[Working 100%]How to Block Twitter Ads in 2023 on Mobile iOS, Android & Windows

Updated on: March 8, 2023

Social media is the place where people learn about current trends and up-to-date news, and they can learn how to perform or accomplish certain things. Of several social media platforms, Twitter is one where anyone can express their thoughts and ideas. This social media site also helps one to advertise their products and services on this platform.

The problem with those ads is that they can be intrusive and irritating. When people are simply looking for entertaining or intriguing content and don't want ads bombarding their devices, flooding ads are quite annoying when ads keep popping up on your screen, and you can't enjoy the app anymore. Nevertheless, there are several ways to prevent these ads from showing up on your feed.

Block Twitter Ads on iOS and Android using Brave Browser

The brave browser has a built-in ad-blocking option thanks to its Sheild feature. Brave also blocks third-party trackers without the use of any extensions. Also, you can change the restricted and unblocked ads using the browser's open-source lists. To change the settings of those adverts, follow the steps below, and you'll get to know how to block them.

Block Twitter ads on Android:

1. First, open the Brave mobile browser app on your device, and tap on the three dots in the bottom right corner.

2. Go to Settings and tap on it.

3. Then, select Brave Sheilds & Privacy.

4. Navigate to Block trackers & ads and click on it.

5. After clicking, a pop-up menu will appear from which you can choose between Aggressive and Standard.

2. Block Twitter ads For iPhone/iOS

1. To proceed, tap the three dots in the bottom right corner of the Brave browser.

2. Hit Settings after that.

3. Next, select Brave Sheilds & Privacy.

4. To stop ads, pop-ups, and trackers from loading, choose Block Cross-Site trackers and use the switcher.

And there you have it; you can now block ads on Brave.

How to block Twitter ads and promotions on Windows and Mac (Chrome browser)

Adding an extension is one of the common and reliable methods of barring ads on Twitter. One of the well-liked browser extensions is the BlockZilla plugin. This browser extension supports Brave, Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and many more. If you've ever wanted to know how to conceal promoted tweets on Twitter or how to remove hashtags from the timeline, BlockZilla is the right tool for you. This browser plugin is ideal for cleaning up your Twitter feed and removing ads, as it will also improve your desktop Twitter experience.

How to block Twitter ads and promotions on Google Chrome 

1. Firstly, open the Chrome browser on your device and search for Twitter.

2. Click on the Login tab at the bottom and enter your username or email id you used to sign up and your account password. 

3. Now open a new tab and click the link below to add the BlockZilla extension to your browser. 

4. After adding the plugin to your search engine, click the Puzzle icon in the top right corner.

5. Go to the BlockZilla addon and click on it.

6. A menu will slide down, and select the options you want for your Twitter homepage.

7. After choosing the options, reload the home screen of your Twitter desktop, and you'll see that there aren't any promoted tweets and ads. 

How to disable Twitter ads using native settings

Twitter features an easy built-in setting that allows you to opt out of customized adverts.

To block those ads, follow the steps:

Block Twitter ads on Windows 10

1. To begin, open the Chrome web browser and go to Twitter.com.

2. log in to your account by inserting the username or email address you used to sign up with your account password.

3. Skim to the More option and select it.

4. Click on the last option, Settings and Support.

5. Go to Settings and Privacy and press it.

6. Browse for Privacy and safety and select it.

7. Scroll down to Data sharing and personalization, where you'll find an option for Ads preferences.

8. Press that option, and you'll find a Personalized ads alternative with a ticked check box.

Uncheck the box and refresh your home page of Twitter.

For Android:

1. Open the Twitter application on your device.

2. Tap on the top left corner tab, which displays your Twitter account's profile picture.

3. Go to Settings and Privacy and select the same.

4. Select Settings & Support from the left side menu.

5. Search for Privacy and safety and select it. 

6. After pressing the Ads Preferences tab, you'll find an option for Personalized ads with a switch.

5. Tap on that switch and go back to your home screen.

Now you have successfully blocked the ads on your Twitter account.

Benefits of using Twitter ad-free

Using Twitter ad-free will make you oriented on the material you're trying to read from the ads. Whether you're reading an article, watching a video or browsing through your timeline, an advertisement will interrupt you from what you're doing, which will hold your interest.

Over the last few years, Twitter has utilized different ways to generate revenue through its network. And One of the ways involves displaying ads and promoted tweets in the user's timeline. By seeing continuous ads and promoted tweets, the users are complaining about it and finding different ways to block adverts and promoted tweets.

There are other advantages of using Twitter ad-free, such as no ads while watching videos and no promoted tweets and adverts in your timeline, which help you to focus on the article or the tweets, you are reading on your timeline. It also eliminates irrelevant or inappropriate content.


In conclusion, blocking ads on Twitter might be helpful to many as it enhances your experience of browsing your Twitter timeline. But, as a coin has two sides, blocking ads impacts the source of capital of the content creators who put their efforts into providing it on the network. So, in the end, it depends on the user's way of thinking and choice whether to use Twitter ad-free or not.


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