How to do Instagram Fake Followers Check using Tools ?

Updated on: July 2, 2022

Instagram has become the greatest platform for people to become a social media influencer. Moreover, collaborating with numerous brands helps Instagramers to earn a lot of money. This helps them to raise their chances of becoming popular amongst the masses. But often, marketing agencies have a tough time selecting a genuine influencer because sometimes there are fake influencers present on Instagram who buy fake followers using the technique known as Bot. This leads companies to conduct Instagram fake followers check.

So, agencies run a risk of engaging with an unauthentic influencer that could demoralize their whole business. So, how do you recognize a fake follower on the platform? The following steps will help you out.

5  Signs to Identify Fake Followers of Instagram Influencers

1. Watch out for inappropriate figures

When you come across an influencer's account, you expect their number of followers to be more than their number of following. Instead, if it's the opposite, the chances are that the person is not a real Instagram influencer. Moreover, if the rate of engagement in the account is suspiciously low, that's also a sign that he/she is not an authentic Instagram influencer.

Also, when you find an account not being followed much but has liked and followed several other accounts, it gives an idea that the account will put very little value for your campaign.

2. Unnatural rate of activity

Suppose the influencer's activity on their account is unbalanced. In that case, they are probably using the Bot services to earn a sufficient number of followers by posting relevant content continuously for a few days. After the required number is reached, the activity stops abruptly. In the case of a real influencer, there are no such fluctuations, and the engagement is more or less steady.

3. Suspicious accounts

If you ever see accounts with blank profile pictures, blank or carelessly written bios, private or hidden accounts, then that's the 3rd sign major of a fake follower. Think for yourself, if you're a devout follower of the influencer, you would want your comments and likes to be seen by the influencer. In other words, minimum profile details equal a lack of genuineness.

4. Weird comments patterns

Well-advanced Bot services are made so that they even leave comments on posts to make the account seem authentic. But, most often, they are easy to determine because they seem too technical, just one or two-word messages, like "nice," "good job," or "beautiful." Such messages feel way too off. Be wary of spams and sharing your personal information.

5. Vacant or copied profile section

Generally, with fake ids, you will find the personal bio section empty or copied. People don't put much effort into creating fake accounts. As Instagram is to socialize and influence other people, an empty or hidden bio section presents itself as a red flag.

It makes the investigation even harder as you can't really say much about the account holder. We can automate these using Instagram fake followers check tools.

That being said, you must start to worry, flailing your hands up in the air, wondering if all the tricks as mentioned earlier don't work. Well, fret not, below, we are providing you with the most effective tools to check fake followers. So, let's begin.

These tools are applicable for Public Instagram Profiles Only

5 Tools for Instagram Fake Followers Check


It's a freemium tool! If it's a public account you want to gather information about, then all you have to do is type the username of that person into the search box. In no time, you'll get a ratio that determines account engagements, tags, comments  & many other measuring factors then you will identify real followers of that account. Below is an example of an Instagram user: badboyshah


This tool filters through the numerous comments and likes of a particular account according to the number of followers, and if the figures seem odd as per the engagement ratio, then be assured that those followers are bought. You just have to pay a bare minimum of 1 dollar to view the information. Plus, it also shares with you 10 of the best Instagram handles of influencers based on engagement from the previous month.

3. Social Audit Pro

This specific tool might demand a little money, but it's totally worth it. Apart from analyzing public accounts, it also comes with another feature known as the cleanup tool that efficiently erases your own fraud followers.Social-Audit-Pro-profile-analytics

Social Audit Pro costs 5 dollars for viewing information regarding accounts having 5,000 followers and 20 dollars for viewing those having 20,000 followers. This will enable you to witness the same reach and engagement of the influencer amongst the masses.

4. HypeAuditor

This is one of the powerful data analytics services available in the market. All you need to do is type the influencer's username on the Instagram Audit section as provided by HypeAuditor.


You will get relevant information about whether the account has abnormal growth of followers or whether the comments are made by Bot and such other details. Hyperauditor has the following features :

  1. Detailed Profile Analysis
  2. Time bases activities
  3. Unauthorized followers check
  4. Brand connect
  5. Campaign Tracking


Modash is a very simple tool that provides only the required data without going into more details of the profile. This tool is very useful to do a quick fact check of influencers' followers.

They do have a premium version which helps you to get more personalized data analytics of any public profiles

Final Verdict

Nowadays, due to the easy availability of social media and it's tools, people are trying to be famous overnight without actually putting in the hard work needed for them to become an influencer. A sole job of an influencer is to influence their audience. Being an imposter defeats the whole purpose of an influencer.

But, the world is what it is. All you have to do is stay away from such fake influencers and avoid damaging your company's reputation. And if you're an influencer yourself or want to become an influencer, all I need to say is that there is no shortcut to fame. So tread on the right path.

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