How to Send Money from Zelle to PayPal

Updated on: December 7, 2023

Digital wallets are becoming increasingly popular, and as this continues on an upward trajectory, most people will begin to use PayPal and Zelle if they haven’t done so already. Now, the PayPal service is the most known of the two since it debuted in 1998 as Confinity, then changed its name to what we know now in 2001.

Now, both Zelle and PayPal make it possible for users to transfer money instantly, but is it possible to send money from Zelle to PayPal? The quick answer to that is no. Due to wanting to protect their market share, most online wallet payment systems do not play well with each other like banks do. That can be a huge problem, but there is a way to solve the issue.

Does PayPal offer Zelle?

At the moment, PayPal does not offer Zelle, but nevertheless, users can link their PayPal card with their Zelle account. From there, you can easily send money from PayPal directly to your Zelle account.

How to send money from Zelle to PayPal?

As stated above, sending money from Zelle to PayPal directly is impossible, but with a simple workaround, users can get the job done. Just understand the transfer will not be completed instantly and will likely take a few days before the money enters your PayPal account.

  1. Connect Zelle with your bank account
  2. Transfer money from Zelle to your bank account
  3. Send money from your bank to PayPal

1. Connect Zelle with your bank account

The first thing you should do here is to link your bank account with Zelle. This shouldn’t be a problem for many users, especially if they live in the United States because Zelle is integrated into most bank apps in that country.

  • First, download the Zelle app for iOS or Android to begin the process.
  • Sign up for a Zelle account if you haven’t done so already.
  • After you’ve done that, sign in and search for the bank’s name.
  • From there, tap on Go To Your Mobile Banking App.
  • Select the provided link that was sent via SMS or email.
  • You should now see a list with the names of banks or credit unions.
  • Search for yours and select it.
  • Finally, please follow the instructions provided by the app to enroll your bank account.

2. Transfer money from Zelle to your bank account

Zelle Send Money to Bank

OK, so after connecting Zelle with your bank account, it is now time to make a transfer. Now, unlike PayPal, Zelle isn’t the type of wallet that was designed to hold your money. That means when you are ready to transfer to your bank, there is no option to leave anything behind.

  • To begin, ensure the bank app of your choice is installed on your iOS or Android device.
  • Look for the Menu button, the one that looks like a hamburger, or three lines stacked on top of each other, and tap it.
  • Next, select the QuickPay with Zelle option, then choose Request and Split Money.
  • After you’ve done the above, tap the Add button to choose the person you wish to request money from.
  • The next step to take here is to type the name of the person’s email address or phone number in the provided spaces.
  • Tap the Add Participant button.
  • From the next page, please type the amount you wish to request to send to your Zelle account.
  • Navigate to Deposit Info, then choose the bank account where Zelle should send the received funds.
  • Finally, tap the Request Money button.
  • Once the third party receives the request for payment, the money will go directly to your bank account.

3. Send money from your bank to PayPal

Add money from your bank to PayPal

Now that you’ve transferred money from Zelle to your bank account, it is time to send that cash from your bank to your PayPal account. Let us explain what needs to be done by the following simple steps.

  • Open the PayPal on your smartphone, then log in if asked to do so.
  • From there, you should see your PayPal balance on your home screen.
  • Please go ahead and tap the three-dotted icon to reveal additional options.
  • When the popup menu appears, select Add Money From Bank right away.

Add money from your bank to PayPal 3 to 5 days

  • Enter the amount you want to have transferred to your PayPal account, then choose Next.

In a moment, the money should appear in your account. This is usually done in real-time, which is a nice little feature.

Can I receive money from Zelle without a bank account?

Is it possible to receive money from Zelle without the need of a bank account? Well, you can ask the sender to either use your email associated with a prepaid debit card on your account, or a phone number. After they've send the money, you will get a quick notification from Zelle. Simply follow the provided prompts via the notification to accept the payment.

What cards can you link to Zelle?

You can link a card with Zelle at any moment, but understand the card must be linked to Visa or MasterCard. Not only that, but it must be connected to a U.S. based bank account. Furthermore, you must use an email address and a U.S, mobile phone number when entering your basic contact information. Bear in mind that Zelle does not accept debit cards associated with bank accounts from outside of the United States at this time.

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