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Updated on: June 9, 2017

In the age of the Internet  & emerging technology ,we can get anything from remote location with the help of  E-Commerce technology. which is really time savey and lightning fast process. Their is no harassment of waiting in queues, no need to carry physical cash etc. These stuffs play very crucial role in our life. Many peoples and Banks offering the Internet Banking Service to their customers either via Credit, Debit or E-Cash Cards. All of this functionality help us a lot in our day-to-day life to pay our Electricity bill, Telephone bill etc. This ubiquitous way helping us to save our time as well as our efforts too. Though all this looks great we must be careful while consuming all these stuff.

Security -In-Ecommerce-Online-Shopping


You must focus on  your security and privacy.Which are major and most important factors of any online consumer.Though we get all  the  things remotely their are certain flaws or intruders or hackers are present to steal or break our privacy as well as security. So we have to tackle such situation by following and implementing certain guidelines of  Online Security, I saw many people who are really hesitate to do online transaction because of security purpose. On last day one of my  blogger  friend Amit's ICICI bank account got hacked from Netherlands and  large amount of transaction was made :(. I don't thinks so why it was happen with him because he is really a great Techno-Geek who follow most of internet security terms, I think if  its  account got compromised  means other peoples may be more vulnerable for such attack , So I decide to put all measure concern of online security.I strongly recommended you to follow my guidelines  to avoid such type of attacks. Nobody is King of Internet World.

Basic differences between a Debit Card vs  Credit Card


When you use a credit card, the credit card authority essentially extends you a loan for the amount of transaction that you made through it. You need  to put sign for this purpose when using it in mall or in any consumer store. But if you are using  online you need to verify your Credit as well as Debit card either with Master secure code or Verified by Visa which is nothing but your password, which can be set by doing free registration through your Banks Website and when they send you a bill, you are obligated to pay your balance. If you do not, the credit card authority  will charge you interest rates and fees. A debit card is connected(associated) with your bank account. When you make a purchase or do any transaction online , that exact amount of money is taken out of your bank account at same time. When you use  debit card, you typically use a PIN(Personal Identification Number) number or Master or Visa Secure Code. Both cards have limit of transaction amount for particular month/year. Its totally depend on your card type. The cards look same, but are very, very, different in operation perspective.

E-Wallet Payment

In today’s digital era, when technology rules the world, it is possible to go shopping with a virtual wallet. Making an E-wallet payment is the new age online payment system. Funds can be transferred securely via an e-wallet for services and goods that your business requires. In addition, subscribers can make payments for online recharge of mobiles through e-wallets. Be it Airtel online recharge, Tata Docomo or Videocon recharge, all is possible with wallet payments that too in a single click.


Instead of making payments via cash, majority people today are choosing state of the art e-wallets for buying tickets, paying for shopping and utility bills as well as for online recharge. When talking about e-wallet, it is a prepaid card through which money can be paid in different currencies. By using a global card, users can make all the essential adjustments to their financials to make certain that their payouts and savings are maximized for ultimate worth. Additionally, wallet payments are a safe means of paying bills as all the transactions are carried over a secure network and users can be rest assured that their personal information is not accessible to any third party.

mobikiwik ewallet

Offering the below mentioned benefits, wallet payments are indubitably here to stay:

Better Efficiency

The overhead costs that come with paper checks are not unknown to the consumers. You are required to pay stipulated amount for particular transactions. However, with wallet payments, better efficiency can be ensured with reduced overhead costs. Additionally, you can choose from different modes of payment that are available, when it comes to paying your bills. This provides extra flexibility for making payments that is hard to find in conventional bill paying systems.

Improved Payment Options

When opting for wallet payments, consumers are only required to recharge their virtual wallet that acts as a source of funds while making payments for online shopping and mobile recharge. By simply adding money to the wallet, you can pay money to different merchants with just one click. Furthermore, you can benefit from improved payment options available as wallet payments are approved by many leading financial institutions operating in your country.

Reduced Chances of Fraud

With high-tech security tools as well as step-up authentication, wallet payments are deemed secure. Not only safe transactions are carried out while making the payments, but comprehensive authentication of consumers and the network is also ensured. In addition, personal details of consumers are also kept confidential through encryption. You can also be certain that the information you provide while making the payments is not shared with any third party. This helps in minimizing probability of identity theft, eventually resulting into reduced chances of fraud.

With change in trend of online billing, wallet payments are commonplace. For users, it means enhanced profitability, increased bottom line as well as less overhead. With wallet payments, the funds can be transferred from business to business and customer to business. Additionally, you can easily and rapidly transfer money to your friends and family members as well, in case the need for the same is realized. For personal needs and businesses of any size, wallet payments serve as a customized payment solution.

Must recommended tools for Online Transactions on PC:

1. Update your Windows/Linux/Mac System regularly  to avail the latest security updates. 2. Use updated browser like Firefox/Chrome/IE8/Opera etc. 3. Install best and updated Internet Security suite/Antivirus Software .

1. Install WOT (Web Of Trust)

WOT Web Of Trust Logo

Web Of Trust

WOT is best and most popular security plugin for all major browsers who basically show you reputation of any web-site. Its either good or bad using their quality algorithms.

Green Circle: Indicate site is trusted,safe and rated by you. WOT Green

Yellow Circle:  Indicate 50-50 of trust.WOT Yellow

Red Circle:  Indicate bad behaviour of  site ,and not to proceed with it.WOT Red

Circle with a glowing star above indicate that you are not Rated that site yet. ii. Use cache & cookies auto cleaning plugins or configure your browser accordingly. Never save your password in browser/mobile.

2. Tips while initiating a transaction through PC or Mobile browser:

 1. Do Shopping on Familiar/Trusted  Websites & Use Consistent Internet Connection:

Do your online shopping on trusted & well-known sites which provide a guarantee  of privacy and security. E.g Ebay, Flipcart, Rediff shoppe, New-Egg,Infibeam, Rechargeitnow. Your internet connection & its consistency also affect the transaction response time. So use high-speed connection like broadband, slow/interrupted connection leads to malfunction.

2. Choose Cash On Delivery If Available:

If you feel insecure while dealing with credit or debit transaction its a good way to order any product via CoD, Cash on delivery help you to pay by cash at your door steps.

3. Check URL Of  Website :

Always ensure exact URL of  website,it must be in-proper format like which is legitimate ,not like , which may be phishing website.

4. Be Sure that you are on HTTPS :



Many intruders/hackers can steal your credentials if you are not using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. So, It is better to use SSL certificate for a website to establish secure data communication with 256-bit TLS/SSL encryption. You can get standard SSL certificates under $5 per year. Which is really trustworthy and cost-effective solution to secure your site online.
Even, you can get EV SSL certificate at cheapest price (starts from $79 per year) to secure your website with enhanced validation level that activates green address bar, HTTPS, padlock icon and company name display on the browser address bar as seen in below picture."


5.Use Strong Password & One Time Credit Card (Virtual Card) or Paypal Checkout:

Strong password will become hard to crack so try to put  more complex password for your net-banking/credit card account. Wolframalpha help you to generate strong password. Ask your bank or company to give you a virtual credit card number which will no longer available after one time use. Paypal check out is also good option which include your enrolled credit/debit card.But now days in India they strict out the policies and TOS 🙁

6. Be Sure About Your Payment Gateway & Use Virtual On-Screen Keyboard:

paypal verified

Payment gateway is major concern of any transaction, so go with trusted and well know payment gateway sites like many Nationalise  banks gateways and all.Use  On-screen-Key board while sending your card info, which will avoid the tracing of any key-logger program.

7. Recognize Cheap & Safe Retailer:

If you really searching for lots of e-commerce site for bargaining  then do your best  while choosing any cheap one w.r.t above factors .

Safe E-commerce Lock

8. Shop From Your Private PC & Don't put any scripts for Discount:

Do online banking from your private PC instead of public. Don't put cheap discount Script in address bar, it may leads to steal your information.Use best antivirus program for your PC

9. Never Respond To Fake & Spam Emails:

Ignore all emails which ask you to provide your Credit/Debit card information.

10. Avoid Mobile Internet To Place An Order:

Try to avoid placing order from your mobile, most of browser like opera mini are intermediate service base browser, means to make compression they may store your data in third party servers.

11.  Subscribe for  SMS & Email alerts of  Transaction:

Online Banking SMS Alerts Ask your bank to start using various alert services(SMS/Email) & report your bank if you encounter with any abnormal situation. I hope this will help all our readers to enhance their view on protecting Internet based PC.

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  8. Nowadays everyone forgot about security during the online shopping. Many hackers that hacks our detail so we need to keep these points in a mind during the shopping . Thanks for sharing these great tips with us, Keep sharing

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