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Renting vs Owning: Which One I Should Do for My Blog


You finally made up your mind and you want your own blog. Now, this thing can get overwhelming, since you probably don’t even know where to start. We’re sure you made up an entire plan for your blog, but we think there’s one thing you did not consider. Are you going to go for the free blogging platform or for the self-placed blog with a name?  To answer this question, you need to ask yourself what your blog’s needs are and what its perspective is. If you know how to answer these questions, you’ll soon understand what blog you should have – one with all the strings attached or a free platform one.

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Capture Your Readers: 5 Tips to Writing Engaging Content


Ever wished of having readers deeply engaged with all your articles? If yes, then you have to go further than the essentials in order to master the art of capturing readers. A strong mastery on how to write interesting and compelling content enables you to come up with great content that excites your readers’ emotions.

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VERST 2.0 An Intelligent Way to Build Professional Websites & Blogs

Recent technological advancement and global digitalization has opened countless new business opportunities and, as more and more business is being done exclusively online, the need for a unique, innovative, and attractive digital face to any business is greater than ever. Consumers are dealing with companies primarily online and expecting them to be modern. Simultaneously, businesses need to optimize their websites to cut through the noise and reach consumers.

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Best 10 Medical WordPress Themes for a Healthy Project

Healtro - Private Medical Clinic Responsive WordPress Theme

Even if we hated doctors when we were children, we have to deal with them when we are grownups. Sometimes it’s visiting a doctor, sometimes it’s making a website for doctors. Well, sometimes we happen to become doctors ourselves, but that is rare and usually inherited from our parents. Nevertheless, the medical niche is flourishing, creating working places for docs, nurses and web designers.Why didn’t I mention programmers? Because you don’t have to hire one in order to create a medical website. Programmers may cost a pretty penny, and if you are going to keep your patients informed and updated about clinic, and not take part in a web design competition where participants show off their unique designs, you don’t need to overcomplicate this and spend a fortune. Actually, you can do it yourself, if you have a ready-made WordPress medical theme and a spare evening. You purchase a template, you customize it. As simple as that.

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Fix WordPress Comment Fatal Error Util_PageUrls.php on line 527


Recently I updated few of my WordPress plugins to the latest version after core WordPress update. The update was successful but later on I used to get many comments on my different articles and not able to see those comments in my email. So I tried to approve it from my WordPress dashboard but when I tried to approve it , it was always giving me internal server error like below

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How to Create a Perfect Online Survey


As in all marketing efforts, there are methods to follow when creating online surveys if you want to obtain the very best results – and thanks to the range of free online survey tools out there, it’s simpler than ever, provided you take the right path. Here are 10 tips for designing the ideal survey for your purposes:

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Essential WordPress Tips for Beginners

wordpress tips beginners

WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms that you can use. There are several great things with WordPress that you can do if you are just starting out. Here’s a few of the best essential WordPress tips for beginners to use.

Keep a good arrangement

You have to make sure that the way how you are arranging the data on your WordPress site is made to where the data is easy to read and notice. This includes finding data that is easy to handle through a theme that includes not only the right colors but also the right ways to arrange data. You have to edit your WordPress site with regards to where your data is being placed in so you can use something that is suitable for your site.

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How to Read Your Google Adsense Reports

Google Adsense dashboard

Google AdSense can be a spectacular way for bloggers, website owners and other organizations with an online presence to earn additional, back-end money from their audiences, without having to solicit advertisers. Although these AdSense campaigns can be quite lucrative, in order to truly understand where the money is coming from and plugging those numbers into your various marketing and sales formulas can be difficult, especially for those who don’t understand how to read and interpret the Google AdSense reports. The good news is that it’s easier than it looks.

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