[FIX] Why Shopify Conversion Data is NOT Reflecting at Facebook & Google

Updated on: July 9, 2023

Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform allowing businesses to create and manage online stores. However, some Shopify users have recently reported that incomplete conversion data is being sent to Google and Facebook. It seems that for certain browsers, it's not sending proper data, causing problems with Google Ads, Facebook ads and Google Analytics reports. The incomplete conversion data may also cause other problems,such as:

Increased ad campaign costs : If campaigns are not optimized as effectively, businesses may spend more on advertising to achieve their desired results.

Lost sales : If conversions are not tracked accurately, businesses may be unable to track which marketing campaigns drive sales. This could lead to lost sales opportunities.

Damaged reputation : If you cannot track orders or see accurate information about purchases, it may harm your reputation with a customers in the future.

Overall, the incomplete conversion data issue could significantly impact businesses that use Shopify. Businesses should monitor their conversion data closely and contact Shopify support if they notice any problems.

Shopify Conversion Data is NOT Reflecting at Facebook & Google

Why Shopify Not Sending Correct Conversion Data to Facebook & Google?

Shopify conversion tracking allows you to track the performance of your marketing campaigns by sending conversion data to Facebook via the conversion API and to Google via Google Analytics conversion tracking. This data includes information about the products people purchased, the amount they spent, and the channels that led them to your store.

After checkout, Shopify redirects the 'thank you' page to the order status page. The conversion tags are not getting triggered on this page, so incomplete conversion data is sent to Google and Facebook. This issue started happening after the 13th of May 2023 after some updates of Shopify. 

How to FIX Shopify Sending Incomplete Conversion Data to Google & Facebook

There are following solutions to this problem.

  • Use a third-party Shopify app 
  • Editing Shopify code 
  • Shopify Support

1. Use a third-party Shopify app [SuperEasy] :

To fix this issue, you must install a Shopify app like EasySell or Releasit.This app replaces the default Shopify checkout and ensures that the conversion tags are properly triggered on the 'thank you' page.

Remember, The EasySell or Releasit app is not free and may not be suitable for all Shopify stores. They have a freemium mode for testing. You can use it for testing; if it's working fine at your shop, you may consider buying it until Shopify officially fixes this issue. 

We tested this, and all our conversions are properly getting tracked. 

2. Editing Shopify code [Complicated] :

Create a custom liquid 'IF' statement that fires a conversion tag on the thank you page if the order time and date are within five minutes of the current time. It will prevent duplicate conversion tracking.

editing shopify thank you page liquid script

Note: Shopify only allows users on higher-tier plans to edit the custom liquid 'IF' statement, so it is unavailable to all users.

3. Shopify Support [Not Helpful] :

Unfortunately, we tried this, but the Shopify support person didn't help us due to very poor product understanding.

Rather they shared some random findings telling us it's happening due to some invalid pixel placement, an issue with Facebook conversion API, an issue with Google Analytics 4, a theme issue etc. 

We realized this would not help anyone fix the Shopify store's inability to track conversations on Facebook and Google. 


We hope Shopify will release a fix for this issue very soon. Please share this article and tag Shopify on social media so that they will fix this prolonged pending issue as soon as possible. Please let me know if you have any other questions related to Shopify Conversion tracking not working at Facebook & Google?

Shopify Conversion tracking not working at facebook & google
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