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Updated on: September 16, 2020

As the Internet speed has picked up the demand for videos has increased, people are watching more videos than ever. People prefer this mode of communication because its faster, more effective, more comfortable, and information can be grasped better. There are a lot of companies that are publishing content online about them or their services or other topics, either through videos or by writing an article on a platform.

These companies follow a lot of strategies to increase their reach so that more and more views can be obtained, but there is no better strategy than putting out great content. If the content is unique and outstanding, then they will have to spend comparatively less in its promotion.

Even after the huge demand, the problem these organizations face is that they don’t have proper employees that can create content for them which they can post. A lot of companies ask their staff to create content for them when that is not their part of the job. Because of this, they are unable to put up more content.

  • Companies spend a lot of time not recruiting people that can create content for their blogs, as they don’t want to increase the expenditure of the company, and this work is assigned to people who are not cut for the task.
  • Due to a lack of skill, they create content that is not up to the mark, and the videos don’t get good responses. Or most of the blogs have one or two new videos a week which is not enough as per the standards.
  • Successful blog channels are doing it every day or every other day, and they search for topics that are trending and make videos that are relevant to their audience. Putting up more videos keeps the audience engaged with the company, but when the company is slow in engaging its audience, they might not show enough interest in the brand.


The more critical issue associated here is that the companies also need to put up content that is relevant to the viewer so that they are engaged in something which is of use to them, otherwise after a while, the audience will stop showing interest in the company.

Creating content for online blogs is not easy; proper research goes into knowing what is trending, how the writer should approach the audience, and what they want. Content is relevant when it is required by the audience or is trending, random topics about things that don’t matter will not fetch enough views to the video.


On the other hand, there are freelancers and other job seekers who are capable of creating great content, they know the market, they understand the demand of the audience, have excellent skills in writing content and are looking for a job. So, it is clear that the companies require content and other freelancers can provide content and are looking for a job.


ClearVoice is an online Content market place where the companies can meet in-house and freelance content creators. It is a Content Marketing Service that provides Audience Tracking, Distribution Management, SEO Management, Publish Scheduling, Editorial Calendar, Distribution Management, Categorization/Grouping, Brand Management, and Campaign Management.


The ClearVoice services are straightforward to use because of the well-designed portfolio page that the website provides, which can also be linked to the company’s writing portfolio. It is a great option to manage content for publishing on the blogs and scheduling the content for writing.

With ClearVoice, the companies can select the type of content they require and when they require that content. The platform allows the companies to have their in-house writers who are assigned the content writing tasks for your company on your demand. Or the companies can go to the market place in the ClearVoice App and select from the Freelancers that are available and are best suited for the job.

The App automatically applies filters to select the best person for the job according to the requirements that were filled earlier. After the Freelancer or the In-House writer is selected, they can collaborate with everyone in the company so that the content can be checked and approved by the team of the company as per their requirements. The company or its team can also provide feedback for the same, and this helps the writer improve their services or in this case, their content.


After the content has been created as per the requirements of the company and is approved, the company can publish it and also pay to the creator with a single click button. The payments are speedy and comfortable as the App makes it so. The accounts of both the company and the creators are linked with the App, so the money transfers are not at all a hassle. They become easy because the App already creates a record of the work that has been done so without any confusion payments can be made.


The best part of the ClearVoice App is that companies can get content as frequently they want. With the help of Freelancers and a huge In-House writing team, the companies can get their content easily and quickly. All they need to do is search for trending topics online for the industry the company is working in and organize it on the editorial calendar of the company in the App. Then the content is not an afterthought, they already have the topics figured out, and they just have to get that created by the content creators on the App.


With great content, the engagement of the company increases, and the content starts getting more views, and its reach also increases due to which the company becomes popular. The excellent content strategy works and to support it there are reports from valuable customers, the traffic has increased in their website; sales, ranking, and social shares also improved after they started using the ClearVoice services because the key to great marketing is putting out great content.

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