How to Make Money with AI by Selling AI Art Prompts

Updated on: March 19, 2023

Artificial intelligence is changing the world. While many will be losing their jobs soon, AI would be creating many more jobs. As of recent, a new profession of AI engineers came to light. AI experts can make money by generating AI prompts that help users with their problems.

What are AI prompts?

Ever tried creating AI images using the many free websites offering the facility? Your first few attempts would end up creating aliens if they look like creatures at all. Sometimes the hands are conjoined, and sometimes the legs are separated. While anyone can create prompts, getting the desired results is difficult.

One has to create both prompts and negative prompts to get the desired results. This may seem simple but one has to research a lot to get the desired result. Thus, a person creating AI content is called a “prompt engineer.”

What does an AI prompt look like?

Let us assume that we need to create an AI prompt for an image. The prompt/s would be as follows:

Positive prompt: A portrait of a man, fine - art photography, soft portrait shot 8 k, mid length, ultrarealistic uhd faces, unsplash, kodak ultra max 800, 85 mm, intricate, casual pose, centered symmetrical composition, stunning photos, masterpiece, grainy, centered composition

Negative prompt: blender, cropped, lowres, poorly drawn face, out of frame, poorly drawn hands, blurry, bad art, blurred, text, watermark, disfigured, deformed, closed eyes

If we ignored the negative prompts or limited the original prompts, AI would be at free will to decide how to create the image. But now, you could get a nearly realistic image.

Can you sell AI prompts? If yes, how and what can you earn?

While a few experts can create AI prompts and thus content through it, yet it is a difficult task. Thus, users buy AI prompts and modify the base for personal use. AI prompts can be sold for a few dollars per download. The benefit of downloading AI prompts is that AI art is finally being recognized by platforms and it is a cheap alternative to manually created art.

Now, since you earn a few dollars for creating art that needs hours, selling it can be profitable only if sold in numbers. Thus, AI engineers who create well-in-demand content earn a lot.

Where can you create and sell your AI prompts?

You can generate and sell your prompts on To generate content, you are allowed an initial 5 credits to create prompts. Thereafter, you will have to buy credits. After creating the AI prompts, you can sell them on their vast database. If anyone buys, you will get a share. Now since the profit clearly depends on the quantity sold, we will advise researching niches that are well-acknowledged. This is new ear of prompt engineering. PromptBase supports DALL·E, GPT, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion & ChatGPT AI platforms.

If you sell your art through PromptBase, then Prompt base keeps 20% of the profit and you get 80% of the profit.

PromptBase has the following sections:

  1. Marketplace to BUY existing top AI prompts from various AI platforms & Prompt Engineers.AI-prompts-make-money
  2. SELL section to sell your own created prompts AI-Prompts-selling-online
  3. HIRE section to hire some skilled prompt engineers Hire-prompt-engineers-online

How to Use AI Prompts to Make Money using Arts?

Ideally, anyone who knows how to create AI prompts can earn from PromptBase. However, that is not the only skill you need to master. Keyword research would also be needed so you know what is being searched. If you can create AI content on trending topics, a lot of money can be made.

PromptBase pays you through Stripe. Since Stipe is not available in countries like Argentina, Brazil, Bangladesh, India, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Ukraine, etc, we will advise you to refrain from using the service if you live in these countries.

You will be paid only after completing 5 sales from PromptBase.

Procedure to generate a prompt to Sell on PromptBase

The procedure to generate a prompt for sale on PromptBase is as follows:

1. Go to Promptbase.

You have 5 credits which you can notice on the page.

2. In the field Enter a detailed description and write your prompt using all that you have learned.

Click on Create.

3. The art will be created.

Now, click on Sell prompt.

4. Click on Sell once again.

PromptBase Review

While PromptBase is an excellent tool for selling AI art, there is clearly a lot to grow with. The pros and cons of the tool are as follows:

Pros of PromptBase

1] PromptBase serves are a connecting market for people who wish to save time by buying base prompts. The prompts are usually reasonably priced.

2] The interface to generate and sell prompts is easy. Unlike many of its rivals, you would not have to scratch your head to find the options and buttons.

3] The finances are streamlined. Since Stripe is used for payments, you would not need to argue much for payments. The procedure is hassle-free.

Cons of PromptBase

1] PromptBase is new and has a limited database. You might find the prompts of your choice yet. Let us wait till the database expands.

2] You might not find many buyers for your art on PromptBase since people do not know enough about it yet. With time, the customer base is bound to grow.

In conclusion, we would suggest starting your AI engineering career with PromptBase. Even though you might not earn enough in the beginning, entering the market as soon as possible could be a huge advantage.

Make money with AI by selling AI Art Prompts
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