4 Tips on How to Become an Influencer Blogger

Updated on: September 23, 2020

If you want to push your personal blog to the top, becoming an influencer will give you a huge boost. You might even one day join the exulted CBS list of the Top 25 Most Influential People on the Internet. But before you become an online celebrity of this caliber yourself, you’ll need the help of those influencers as well as a well-crafted personal brand, a stellar website, and a clearly defined niche to focus on.

How to Become an Influencer Blogger: 4 Essential Tips

1.     Start very small

Your first goal should be to become a micro influencer. Not only is it easier to build such reputation with a smaller group of people, but this will also make you more attractive for marketers. Statistically, micro-influencers generate nearly a double boost in sales with a 37% customer retention rate (Curalate).

To become a micro influencer you need to choose a very small niche. Then you’ll need to research your targeted audience with extreme thoroughness. You literally have to know as much as possible about these people so you can develop a personal brand that will resonate with them.

You also have to be an expert in your niche. Obtaining specialized training and networking with other experts will help.


2.     Develop a great website

If you want to be an influencer blogger, you need to have a blog that will impress your targeted audience with its design. Use competitors and other websites popular with them as inspiration.

The website also must provide a stellar performance in the face of traffic surges. This means you’ll need to have a top-quality hosting provider as well. Be sure to research various types of web hosting. Choose a company that can meet the requirements defined by your targeted audience research. Always choose firms that offer the best website uptime and customer service.

3.     Have a content strategy

Note that content and content marketing strategies aren’t the same thing. A content strategy is basically a plan of the content you will publish on your blog (types, topics, etc.). Content marketing is the strategy for promoting those pieces.

Design your content strategy depending on the ultimate goals you want that content to achieve. Do you want an education or an entertainment blog? Do you want to become an influencer blogger with a strong personal brand or promote your blog as a separate entity and attract guest writers?

But never forget that a good blog is versatile. So even if your main content strategy is building an educational resource filled with how-to guides, you should have other sections for diversity and increasing reader engagement.

4.     Become a social media influencer

Even if your main goal is to become an influencer blogger, you will need to use social media for promotion. In fact, you have more chances of becoming an online celebrity and launching a viral piece of content through these networks. It’s from there that you can entice followers into subscribing to your blog.

You’ll need to develop a blog and your social media channels at the same time. However, as one of the main requirements of an influencer is to engage closely with their audience, social media accounts will allow for greater impact. This means you should invest more time and effort into becoming engaged with the network of your choice. You’ll need to become a regular contributor in the groups favored by your targeted audience and actively engage in all most relevant discussion threads.

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