Most Effective Ways of Growing Your YouTube Channel in 2019

Updated on: January 8, 2021

Now is the time to capitalize on the huge growth of the video as an effective marketing tool, and as YouTube is the no-contest leader platform in this field, with millions of users vlogging, watching, and sharing content every day. Best of all it is free to use – so you can focus all of your time and energy on making it work for you without spending any cash at all!

If you are ready to commit to growing your YouTube channel then make 2019 the year you do it, and with these helpful tips on how to do this effectively you can get started as soon as you like.
As the key to growing your channel is to secure more subscribers we start by looking at how to best do this.

1. Define your channel

The content you post needs to reflect you, your passions or expertise, and have a clear identity. Posting random items is fine for a personal channel, but it doesn’t cut it for the big time.

2. Post quality content

That sounds obvious, but it takes some thought. Ask yourself what each video you post offers viewers – it should educate, inform, entertain or amuse them (preferably doing at least two of these things), otherwise, what’s the point? It’s fine to do something on hot topics, but balance it with content people will be looking for in months to come too.

Youtube channel grow 2019

3. Get the timing right

Too short is always better than too long. Longer videos are not bad, so long as they have a clear purpose and structure, and hold attention.

4. Post regularly

Not everyone can post several times a week but subscribers do like to get regular content, so even if twice a month is best for you get those dates in your diary and keep them up. After all, if you don’t commit to your YouTube channel why should anyone else?
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Other tips on growing your YouTube channel in 2019

5. Maximise your social media outlets

Use your presence on other major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote your YouTube channel and content, but do make the effort to create posts best suited to the medium used where possible rather than auto cross-posting, which can look a bit lazy. Facebook ads are worth considering too, as the packages are not a bad deal.

6. Make a great YouTube channel trailer

This is a fun way to show the world what your channel is about. If you don’t have the skills or time to make your own look on Fiverr for people who do. A short, engaging trailer is super easy to promote across social media.

7. Pay attention to titles and tags

Of course, titles need to be relevant, but you can also make them quirky or surprising and boost your chances of getting your content noticed. Tags are of course important for SEO, so don’t skip this chore.

Final Words

These seven tips are enough to get you started – so go make it happen!

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