Checking Grammar & Uniqueness Websites: Can They Be Trusted?

Updated on: August 17, 2021

Nowadays, machines and artificial intelligence do everything for us, even check our texts. But what about the proofreading quality? Is it good? Not all the technologies do for us is good. If you’re an author or student who often needs to write papers, you have certainly heard or even used grammar checkers and anti-plagiarism tools. Well, they are of great assistance in writing, but often have some drawbacks we forget to consider.

Writing is a difficult activity, and even professionals consider it’s good to use the software we mentioned. No wonder that students who face written assignments prefer to order paper online to cope with the enormous workload and get back on track without any time waste. When they buy papers from professional services, they may not worry about plagiarism and the quality of writing. Experts have a huge experience in creating texts. Even the paper samples are always checked by anti-plagiarism tools and online proofreaders.

If you decide to write an essay or post on your social media, you face the fact that this process is very long and tedious. You get tired after searching for the necessary information, creating an outline, writing drafts, and polishing them. No wonder that you look at such software on the way to free yourself and have a rest. However, it isn’t worth doing so. Let’s discuss some cons of grammar and spelling checkers and try to define whether they can be trusted or not.

Grammar & Spell Checker

1. Anti-plagiarism tools put the safety of your content at risk

It may seem strange for those who’ve never thought about how plagiarism checkers process texts, but it’s true. There are a lot of such services, and even the most famous ones turned out to lie to clients. They may only tell you they’ve checked your text, but in reality, they did completely nothing with it. Moreover, some of them copy and store your content for their own purposes without notifying you about it. How often do you check the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the service before using it? If you’re reading this, you hardly ever do it.

2. You still need to proofread the paper

Most writers and people who adore using grammar and spelling checkers think this software helps them not spend time editing. But they forget the machine can’t replace a human mind and a human eye, especially in this regard. Grammar and spellcheck software is a good application of modern technologies, and everything we should do first is to change our attitude toward them. We are far from living in a time when machines do all work for us and can fully replace us yet. You may use all the software you know when writing a paper, but you’ll need to devote some time proofreading and editing the mistakes it failed to detect.

3. You won’t become a good writer

If you use this software because you face writing assignments once a year and just need some help, it’s okay. However, relying on them when you write regularly won’t make you progress and develop your skills. It’s okay to make some mistakes when writing, and the true master of this craft can admit it. Moreover, the true master is a person who never spares time and never feels lazy to read the paper several times in a row, edit some mistakes, and then repeat this sequence of actions in a few days. It’s what can help you learn from the mistakes and make fewer errors.

4. Some mistakes are unfounded

Not all people who use spelling and grammar checkers write in a formal tone, but the software can hardly recognize it. As a result, it’ll try to transform casual language and even blog posts into official documents and will replace some words and phrases that shouldn’t be changed. Let’s also imagine that you have your own and unique style of writing (all professional writers should have it). When you enable the grammar checker, you take the first step to killing your style. You may try to oppose us and argue, but the truth is that your text will look like thousands of other samples on the Internet. Software can’t recognize context and doesn’t understand what you mean.

Are they worth using?

Well, if you want to use anti-plagiarism software, we advise you to check each service carefully, read reviews, documents and avoid using free programs. We understand that not all people are used to paying for the services provided, but you have no other solution. What about the grammar and spellcheck software? This question is controversial. On the one hand, they are a great aid, but on the other, can harm the whole process. What to do? We won’t tell you to hate these tools and avoid them. You should have a mind of your own and be able to make wise choices. Use checkers, but don’t trust them fully.

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