How to Find if Shoes are Real or Fake using LEGIT APP Verification

Updated on: May 20, 2023

Recently, I visited a store for buying formal shoes and noticed that the same brand and model of the desired shoes were available for almost half the price in online stores. I obviously questioned the store owner about the price difference, and he laughed to point out that most shoes listed on online stores are merely first copies of the original product. The store owner further argued that genuine brand products (both shoes and apparel) cannot be offered at a discounted price when the design is fresh. Even during sale periods, the discount rarely exceeds 50%.

How to verify if shoes are real or fake using LEGIT APP?

Why are original shoes expensive?

When you buy branded shoes, the major part of the cost isn’t for the material of the shoes. It is for the brand mark. Even for apparel, you will notice that “grade A” cloth isn’t as expensive when you compare it to the price of shirts and trousers you buy. The reason is that companies spend a significant amount of capital on branding. This also includes the fees of celebrities to promote the brand.

When companies invest in branding, the risk involved is high. Thus, they increase the profit margin further to compensate for the same.

Other than this, shoes come in many designs, sizes, and colors. Unlike many other products, there is a high chance that most of the stock would remain unsold and thus liability for the company. The company has to consider that while pricing the shoes.

In short, that $250 pair of Adidas shoes doesn’t cost much when the company manufactures it. However, the final sale price is inflated.

What are “First Copy Shoes” & why are they cheap?

We have explained earlier that the prices of branded shoes are inflated because of branding. However, if the same material and production process is used to create the exact same design of shoes by a malicious trader, then that duplicate copy is known as first copy.

It is very difficult to differentiate between an original pair of shoes and its first copy. These first copies are obviously way cheaper than the original product. Many first copies come with the tag “made in Vietnam” which could be a distinguishing factor. However, many don’t carry that tag either.

Shoes also have further copies like second copy, third copy, etc. These are easily distinguishable because of the inferior quality of the material used. Thus, I will keep them out of the scope of our discussion.

LEGIT app review

Since original shoes are expensive and first copies of the same make and model of the shoes are cheap, it is important to detect duplicate shoes. Since the difference between the original and duplicate pairs is hardly noticeable, you will need the help of experts to detect the difference. This can be done using the LEGIT app.

How to download the LEGIT app?

The LEGIT app can be downloaded on your phone. The links to download the LEGIT app are as follows:

If you wish to search for this app on the Play Store or Apple Store, then make sure that it is the one manufactured by LEGIT APP INC.

How to use the LEGIT app?

Once you have installed the Legit app, the procedure to check your shoes for duplication will be as follows:

1. While installing the app, fill in your profile details so that you could add your profile picture. Username, and other details.

2. After logging into the app, you will have to buy credits.

Click on Wallet.

Wallet in LEGIT app

3. Now, depending upon the pair of shoes you wish to authenticate, please click on Buy corresponding to the tier of shoes.

Eg. If you wish to verify a pair of expensive trekking shoes, select Luxury L1 and click on Buy to purchase 10 tokens for $10.

Choose category

4. You can pay using your debit card or credit card.

After buying the credits, click on Start.

5. Select the type of product you wish to evaluate. Eg Sneakers.

Choose the product, model, etc.

Choose model

6. Authenticate yourself.

  • Upload pictures of your pair of shoes from the angles mentioned in the app. Remember to include the tags.
  • The team at LEGIT app will verify the status of the shoes after checking the images.
  • In a while, they will reply with their observation. The pair of shoes will be marked Replica or Authentic.

Pros of LEGIT app

  • The LEGIT app has a lot of benefits that are as follows:
  • The LEGIT team is seemingly very qualified in the effort they put toward verifying the shoes.
  • The replies are quick. I was expecting the team to reply in a few days but got their reply the same day.
  • They display all results publicly on the same page. This allows users to judge the authenticity of their research.

Cons of LEGIT app

The LEGIT app has only one major con and that is the price. I personally believe that if you are purchasing a pair of shoes for $250, then spending $10 on checking their authenticity would be worth it. But few are unhappy with the price.

Are the responses by LEGIT app accurate?

Mostly the replies are accurate since the tag and sole can clearly tell the difference between a first copy and the original product. Shoes manufactured in Vietnam are mostly first-copy. In all sense, the experts working with the LEGIT app team are more knowledgeable than you.

Was this helpful? Please let us know your review of the app in the comment section.

How to find if shoes are real or fake using LEGIT APP
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