How to Configure your NFC Mobile Tap to Pay using Credit Card in India?

Updated on: February 23, 2023

If you observe contactless transactions are getting popular due to this pandemic. UPI or NFC(Near Field Communication) making it possible to have safe distance payments. Nowadays it's very hard to carry all your credit/debit cards while buying something offline. Did you observe anywhere in India where some random guy is paying his bill at NFC enabled POS(Point of Sale) by just tapping his mobile smartphone?


If yes, then this is an interesting article for you. I guess we must start using contactless payments in our day-to-day shopping to create a hassle-free shopping experience. If you want to use your smartphone to pay at any NFC-enabled POS terminal you need to follow the below-mentioned steps to add your Indian bank's credit/debit card to the Google Pay app (USA version)

How to Add Indian Banks Credit/Debit Cards for NFS tap to pay at POS machine using Google Pay App:

1. Download the Google Pay app (USA version) for Android / If you are an iOS user then install the USA version of Google Pay  by following this guide

2. To install APK on your android you have to give permission to install 3rd party application.

Note: If you receive an error while installing Google Pay USA version,we recommend to uninstall Google Pay INDIA version.

3. Open Google Pay and add your credit/debit cards into the Payment section.

Google Pay -Add credit card options for NFC payments at POS India-Card ADD

Note: Not all credit/debit cards getting accepted. Only those having international usage ON or high credit limits work easily. Try another card if they reject your current card. In my case ICICI Platinum, SBI ELITE credit card & a few of my debit cards working perfectly.

Google Pay -Add credit card options for NFC payments at POS India-unable to add
4. When you complete adding all your credit/debit cards. You will see all of them in list format. You can set any of the cards as default by changing its in-app settings. So that you don't need to open the app every time during payment.


5. Once you are ready, you have to enable the NFC of your device to initiate any POS transaction. That's it and you are done!!!. One very important thing you have to remember is, this NFC will have the same limit set by your credit/debit card provider for doing NFC transactions at POS. Please check your cards NFC transaction limit before using it.

How to do NFC Payments in India by tapping your Mobile at POS

6. After enabling NFC, simply tap your smartphone to an NFC-enabled POS terminal at any retail store. This is how quickly and easily you will able to pay at any merchant in INDIA using your mobile NFC payment with the help of the Google Pay (USA) version.

Google Pay -Add credit card options for NFC payments at POS India-

7. In this app you will able to see all kinds of transaction logs of each and every card along with its activity report like below.


Google Pay -Add credit card options for NFC payments at POS India-activity-log

Don't forget to disable your NFC after your transaction.

This is how you can configure your Indian bank's cards to use in your android/ ios devices to initiate contactless payment. If you have any questions please feel free to ask them in the comments.

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