDD,which also misleading because we can't predict when your HDD will get crash 😛 , So the term "Cloud Backup" is very much important for most internet users to grab all their data together i.e Data Centralization.

Free Cloud Services for Online Backup

Free Cloud Services for Online Backup

Online Backup/Cloud  services create replica of your data, Cloud storage not only maintain the data privacy,data protection but also also enforce strong security mechanism to keep your data safe and secure .Their are several advantages of  Online backup over traditional backups services.Traditional backups lags with following points

Advantage of Cloud Storage/Online Backup:

1. Safe & Secure with powerful security algorithms

2. Available for 24x7 & No maintenance needed

3. Simple  way of access

4. Easy to mange & handle

5. Data sharing & hidden storage location

6. Can access your data from Mobile/handheld devices also

The Cloud services are really essential part for every developer,blogger,tech enthusiastic etc.

Their are few FREE Online backup service which help you to backup your essential things on cloud

Free Space Offer : 5 GB for normal users,if you are running iOS5 or mac or HP Touch Pad then you may avail to get 50GB of storage for free  with free mac application,Windows users need to pay $$ for desktop apps of I personally using  it & its looks good





Free Space Offer : 2 GB space for each user,if you refer your friends or other then you may get additional 250MB for every single referral upto 10GB Max. I also using it ,Dropbox is the BEST service among all of them,its having  huge API to connect with various apps to take  a backup.As a blogger I highly recommended at lest  experience it because the sharing feature of DropBox is very good  🙂 It support almost all PC, Smartphone's & Tablet


3. Amazon Cloud Drive


Amazon cloud drive

Free Space Offer :  5 GB, Amazon Cloud drive is also a good cloud storage service from amazon,if you buy some MP3's from amazon then you may avail extra space as the size of  your purchase,The Amazon Kindle Fire users can get unlimited storage for their purchase.The security and handling is good.


4.Windows Sky Drive

Windows SkyDrive

Windows SkyDrive

Free Space Offer : 25 GB ,as a cloud services are  going popular, then its a strange  if  Microsoft not taking it as a Advantage, Microsoft is also in Cloud service with "Windows Sky Drive".I just started using it,but I don't know its  reliability  ,we don't know when it will get crash like windows  🙂  Just joking 😀  here also you can set file permissions  to every content


5. SugarSync



Free Space Offer : 5GB , it also a good backup and data storage service ,which also accessible from most of the Tablet's ,Smartphone's and PC's,I used it on my smartphone  to synchronize my data over the cloud,Managing  & sharing  of the data is very simple in this service

Till now we discussed about services  FREE cloud services,which have limited storage space scattered with various service provider.

5.1: PogoPlug

pogoplug free 5GB storage

Pogoplug free 5GB storage

Free Space Offer : 5GB , till now we saw some desktop and web related free cloud storage.Here PogoPlug is the one kind of cloud storage which offer you Mobile  as well as Desktop synchronization using their client software.

Pogoplug-Desktop Client

Pogoplug-Desktop Client

Some Features of PogoPlug:

1. Offer Synchronizing from desktop as well as Mobile Client.

2. Providing facility to sort your data according to their format e.g Mp3 or videos have section

3. We can share the data to publicly using their own URL shorter service

4. Mobile client is good and fast for synchronizing,its available in Android Market  & iTunes




OTIXO:to access all above service in single place:

Then to access the every services we always need to open multiple tab's/apps  in browser/OS .Which is not reliable for every user,to overcome this problem give you ability to mangle most of cervice centrally.To do this follwo this steps

1. Create Account on Otixo

2. Activate your account & login to dashboard

otixo dashboard

otixo dashboard

3. Add your corresponding cloud service account's into dashboard by providing the login credential and permission to access it

Dropbox - API Request Authorization

Dropbox - API Request Authorization

4. Wait for authorization,when it success then move ahead

OTIXO Serive added

OTIXO Serive added

5. Enjoy your centralize sharing.

Otixo Uploading

Otixo Uploading

[note]Otixo support Dropbox, SugarSync & as discuss earlier,you can add other paid services  also like Amazon S3 & MobileMe ,you can get more space from all above cloud service provider by spending some $$$ amount 🙂 [/note]

Free Cloud Services for Online Backup
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    I prefer Dropbox and Sugarsync as they have Mobile device support too. Thanks for sharing the Big list.

    1. @mahol Yup "iLike" her work in Magadheera,she is pretty and sweet !!! isn't it ? Come to the point , i prefer to use DropBox and Amazon Cloud Storage they r simply rocks for bloggers like u and me 🙂

  2. Good Stuff! Thanks for sharing this. I think that data is our business, thus it is important to make it safe and secure. I'll surely use these tools for improvement in my business processes.

  3. It's fortunate for readers that you highlight how much free storage comes with these cloud offers. For those with smaller level needs, these options can be very useful.

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