Boost Your E-Commerce Conversion Rate Using EV SSL Certificates

Updated on: September 12, 2017

Since the advent of the Internet, the e-commerce phenomenon has been growing in astronomical proportions and it’s now even bigger in 2017. Without any shadow of a doubt, the Internet has completely revolutionized the way business is done globally. You can attest to the fact that, now you cannot go online, whether on social media or a random website and last a minute without being bombarded with several ads tempting you to buy one product or another.

People are now confident enough to order and pay for all sorts of products online right from foodstuffs to fashionable apparel and electronics. What this means is that millions of dollars and sensitive personal details such as those for debit and credit cards are being exchanged online daily. This automatically makes the cyberspace an attractively lucrative hunting ground, and this brings us to the most important question: how safe is your business website?  This is where EV SSL Certificates come in.


Significance of an EV SSL Certificate

For several years now, webmasters have been using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates to secure sensitive information that is exchanged online and prevent it from falling into the hands of identity thieves. Introduced into the online marketplace in early 2017, the EV Certificates (Extended Validation Certificates) are the first ever most significant update of the SSL Certificate validation process in about a decade or so.

The EV Certificates call for significant changes to the procedures through which the legitimacy and identity of major online businesses are validated. This helps online consumers to determine which websites are genuine businesses through the possession of verifiable credentials. Therefore getting cheap EV SSL Certificate for your e-commerce website in itself is a vote of confidence for your online business since it is likely going to boost your clients' trust and confidence, which can only mean one thing; more traffic hence more sales.

What’s the Added Advantage of EV SSL Certificate over the SSL Certificate?

An SSL Certificate is designed to execute two internet security tasks:

  1. Assure clients that a given website is genuine and that the online business conducted on it is a duly licensed business.
  2. Encrypt any data exchanged between a customer’s web browser and an online business website to curtail any theft of sensitive details such as account numbers, credit card numbers, and passwords.

The SSL Certificates are normally issued and authenticated by third-party companies which are commonly known as SSL Certificate Authorities (CA). You know that a website is secured with a duly issued SSL certificate when your browser shows Internet security in the form of a closed padlock together with an “https” before the website address.

Even though some SSL Certificate Authorities have already undertaken thorough checks to authenticate the validity of online businesses, the EV SSL Certificates standardize the legitimization system that is used by all valid CAs. Currently, various CAs apply different types of levels of verification when using none- EV certificates, creating loopholes in Internet securities, which have been exploited by identity thieves and other cyberspace fraudsters to commit online crimes. On the contrary, the verification process for all the EV SSL Certificates requires that all the CAs ask applicants to produce the same documentation and confirm legitimacy through a laid down set of sources as well as procedures.

Why Your Website Needs an EV SSL Certificate

Currently, the EV SSL Certificate is what will provide the highest obtainable standards of confidence and validation for your business website. The green address bar which conspicuously displays your business name comes with the highest level of visual guarantee to your clients that your website is safe. This gives them the much-needed confidence to go ahead with their transactions. This can create a significant boom in your online business within a short time after the installation of the EV SSL Certificate.


How to Install the EV SSL Certificate on WHM/CPanel

You can install SSL certificate in WHM/CPanel using SSL/TLS Manager section. Only, Site Administrators are able to install SSL certificate.

Follow further steps to Activate EV SSL certificate using WHM/CPanel :

Step 1: Log on to WHM/CPanel account and click on Manage SSL Sites under “install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS)

Step 2: Make sure that having uploaded CRT file, Now upload Private Key and “example.crt” file that contained within CA bundle file either selecting domain name from drop-down box with Auto fill option. If CA bundle file is not uploaded then manually paste it ( Everything starts from ––BEGIN CERTIFICATE—– and —–END CERTIFICATE—– in the Certificate .CRT file) in the box.

Step 3: In the box at the middle, you will be required to paste the right RSA private key generated with the CSR.

Step 4:  Hit the “Install Certificate” Button.

Now, your EV SSL certificate successfully installed to your server as well as assigned to your domain.

Who Should Make Use of EV SSL Certificates?

It is highly advisable that the EV SSL Certificates be used in all the major applications which require identity guarantee, observable trust, and watertight encryption. Prominent websites, which are regularly targeted for cyberspace fraud attacks, including financial institutions, banks, and major brands need to use EV SSL for their public facing sites. However, any website which collects data, processes logins or online payments can also take advantage of the high levels of trust which comes with the certificates. Brands which are less known can also utilize the standardized level of trust to boost their e-commerce prospects and be able to compete favorably with more popular brands.


It, therefore, comes as no surprise that many e-commerce merchants are now going beyond the gold- padlock and choosing to go green with the EV certificates, which have without a doubt, become the standard for online security and trust. For any company to get the EV SSL Certificate, it needs full organization authentication, and this is what makes the green address bar to be associated with only the best

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