Design your Minimalist Home Decor Room Using RoomGPT AI

Updated on: September 28, 2023

AI has been penetrating every market possible After taking over the content market, AI is targeting designing and creation. One such case is with interior design. AI can help you design your dream room for free or a very nominal fee. If you compare this with the services of an interior designer, designing your room using AI will cost you peanuts in comparison.

Why should you use AI tools for designing rooms over interior designers?

While answering this, I should mention that interior designers will be losing their jobs soon. A credible AI room designing tool like RoomGPT will allow you to create 3 designs for free and after that, plans start for as less as $5. On the contrary, an interior designer could charge you $1500 to $2000 for the same job in the US.

But it isn’t about the cost only. Can an interior designer present you with an output image of the room before actually designing it? You end up relying on the expertise of the designer. AI is different. AI room designing software products like RoomGPT will help you with an output image so you could make a choice.

Why do you need interior designing services for minimalist home decor Room?

A lot of users have questioned why they need a person to design their room in the first place when there is so much content online showing beautiful rooms. Can’t one simply copy any of those concepts and apply the same to their rooms and buildings.

The answer is no. Every room has different dimensions and placements. Then people live in different types of societies and cultures. Thus, you need an expert to do it right for you. This is where interior designers were useful. This is also why AI room designing software products will be more useful.

  1. RoomGPT overview
  2. RoomGPT discount coupons
  3. RoomGPT features
  4. Pros and Cons of RoomGPT

RoomGPT overview

RoomGPT is one of the most popular software products for designing rooms. You can upload an image of your room and the tool will design the room for you. It will present multiple designs and you can choose from the options available. The tool is smart and gives you multiple options to modify the designs as per your location and culture.

The procedure to design your room using the RoomGPT software is as follows:

  • Go to the website
  • Login using your Google account.
  • On the design page, choose your Room Theme.
  • Now, choose your Room Type (eg. Bedroom, living room, etc).
  • Now, upload an image of your room. We recommend using the JPG image format.

  • As soon as you upload the image, a Generated Room image will appear.
  • You can choose to download the image or try a different design.

To create a new design, click on Generate New Image.

RoomGPT discount coupons

While RoomGPT is a very cheap software (plans starting at $5), the company offers discounts to lower-income countries. The coupon code is as follows:


 This coupon code offers a discount of 50% for any purchase at the RoomGPT website. You can use it during checkout. The reason this coupon is provided is that the company believes that the purchasing parity of many countries is different from the USA and thus it will help people from every country in using their software.

RoomGPT discount code credit

RoomGPT features

RoomGPT has many options for choosing the design of your room. These are as follows:

Room Theme

The theme of the room is an important factor that helps in designing the room as per your requirements. The options available are Modern, Minimalist, Professional, Tropical, Vintage, industrial, and Neoclassic. You can choose the design as per your mood, culture, availability of furniture, etc.

Room Type

RoomGPT gives you the option to select the room type. You can choose from the options Living Room, Dining Room, Office, Bedroom, Bathroom, Basement, Kitchen, Gaming Room, and Outdoor Patio. This means you can design almost every kind of room using the AI room designing software.

Multiple room images for the same Room Theme and Room Type

Let us assume you selected the Room Type and Room Theme of your choice. However, if it doesn’t help in creating the room of your choice, then you can change the design as many times as you wish to. Simply click on the option to Generate New Room. A new image will be generated for the same parameters.

Pros and Cons of RoomGPT

The pros and cons of the RoomGPT software are as follows:

Pros of RoomGPT

1] It is very cheap: Room GPT plans start at $5. The price eventually is approximately $0.2 per image generated. Now compare this with what an interior designer will charge.

2] The generated images are in HD: While images can be generated by many other similar software products, the images generated through RoomGPT are in HD. Since interior designing is all about aesthetics, the quality of images matters.

3] An unending number of designs: RoomGPT offers a considerable number of designs for the same room theme and room type. If you were to hire an interior designer, he would charge enormously for every design.

4] Commercial use of images: While the software is very useful for those who wish to design their rooms, it is also useful for creating beautiful room images for commercial use. You can use these images on your blogs or other projects.

Cons of RoomGPT

The cons of RoomGPT are as follows:

1] Lot of scope for improvement: RoomGPT is good, but it has limited options. The AI technology can be very extensive, however, RoomGPT hasn’t exploited it completely.

2] Only one design at a time: RoomGPT only creates one design at a point in time. It could generate multiple images for the users to decide.

3] Accuracy and measurements: Need improvement to get the best out of a minimalist home decor room if all measurements are visible in real-time.

We hope this was helpful. Please share with your interior designer friend who will learn this AI technology

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