How to detect VPN & Block VPN Traffic using VPN Detection API

Updated on: September 28, 2023

Many internet users face concerns regarding their privacy. These concerns are valid, a lot of companies and agencies out there that handle personal data are not completely honest. This is why a lot of people use proxies and VPNs to hide their original identities.

What is a VPN Detection API?

A VPN detection API is a tool or anonymous detection algorithm that can help you discover if the traffic on your network is using proxies or VPNs or even Tor connections. In other words, it tells the owner of the network that a masked IP address is on his/her network. But then, VPN detection API calls can help prevent unwanted traffic from entering your network.

Advantages of a VPN Detection API?

a) Fraud Prevention/Reduction

Financial institutions, including banks, can verify if a user using a masked IP address or not with the help of a VPN detection API. Transaction processing systems as well as portals for payments can be able to detect fraudsters who may be using stolen identities or other credentials of customers. Sudden use or a change of proxies can be a red flag for fraud.

b) Increased filtering of traffic

A configured VPN anomaly detection algorithm can automatically identify and restrict proxy users from getting into your network, this will reduce the chances of a network breach. This aids organizations and companies to keep out potentially dangerous users that may have seemed to bypass your network's built-in security through IP spoofing.

c) Strengthens digital rights management (DRM)strategies

Streaming service providers can restrict unauthorized subscribers or viewers from having access to the content using the help of a VPN detection API. It is useful for geo-restricted content like(movies, tutorials, shows, etc...).

d) Significantly reduces Fake account signups and free trial abuse

When it comes to fake account signups, a proper VPN detection API integration can restrict signups from subscribers with masked IP addresses. Also, Tor, proxies, or VPN users with marked IPs can not avail free offers online.

How to detect if a user is using a VPN connection?

The is a VPN connection detection API service that works by gathering data on the web where VPNs, Proxies, and also Tor nodes are detected by an algorithm. Developers out there, as well as businesses companies, and institutions, are at risk when it comes to detecting VPN traffic. detection API is serving developers and businesses across the globe. They use this API to reduce fake accounts, spam, prevent malware, click fraud, shopping fraud, enforce geo-blocking, and a lot more.

How to use

You have to follow the URL structure that is displayed below and enter your API key at the end of the key as a parameter.

NOTE: The API key seen above is not a valid one.

After this is done, you should get an output that will look like the following:

"ip": "",
"security": {
"vpn": false,
"proxy": false,
"tor": false
"location": {
"city": "",
"region": "",
"country": "United States",
"continent": "North America",
"region_code": "",
"country_code": "US",
"continent_code": "NA",
"latitude": "47.8345",
"longitude": "-87.6543",
"time_zone": "America/Plano",
"locale_code": "en",
"metro_code": "",
"is_in_european_union": false
"network": {
"network": "",
"autonomous_system_number": "BS18131",
"autonomous_system_organization": "MICROSOFT"

You can also access the by simply using cURL through your computer's command line.

curl "{ip_address}?key={api_key}"

The IPIFY VPN Detection API

Another anomaly detection algorithm is the IPIFY VPN API. It is also an easy tool to use. It works similarly to the earlier API detection system.

To get access to this anomaly detection algorithm. IPIFY's VPN detection API can be adopted into payment systems and portals, alert systems of a company or network. It will help to mitigate threats that can result in harm to their business or network respectively.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop them at the comment section. If you want to implement it into your existing web app/software we can help you accordingly.

How to choose free VPN detection API

If you are looking for Free VPN detection API for developing your webapps then you must consider following factors :

1. API pricing model: Pay per use, Pay per month etc.

2. Uptime of API

3. API update and support for implementation in your respective technology platform.

4. Integration of API in different programing languages.

6. API downtime & monitoring availability.


If you have any quires related to implementation of free VPN detection API then please share it in comments. You can also share some of the best option available in industry which are cost effective and robust in nature.

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